Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 7

Chapter 7

“ChunChun, run!”

Even though he had tried to push her away as gently as possible, she had stumbled a few steps before steadying herself while holding a nearby tree.

She turned her head towards him instantly, only to see him blocking and attacking a few of the thugs that had tried to chase her down.

Shy ChunChun knew that her man train his body frequently, so stopping a few thugs should’ve been easy for him, but it was obvious that these weren’t normal thugs, as he was filled with injuries in mere seconds.

Her eyes reddened immediately at the sight of her man trying his best to allow for her escape, knowing that she would only be a burden to him if she stayed, she bit down painfully on her lips before running towards the Main Street, I need to get some help!

She wasn’t surprised at all to see Chen Liang and a group of men dressed in black at the end of the empty street, as the whole incident had been suspicious because those thugs had allowed her to run even though they could’ve caught up to her easily.

As if finally noticing some random strangers and finally seeing hope, Shu ChunChun increased her running speed towards the man, losing her glasses midway before reaching the blurry man.

“Please… Please save him! T…there are robbers there…” She sobbed in despair while tugging weakly onto the stranger’s sleeves, her voice trembling from fear and her legs almost giving way beneath her.

“Be careful, teacher.” The man said softly as he held her steady.

The hope in her blurry eyes faded instantly as she heard the familiar voice.

There was only one man in the world who would call her ‘teacher’ in such a tone, “Chen Liang?” She asked shakily.

But the glee on her face lit up immediately after, “It’s you! Chen Liang, please help me…” Choosing to forget their misgivings, she begged him desperately as he was the only one she could rely on to save Han XiPing.

He glanced at her reddened eyes staring expectantly at him under the dim streetlights… Her looks resembled a rabbit, so protected and innocent that she could not understand the situation she’s in right now!

But, he doesn’t mind letting her know the rules, and that she doesn’t need anyone but him in her entire world.

“It seems that teacher hasn’t taken my words seriously?” Chen Liang mumbled softly into the thin air while the relief in her face froze instantly.

“Y…you… Chen Liang, what are you saying?” She stared at him with her confused and tear-filled eyes, but perhaps she had felt the imminent danger, her hands instinctively gripped tightly onto his sleeves.

Chen Liang stared down at her expressionlessly, “He stoke teacher away from me, why should I help him?”

Shu ChunChun gazed up at him, and as their eyes met, her face paled instantly as she somewhat realized what had happened today.

Why was he so easy-going tonight?

And why was he waiting here so conveniently?

The night was silent, as not even a single bug dared make a noise, and the occasional low groan sounding up nearby.

Shu ChunChun stared at the tall and well-built bodyguards standing in line behind Chen Liang.

“C…Chen Liang, please stop joking, I beg of you… P…please save him… H…he…” She sobbed desperately as she begged for him life.

“Teacher insisted to go out with another man, and that made me really upset, but I couldn’t bear hurting teacher, hence I can only punish the man…” He sighed softly, as if indicating that he had been extremely lenient with her.

“N…no… It’s not his fault…” She wailed pitifully as he hugged her tightly, her tears streaming down her cheeks as she shook her head desperately.

She reached out both of her hands and wrapped it around Chen Liang’s muscular arm before begging him with her hoarse sobbing voice, “It’s my fault, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left the house, I should’ve had dinner with you like a good girl… It won’t happen again, I swear! Please stop them… I beg of you…”

Her words were quick and filled with urgency, while her cheeks were stained with tears as she stared at him in a daze. Her voice was so soft and hoarse that even the expressionless bodyguards peeked at her with pity.

Chen Liang reached out a face towards her face and tucked her messy hair behind her ear gently, “Teacher, this is a punishment, all you need to do is watch.” He cooed at her gently.

Punishment… Punish who?…

Even now, it seems that Chen Liang had not intend to expose their ‘relationship’ to Han XiPing… This was a slight surprise to her, as she had expected him to announce her as his property in front of Han XiPing, but instead, he had sent some thugs to attack him while forcing her to listen to his painful groans nearby.

But it was understandable, as the original Shu ChunChun would’ve felt extreme guilt and pain knowing that she had brought harm to the man she loved. Not only that, she would most probably prevent any contact from Han XiPing from now on, if only to protect him from any further danger.

As the impact would only be greater to Han XiPing if she was the one who ended the relationship slowly. step by step. Because even if was to tell him that she had a change of heart and immediately dated Chen Liang, Han XiPing would only suspect that she had been forced.

But if she would start avoiding him slowly, as soon as the suspicions settle down within his heart, only would he believe that it was real.

Unfortunately, by then, Han XiPing would only see her as a greedy gold-digger, and no longer the innocent and adorable little girl from before.

But funnily, it seems that Chen Liang had not yet realized that his actions today was unnecessary for his quest…

Her tears streamed down endlessly from her swollen eyes upon hearing his nonchalant words, Han XiPing is suffering because of her, because she had not listened to Chen Liang!

Her glasses were gone, but she would vaguely see the blurry shape of movements and hear the horrible noise every time their fists punched against his skin.

It was all her fault, as she had not taken Chen Liang’s words seriously, it was because she had not expected him to be so cruel… This cannot continue, or Han XiPing will definitely be killed!

“XiPing…” She mumbled his name adoringly, clamping her eyes shut as a hopeless sadness filled through her.

“Chen Liang, I’ll accept your terms.” Her voice was light and soft, “I’ll do whatever you want, but you need to let him go.”

She left her eyes downcast, like a weak prey, omitted of any hope and gave up struggling, offering her neck to her predator.

Her actions send a wave of shock through his heart even though he had expected this to happen from the start. As per her personality, she would definitely stay away from Han XiPing from now on, just to protect him from danger.

He sucked in a sharp breath before wrapping him arm around her waist and bringing her body close to his, “Whatever I want?” He whispered against her neck.

Shu ChunChun shivered fearfully at his hot breath on her neck as she kept her silence, while her lashes trembled slightly.

Upset at her silence and dread, he pursed his lips unhappily before staring at her dangerously, but at the same time, he was confused at the confusing rage he felt within him.

He reached out towards her, picking her up easily before turning towards his car.

Shu ChunChun was still trembling unendingly, but still, her lips were glued tight while she stared at him stubbornly.

Chen Liang halted in his tracks before glancing at the unconscious body nearby, “He’s fine, teacher should worry more about yourself instead.” He grinned gently at her before entering the car swiftly.

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