Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 12

Chapter 12

Chen Liang had already given the family doctor a call, so when they arrived at his house, everything, from a clean room to the medical accessories, was already prepared perfectly.

Shu ChunChun’s body was burning up, and he quickly placed her on the bed, “Give her a check, quickly!”

His brows were furrowed tightly together as he stood by the bed, ignoring the fact that he himself was still soaking wet from the rain.

And it was not until Shu ChunChun’s high fever subsided slightly that he finally let out a breath of relief.

“How is she?” He asked nervously as he carefully tucked her into the blanket.

The doctor, who had been packing up his things, turned towards Chen Liang with a dark look on his face, “Young Master Chen, the high fever was entirely due to her weak body and the fact that she was caught in the rain, hence theory-wise, she should be fine… But……” He hesitated slightly, unwilling to continue.

“Speak honestly.” Chen Liang pursed his lips tightly together while clenching his hands into a fist to control his worries.

After a long pause, the doctor nodded slightly before continuing grimly, “Besides the fact that she had fever, her actual sickness had came from her heart. It’s obvious that she had a serious case of depression, plus it’s easy to see that she had suffered a major shock prior to the fever, which is why I’m afraid that she might have some mental issues when she wakes up……”

The doctor’s face darkened as he spoke, while Chen Liang stayed silent the entire time.

“Fix her.” He finally responded, but his voice was hoarse and raspy.

But the doctor could only stare at him helplessly, “Young Master Chen, the best doctors in the world can heal any physical illness, but medications aren’t effective against mental illness, as it usually depends on the support and care given from the people close to the patient…” He paused momentarily before continuing with a careful tone, “Young Master Chen, it’s best to not stimulate her emotions any further……”

His words sent Chen Liang into another deep silence, “……Thanks for letting me know.”

After sending off the doctor, Chen Liang returned to the room and sat beside her bed for a long while.

Her breathing was so vague and soft that for a second, he actually thought she had stopped breathing.

He reached out a shaky and insecure hand towards hers, only to find out that her hand was clenched into a tight fist. He frowned slightly at the sight but no matter how hard he tried, he could not pry open her fist, hence he had no choice but to wrap his hands over her clenched fist as he tried to calm his panic.

Her eyes were shut tight, and her complexion was as pale as paper, and under his grim stare, he reached out a hand to pinch her cheeks softly, nodding in satisfaction as a faint shade of pink surfaced.

And hence, the long night went by in silence, and he had sat unmovingly on the chair watching her sleep.

It was not until a knock sounded on the door, inquiring where he would like to have his breakfast, that he finally realized that it was already morning!

To think that he had spend an entire night silently by her side, and surprisingly, he had not felt even an inch of boredom! He wondered if he had finally went crazy, as for a second, he was convinced that he would be the happiest man on earth if she would wake up and perhaps flash him a smile.

But deep down, he knew that even if she woke up during the night, she would not speak to him, let alone smile at him.

He let out a deep sigh before making his way towards the bathroom.

[Beep! Han XiPing had been retrieved by the Han Family. The Host should take care not to forget the actual mission.]

Chen Liang paused for a few seconds upon hearing the system’s words.

[……Yes, of course.]

But his momentarily doubt faded quickly as his face switched back into the usual expressionless and uncaring demeanor.

[Didn’t Han XiPing progressed much more quickly due to my endless provoking and stimulating? I’m sure that in no time, he would return to defeat this evil demon and return with his fated woman… Isn’t that what we planned from the start?]

[Beep! ……] It’s not wrong when you think about it that way.

Upon confirming his intentions, the system returned to its silent mode, meanwhile, Chen Liang’s heart was in a huge mess.

She was but a computerized NPC, and the story was going exactly how he wanted it to, but why was it that every time he saw her with Han XiPing, his heart would feel such heaviness… And when he saw her, weak and unconscious in his arms, it felt as if his heart was struck by a thousand needles?

He did not understand.

But he could not even convince himself that he had no personal interests with the way he had forced Han XiPing away from her side.

He had been extremely satisfied that he was the only person she had left, and he was the only person she could rely on… Though, he could not help but feel that he had fallen into a trap, a trap set up by none other but himself!

Chen Liang shut his eyes tightly together in exasperation, before leaving the shower and quickly changing into a black tees. His body was well maintained, with broad shoulders and defined abs and muscles, together with his still dripping hair, any woman would’ve swooned at this relaxed and sexy side of him.

But in the next second, he froze entirely and stood there unmovingly.

Shu ChunChun was awake, and their gaze met.

His face brightened up in a glee as he rushed over to her side, “Teacher, you’re awake?” He cried out in relief, but he immediately realized that something was not right.

His shirt wasn’t fully buttoned yet, and knowing her, she would’ve shown a panicked expression as she tried to escape from him, but now, though her eyes were staring into his, not a single emotion could be found inside.

Chen Liang paused slightly, before quickly buttoning up his shirt and moving towards the bed once again.

“It’s a relief that you’re awake. Teacher, you have not had a meal since yesterday night, do you want some porridge?” He made it a point to soften his tone, but as he got closer to the bed, her empty expressionless eyes narrowed instinctively as she curled up into a trembling ball under the blanket.

“Teacher?” His footsteps froze instantly and called out softly to her trembling figure, he did not take another step towards her as he stared at her silently.

Nothing changed. Even though she had lost Han XiPing, even though her mind was not like it used to be, and even though she knew she had lost everything. She hated his presence.

He could feel her disgust and repulse for him, as even in this state, her body had instinctively tried to avoid him…

He could feel a sudden sharp in his heart, as if someone had stabbed him with an ice dagger, and the chilling cold spread numbness and pain throughout his entire body.

His face paled significantly, but recalling the doctor’s words, he managed to control the rage within him.

He did not know how he had managed to force the words out of his mouth as he assigned Aunt Zhang to feed her some porridge.

Aunt Zhang arrived quickly with a bowl of porridge, and after glancing questioningly at Chen Liang, she began to gently coax Shu ChunChun out of the blanket, “Teacher Shu, let’s eat some porridge.”

But her face was still as pale as paper, and her eyes were blank and expressionless like a doll. She glanced at the bowl offered to her in a blur, but she did not reach out her hands to accept it.

Chen Liang’s face darkened significantly and no longer trying to control himself, he stepped towards her once again. But Shu ChunChun, who had been in a doll-like daze ever since she woke up, flinched instantly like a sensitive squirrel before trembling uncontrollably at his presence!

“……I won’t approach you, but you need to eat.” He forced the words out from his lips as he quickly backed away into a corner of the room.

Unfortunately, no matter how Aunt Zhang tried, Shu ChunChun was still curled up into an unmoving ball, while her clenched fists pressed firmly against her chest as she stared blankly into space.

Chen Liang’s face darkened into an even deeper shade as he watched her, she was so pale that even her lips were paper white. Unable to hold it in any longer, he rushed towards them before snatching the bowl from Aunt Zhang’s hands and drank it himself, after that, ignoring her trembling fear, he clamped his lips over hers and tried to force the porridge straight into her mouth.

His slick tongue flickered over her teeth as the fragrant porridge entered her mouth, and though her eyes were still blank, the trembling in her body worsened significantly.

And as soon as he released her lips, she instantly fell towards the side of her bed and… vomited!

“Teacher!” Chen Liang cries out in shock, quickly reaching out to hold her steady before running his palm gently over her back.

She was throwing up without stop, plus the fact that she had not eaten anything since last night, her non-stop vomit has quickly turned into plain water, and her already pale face was reduced to a deathly white.

An object fell from her loosened fist and crashed onto the ground with a loud clang.

It was a tiny ring.

It was the exact same ring that Han XiPing had discarded with disgust.

Chen Liang’s face instantly sank as he recognized the ring, before reverting back into his usual cold demeanor.

Meanwhile, Shu ChunChun’s blank eyes were suddenly filled with panic and she almost crashed onto the ground while reaching out for the ring.

Chen Liang’s hands were both clenched into tight fists, while deep green veins crawled on the back of her hands as his fingers made cracking sounds from the force of his grip.

“Is he so important to you? That is but an abandoned ring, was it worth so much of your care?……” His anger rose as he glanced at the sick woman on his bed, who was struggling desperately and weakly towards the ring.

After taking a few deep breaths, he reached down to pick up the ring, before reluctantly offering it back to her, which she quickly hid within her clenched up fist.

As if instinctively knowing that the object she had protected with all of her heart was finally safe within her grasps once again, her body relaxed instantly and she fell towards the ground, but Chen Liang managed to catch her in time.

He carried her back to the bed, and tucked her into the bed once again.

And as he watched her drift back into slumber, he covered half of his face with a palm as he chuckled softly… It was a chuckle filled with pain and ridicule.

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