Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 3

Chapter 3

Han XiPing had noticed her the moment she stepped into view, he had even taken a few steps towards her before noticing her abnormal behavior, because Shu ChunChun would’ve immediately smile brightly and wave cheerfully while running towards him the moment she noticed him, but that was not the case today.

“ChunChun, what is it?” Han XiPing asked nervously, giving her a scare as she lifted her head in shock at the sudden appearance of the man, but fortunately, the plain fear faded from her eyes as soon as she recognized her man’s face, “It’s nothing, I was just day-dreaming… Have you been waiting long?”

Han XiPing gazed at her silently, his eyes narrowing as soon as he noticed the bruises on her lips. He was sure that those bruises were not from him, as he could not even bear the thought of causing any pain to Shu ChunChun, no matter how insignificant the pain is… But now…

“I have just arrived too,” Han XiPing answered softly, trying to keep his voice calm, “ChunChun, how did you injure your lips?”

She gaped in shock and horror upon hearing his question, her hands touched the bruises softly but she was somehow unable to answer his questions.

Han XiPing knew that his ChunChun doesn’t know how to lie, and the fact that her eyes were already turning red from his question made him terrified at knowing the true answer. His eyes dimmed slightly before smiling at her once again, “Did you injure it again while eating snacks?” He forced out a chuckle as he patted her gently on the head.

Shu ChunChun stared at him in a daze as the events from the day ran through her mind, there was no way she could let him know that her tuition session with her student ended up in a forced harassment, which caused her to escape from his house in fear! She hanged her head in depress before hugging him tightly, burying her head into his warm chest.

“XiPing, I like you… so much so much.” Shu ChunChun sobbed softly into his chest as his body scent calmed her down slightly.

“Me too…” I love you, so much so much.

The stoic smile on his face faded away at her sudden confession, and at this exact moment, he knew that no matter what happened, everything will be fine as long as the person within his arms was still here.

“ChunChun, I’m terribly sorry.” Han XiPing placed his chin gently on the crook of her shoulders, “Work has been extremely busy recently and I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with you. There is an important up-coming project and as soon as it’s completed, the company would finally be steadied. By then, I’ll make it up to you…”

“Really!” Shu ChunChun jumped happily at his words, her worries faded from her immediately as a bright grin spread across her cheeks, “I knew it from the start, my XiPing is the greatest man I know!”

No matter how tired or insecure one was, being praised by one’s significant other would always lightening up their mood. “Of course, by then I will make sure my ChunChun lives comfortably for the rest of your life, as for now, let’s go have a meal as the movie won’t be starting anytime soon.”

And with that, the lovely coupled began walking towards a restaurant, hand-in-hand.

Meanwhile, in the far away Chen House, Chen Liang watched the scenes unfold expressionless. He had, indeed, been spying on her actions with his system as she had expected, and after thinking through the events thoroughly, sly grin spread across his face.

[System, change Han XiPing’s company’s up-coming business partner into Chen Shi.]
(TNote: Chen Shi is the business of the Chen family if anyone got confused.)

[Beep! It is done. Furthermore, according to the information found, Han XiPing is the illegitimate son of House Han, due to an unfortunate accident which had filled the original heir of their family, they are now searching desperately for this illegitimate son.]

[I have expected that, since when does the male lead of a love story not have a superior identity? But still, the male lead right now would be easy for me to play around with.]

Chen Liang chuckled to himself suddenly as a thought ran through his mind.

[Ah, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s class.]

On the next day, Chen Liang arrived well before anyone did, as the mere thought of her kiss was enough to make him arrive early just to meet her.

His system had already announced her arrival before her actual person arrived at the door. Shu ChunChun stood a well five minutes outside the classroom, deep in thoughts while Chen Liang’s grin darkened slightly. He knew her hesitation, but he knew her personality even more so, as she was not someone who would skip out on any student’s studies due to personal reasons.

This was why he allowed her to leave his house the day before, as he was confident that there would be many chances for her to fall right into his traps willingly.

Shu ChunChun had made sure to stay awake through the night, hence her face looked so pale from the lack of sleep that not even her sunglasses could hide her anxiousness. It was the normal reaction of an innocent teacher who had been well-protected all her life, and she needed to appear frail today as Chen Liang would’ve probably prepared a show for her.

In fact, she knew that he would be waiting for her to show up willingly as soon as he allowed her to leave his house the night before. This was mostly because of her ‘teacher’ identity, which made it so that she could never avoid him.

She was a responsible and hardworking teacher after all.

House Chen was a big corporation in City A, and as the sole son and heir of House Chen and the fact that he was strikingly handsome, Chen Liang had many secret admirers.

Shu ChunChun stayed outside the room nervously, her hands clenched tightly into a fist as she controlled her urge of leaving this place, but gave up the thought quickly as the bell rang above her. She bit down painfully on her lips before forcing herself into the classroom.

She could feel Chen Liang’s burning and offensive gaze on her body even without staring at him, his gaze was so invasive that she felt like she was actually standing stark naked right in front of him.

Her back went stiff at the thought and after greeting her students awkwardly, she started her class session, but the occasional meeting of their eyes would always send a wave of panic through hers, making her stutter in embarrassment every time.

Chen Liang grinned handsomely as he kept up his persona of a model student.

[She really looked like a bullied little kitten…]

Unlike his calm appearance, the conversation he was having with his system made him somewhat excited and warm.

[I wish I could see how she cry from being toot! by me…]

[Beep! System 1008611 reminder mode activated.
Thoughts that are too toot! will be automatically censored in our conversation…]

Ignoring the system’s alert, Chen Liang kept his eyes glued onto Shu ChenChen’s body throughout the entire class.

Meanwhile Shu ChunChun, who had been eavesdropping on them, sighed speechlessly at their conversation, but still, she was not worried at all, as she once heard a system mentioned that if the NPC isn’t willing, the world-hopper cannot force his personal urges onto the NPC.

Unfortunately, Shu ChunChun will soon realized that she had over-estimated this particular world-hopper’s courtesy…

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