Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 4

Chapter 4

Shu ChunChun let out a long sigh of relief as soon as the bell rang, announcing the end of her class. Her students began to stream out of her classroom quickly, except for one.

Not wanting to be left alone with Chen Liang, she packed up her things swiftly, only to panic and mess things up even more.

Pap! Her book fell straight on the floor with a slip of her hand, she pursed her lips nervously as she knelt down, reaching out for the book, only to watch as a slender hand picked it up before she could.

Following the gaze from the hand, her eyes moved slowly towards the owner’s face, only to jump backward in shock when her eyes landed on Chen Liang’s smiling face, “S…student Chen, not going out for lunch?”

His stared momentarily at her darkened eye bags, grinning widely as he placed the book gently on the table, “I’m staying in for lunch today, as I would like to discuss some study matters with teacher,” He answered politely, as if he was sincerely confused about the things taught in class today.

Shu ChunChun frowned slightly at him, trying hard to decide the honesty of his words, but no matter how she stared at him, his face stayed serious and confident, unlike the scary side he showed to her yesterday.

She chided herself for overthinking it as she decided that his actions yesterday were probably accidental and unintentional, and if no one mentions it then perhaps they could go back to interacting as before, like a responsible teacher and a hardworking student.

Chen Liang chuckled slightly he realized her thoughts from her vivid facial expressions, “Teacher, what are you thinking, hm? Or perhaps you’re unwilling to clear my doubts on my studies?”

Snapped out of her thoughts, Shu ChunChun shook her head slightly before reaching out for his book, “Which question?” She asked gently, no longer cautious like before.

Chen Liang moved in closer to her from behind, staring at the book held in her hands. His close proximity discomforts her, as it felt like he was hugging her from behind.

She bit her trembling lips nervously before taking a small step away from him, only to be caught on the arm suddenly and pulled entirely into his arms.

At such a close distance, Chen Liang could easily see the rising tears within her eyes and her trembling long lashes, and it was making his heart itch with a hungry urge.

But to his amazement, there was not a speck of darkness within her eyes except for the original innocence she was born with, this was a first for him. He had traveled many worlds and completed many missions, but no female lead had ever avoided the blackening of their hearts when he started his conquest, no matter how clean and innocent their souls were before he arrived.

He was suddenly filled with a deep curiosity about this woman, Is it so that no matter what she experienced, she would always stay so innocent and clean?

His heart throbbed at the sudden thought, before leaning in and chuckling deeply into her ear, “Teacher, you’re so cute, believing any nonsense spouted by others…”

His warm breath landed on her tiny ear, causing it to redden uncontrollably. His lips trailed throughout her exposed neck, sending jolts of shock up her spine before an unknown numbness spread through her entire body.

Shu ChunChun froze in her tracks as she trembled in horror, “Y…you… y…”

Her face paled like a paper as she stuttered in her words, unable to understand why he would do this to his own teacher in public. She gave a last attempt at struggling against him, before forcefully calming herself, intending to tell off her student with a teacher’s aura.

“Chen Liang, this is a classroom! Let me go q…quickly…” Her sharp words ended in a slight sob, so alluring and soft that it strung on his heartstrings, unleashing his sudden urge to bully and make her cry for real.

He needed to hear her whimpering and begging words from those pair of lush and full lips!

Chen Liang narrowed his eyes at the woman in front of him, his brows furrowing slightly before reaching out towards her face and taking away her glasses, causing her to lose her teacher aura immediately!

Her reddened eyes were filled with unshed tears while blinking at him in confusion and fear, like a helpless little deer with no place to hide from its predator.

“Y…you… what are you doing…” She whimpered weakly at his burning stare.

“Teacher, do you know why I needed to clear my doubts on these questions?” After a moment of pause, Chen Liang rasped suddenly into her ear, “That was because all these time I was imaging teacher’s crying face, and it was beautiful…”

Before Shu ChunChun could react, he grabbed tightly onto her waist and pulled her fully into his arms and against his chest, not allowing her any space to move around at all as their bodies leaned tightly against each other.

In her panic, she pushed wildly against his chest, only to have her arms caught in a lock by a single flip of his strong hand.

Chen Liang’s other hand moved down her spine and lingered around her waist slowly, as if he wanted to prolong the process, sending a wave of terror through her, “Stop it, otherwise I…I’ll scream for help…”

Chen Liang looked deeply into her reddened eyes before taking in a sharp breath, “Scream for help? Does teacher want the other students to walk in and see how their teacher is begging for mercy from a student? Or does teacher want the headmaster to walk in and see how their teacher is seducing her own student?”

Chen Liang’s words froze her in her tracks as she felt the world crashing down on her, her body began to tremble furiously as she grabbed weakly onto his shirt. “N…no, it’s not like that…” She sobbed weakly while staring at him with her fearful eyes.

He was totally taken by her helplessness, leaning in to kiss her tear-stained lashes, he began cooing he gently, “Teacher needs to be a good girl, keep your voice down, otherwise I cannot guarantee if anyone would walk in suddenly…”

His words were supposed to comfort her, but it had only caused her heart to sank further.

“I…I’m surely dreaming…” Shu ChunChun murmured softly, as she was afraid that others would hear. She would not understand the sudden change in her gentle star-student but the warm palm pressed against her neck convinced her otherwise.

Shu ChunChun had very well-maintained skin, which was as smooth as cream and as pale as porcelain, simply emitting a little force on her skin was enough to leave patches of bruises behind.

Chen Liang stared intently at the bruise on her neck, which was forming right under his gaze, while his own eyes reddened wildly. “I wish I could taste teacher’s body fully, inch by inch, before stamping my mark on every part of you…” He growled deeply while his eyes darkened dangerously, and as his words ended, he clamped his lips onto the crook her neck before suckling her urgently, his warm tongue occasionally tasting the smoothness of her skin.

The door to the classroom was still wide open, the hallway lighting lit up the entrance of her classroom, increasing the fear and terror within her.

“Don’t do this, please, not here…” She sobbed in despair as she begged for his mercy.

“It was teacher’s fault, wasn’t it? Didn’t I tell you to go home and consider my confession? But where did teacher go and who did you meet yesterday?” He licked his lips in satisfaction at the freshly planted bruise on her neck.

His nonchalant voice and his blaming words left her entire body in a hopeless chill.

“Teacher, do you know that House Chen has businesses and deals in the underworld, and it is very simple to make a man disappear…”

His words sent Shu ChunChun to stare at him in disbelief, her restrained tears finally escaping from her reddened eyes, “Y…you… Don’t touch him…” Her lips went agape in a silent cry before she whimpered softly.

“Teacher, I am angry,” Chen Liang glanced at her beautifully reddened eyes in satisfaction before continuing on calmly, “Teacher should know what to do now, right? Do you still intend to avoid me?”

Shu ChunChun shook her head furiously while her body trembled at his touch, forcing down the nauseous sense of disgust, she controlled her urge of escaping as she wept silently, “I…I’ll be… g…good…” She whispered softly, so soft that he if wasn’t right next to her, he would’ve missed her words.

Even though he had finally received the answer he wanted from her, somehow he wasn’t as happy as he had imagined himself to be. He gazed at her intently with narrowed eyes before burying his face onto her smooth neck once again, leaving behind countless purple bruises.

“M…mph…” Shu ChunChun trembled in terror as she bit down hard on her lips, not wanting to make any noise.

But suddenly, loud footsteps could be heard from the hallways, and it was coming towards their direction!

Shu ChunChun’s fearful body was now frozen stiffly as her fear had reached a point where she could no longer think or speak. Her previously flushed face faded instantly into paper white while her limbs turned cold to the touch.

“S…someone’s coming…”

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