Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 5

Chapter 5

Shu ChunChun was confused at first, she had not expected him to make his move against her right in the middle of a classroom. It was a really disadvantageous move for him, because just one wrong move, or a single accident, he could’ve ignited the fury and rage of the protagonist, thus failing his mini mission of winning her heart.

Furthermore, if his goal was to force her to break off any communications with Han XiPing, he doesn’t need to do this too.

But now that someone was coming, a thought flashed through her mind immediately as she understood his actions, perhaps he wanted to ruin her future in this school, thus trying to ruin her reputation…

The thought of being caught red-handedly filled her with dread and despair, she held on weakly onto Chen Liang’s sleeves before staring at his face helplessly with her large teary eyes.

“S…someone’s coming… I…I don’t wish to be seen…” She begged for his mercy instinctively while the tears in her eyes sparkled beautifully.

He paused in his tracks, holding in his grin before staring at her deeply.

“Teacher is in such denial, you wanted me to do this isn’t it?”

Shu ChunChun trembled in fear at her student, no, she could no longer even treat him as her student, it was as if he has became another person entirely.

He was no student of hers, he was a real life demon!

Shu ChunChun’s brows furrowed together unnoticeably as she pondered about his actions, if he wanted her to lose her job, acting like this was too over-the-top, because if he had been merciful right now, he could’ve even gained a little affection points from her?

Or perhaps, this was no longer part of his act?

He had lost control, no matter if his goal was for her body, or if it was his body’s natural male instinct. He could be considered to have lost control of his feelings…

And perhaps, he himself hadn’t even noticed it… In that case…

Shu ChunChun shut her eyes slowly, biting down hard on her lips while her shoulders trembled with fear, no longer willing to continue begging this man for mercy.

[Beep! System 1008611 reminder mode activated.
The target is almost having a mental breakdown, please take caution!
Target Shu ChunChun’s affection -20, total affection = -10]

Chen Liang, whose head had been buried within the crook of her neck and sniffing her smooth skin, paused in his tracks at the reminder of his system before moving his gaze onto the woman’s trembling eyelashes. He stared complicatedly at the tears which hanged on them and her swollen red eyes.

He landed his gaze on her pale face for a few seconds before taking action.

[Let her fall into a deep slumber.]

She felt her body loosen up immediately upon his words as she fell limply into his arms.

But she did not retaliated, allowing her own conscious to fade away into the slumber he has requested. She was tired, actually, as she had stayed up all night yesterday to achieve the effects of anxiousness, and the effort she had spent this entire day exhausted her, hence a short nap was fully welcomed by her.

And when she wakes up from her well-needed nap, she would continue with this performance.

Chen Liang frowned deeply at the unconscious woman in his arms, who looked entirely like a woman who had been laid for nights on end, but snapping back into action immediately as he heard the loud footsteps which were getting closer.

He quickly grabbed onto the jacket that he took off just now before wrapping them around her body.

“Big bro Liang, it’s lunchtime, why are you still in the classroom… Eh?” A voice sounded from the outside curiously, before pausing in confusion as he saw the wrapped up woman in Chen Liang’s arms.

Even though her body was wrapped up safety, and her face was buried deeply in his chest, he could see from her exposed slender legs that she was probably a very beautiful woman.

But before he could take a closer look, he realized that Chen Liang was currently glaring at him with dark scary eyes, causing him to almost choke on his saliva. No longer daring enough to peek, he chuckled nervously before lifting up the box of food he had been holding on to, “Brother Liang, I’ve noticed that you had not went out for lunch, so…”

Chen Liang gazed at the man outside the room silently as a grin spread across his face.

The man immediately moved away from the door and bowed in submission, “Do not worry, Brother Liang, I will never tell.”

Chen Liang strode past the door quickly while ignoring the man as he was just someone irrelevant.

He ran all the way to his car with Shu ChunChun in his arms, even though he had not past many other students, but the few ones that he did was enough. He was sure that by tomorrow, the rumors of the beautiful teacher and the studious student would’ve been spread throughout the entire school.

He placed her gently on his bed the moment he reached his room.

His furrowed brows began to loosen up as he watched her sleeping figure, which seemed very much in peace, making the tears stains on her face to look fairly out of place. He felt an unknown tug within his heart as he stared at the tear stains while remembering her helpless pitiful weeping face from before.

It was so… alluring, easily able to captivate the heart of any man and igniting a strong urge within them, though it would be difficult to differentiate them into the urge to protect her from any danger or the urge to fully possess her, mind, soul and body, forever.

[Beep! The host was reckless today, as the events were almost out of control, forcing the target to an almost mental breakdown.]

A familiar voice sounded up in his mind as he was wiping off the tear strains from her face.

[Do not worry, I’m clearly aware of my actions and my mission here. For someone with her personality, it would be impossible to reach her heart the moment she holds someone dear, and if I continued to protect and provide for her from the shadows, instead of being grateful and falling in love with me, she would always treat me as the perfect best friend.]

[Beep! ……]

Chen Liang rested on a chair nearby as he pondered about his actions from before.

He had to admit that he had been mesmerized by her helplessness, as if she was a little kitten that he could not help but tease.

But unexpectantly, the usual fun and games, had somehow evolved into something more, and finally, his cold heart had been moved.

But still, she could only be a toy and nothing more.

The entire world was already fake, let alone another pre-coded NPC?

When Shu ChunChun next came to, she had sighed at the power of a system, as it never cease to amaze her. Just with a single command, she would go into a dreamless slumber and wake up fully refreshed!


“You’re awake?” A deep voice sounded calmly nearby.

She turned her head towards the voice and her gaze landed on the man who was lazing on a nearby sofa, and as she had just woken up, her large eyes were blurry, hence even though she was staring at him, she looked as if she was in a confused daze.

She’s cute even when she’s docile and in a daze… He sighed softly, placing down his book before leaving the sofa.

“Teacher have not forgotten your previous promise right?” He asked deeply as his stood at the edge of the bed, his shadow looming over her.

Shu ChunChun’s face paled immediately as she recalled what had happened just right before she fainted, this man had threatened her with Han XiPing!

But still, what other choices does she has?

“What do you want me to do?” She asked nervously while her hands crumpled up the edge of her blanket.

“Nothing in specific, just that in the future, teacher will listen and do whatever I say.” He answered simply before leaning down towards her and licked her neck teasingly.

His words had not provide any assurance to her, but she knew that he now controls her entire life…

She instinctively reared back from his touch, as if the mere thought of him disgusts her.

“Teacher should be really tired by now, so please rest here for the next two days, as I’ve already informed the school that teacher would be absent.” He said calmly before leaving the room, as he needed her to be in one piece, and not a mentally broken toy.

“I…I wish to return…” She whimpered softly at his leaving figure.

Chen Liang paused in his tracks upon hearing her words, before turning to face her with a gentle smile, “Teacher, you will live here for now.”

“I…” Her eyes widened in shock at his words, but she was interrupted by his before she could even finish her words.

“Hush, teacher,” He chuckled softly before continuing on, “It’s because I wish to be with teacher 24/7.”

His voice was gentle and deep, but the occasional ‘teacher’ cut deeply into her like a sharp knife. There was no speck of respect in it, and it was like a constant reminder to her on their relationship, as if scoffing at her helplessness.

Her hands clenched together tightly, clumping up the blanket as her face paled to an even lighter shade.

Chen Liang stared at her silently with his dark eyes before turning back towards the door.

Shu ChunChun remained on the bed long after he left, her gaze was unfocused as it landed on the bedsheet, but deep inside, she was running everything through her mind. Chen Liang had told her to stay here for the next two days, but he had not locked the door, that means that he had not intended to restrict her freedom.

However, presuming that the rumors had already been spread throughout the entire school, when she returned to work two days later, the original Shu ChunChun would probably be traumatized by the leering and the rumors, and finally, no longer willing to continue working there.

But unfortunately, she wasn’t the original Shu ChunChun.

Shu ChunChun’s family, though, lived in the outskirts, and with Chen Liang’s family background, it would be too easy to settle any problems. But that would be unlikely, as family members would usually not appear unless the plot needed them to, furthermore, the only memories she had of her supposedly ‘family members’ were only of the pre-coded descriptions.

Finally, there’s Han XiPing.

And from the way Chen Liang is acting right now, it should be assumed that he wanted to slowly displace her from the original plot. He wanted to be the only one left in her entire world.

After sorting out her mind, Shu ChunChun left the bed slowly and cautiously checked out the room. It was decorated exactly to her likes, as expected, and the closet was filled to the brim with new clothes, even undergarments!

Her face flushed bright scarlet the moment she noticed the undergarments, before turning pale immediately. And as if she had suddenly remembered something, she quickly crawled back onto the bed and sat there in a daze until the sky turned dark outside.

A soft knock sounded at the door and a gentle voice called out to her, “Miss Shu, the young master invites you for dinner.”

Her eyes focused on the door as her mind snapped back into her, she had not eaten for the entire day, so she was indeed starving, she hesitated for a few seconds before deciding to leave the bed.

But right at this moment, her phone, which had been placed on the table nearby, rang.

It seemed that he had not confiscated her phone, as if it doesn’t worry him as to who she would contact.

She scurried over to the table and picked up her phone, her face froze immediately the moment she saw the name on the screen.

It was Han XiPing.

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