Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 8

Chapter 8

Chen Liang carried her into his luxury car personally before taking a seat opposite to hers.

The back of the car was huge and luxurious, and the seats were comfortable and wide as four seats faced each other while an exquisite looking alcohol decorated the mini chiller, but it was anything but nice to her.

He had glanced lazily at the woman sitting opposite him, observing her expressionlessly.


Shu ChunChun’s body went stiff immediately as she gazed at him in disbelief.

The corners of his lips curved upward slightly, though his smile did not reach his eyes, “No? Did teacher not promise that you’ll do anything I want? …Or are you regretting your words already?”

Shu ChunChun flinched at his voice as he spoke, before reaching up towards her collar with trembling hands and downcast eyes as she proceeded to unbutton her shirt.

And perhaps it was from her extreme fear or her trembling fingers, it took a long white to even unbutton a single button.

Being gazed upon by such an abominable man, her own student even, as she performed such a shameless action… She felt as if she would drown and die in her shame immediately.

A solemn tear escaped her right eye, streaming down her smooth cheeks before dripping off her face and landing on her lap.

Her tears of shame and grief streamed down her cheeks endlessly after the single tear from before.

“Continue.” Chen Liang said flatly as he gazed at her streaming tears and her trembling pale fingers.

He felt an inexplicable pleasure deep within his heart at her sudden silent weeping. Hadn’t she promised that she would do anything for that man? He would let her understand and remember the situation she’s in and show her the consequences of yearning for another man…

Her eyes were already blurry with her tears as her fingers lingered around her second button, before turning her face towards him in a daze… I…I really can’t…

Chen Liang’s eyes darkened deeply as he stared at the helpless woman in front of him, before pulling her into his arms and clamping his lips upon her bitten ones.

Her body flinched instinctively at his touch but she did not attempt to struggle at all. Their embracing figure would seem like two passionate lovers as he took her lips passionately, but if one were to look into her eyes clearly, her usually bright eyes were now as dim as a dying flame…

After the initial kiss, he gazed intently at her face as his tongue forcefully made its way into her tightly shut lips before curling up her delicate tongue with his own.

By now, no matter how unwilling she had been deep within her heart, her body couldn’t help but react slightly to his masculinity dominance, and as her restrains broke down, soft moans of uncontrollable pleasure escaped her caged lips in a mumble.

Her moans caught him off guard as he halted his kisses immediately, before clamping his lips onto the crook of her neck while moving downward ever so slowly.

[Beep! System 1008611 reminder mode activated.
In the case where there is no consent from the NPC, the host may not force himself onto anywhere below the NPC’s neck.]

A familiar beeping sounded within his mind, causing his body to stiffen as confusion flashed through his eyes, Did he just…

A surge of anger streamed into him at the system’s sudden interruption and causing him to snap angrily in response to the robotic voice.

[But she said she was willing, was that not her consent?]

[Beep! A consent made by someone who had -50 affection for you, and you believed it? gentlesmile.jpg]

[But what if forcing myself on the target is required for my mission? You should know that in some worlds, forced love is required to capture the heart of the target, how then?]

[Beep! In those cases, our system does offer a special package called ‘Wet Dreams’ for an offer price of 399 points! When used on a target, the target would be forced into a realistic dream. Does the host wish to purchase one now?]

… That’s not what he needed right now!

Chen Liang clenched his teeth in frustration as he rejected the offer.

[No, thank you!]

System 1008611: cheer.jpg, it’s been a while since this system had won an argument against the host!

He frowned at the woman in frustration before snapping at his driver in annoyance, “Go home.”

Meanwhile, the frozen solid Shu ChunChun, as if surprised at her student’s sudden restraint, blinked her eyes slightly before landing her gaze upon him.

Noticing her confused but relieved gaze, he glared at her intimidatingly before continuing on, “I’m not interested in raping a dead body.”

Shu ChunChun averted her gaze on him immediately as she looked outside the window, as if frightened by his glare. Hmph, liar… Then what was the strange poke on my stomach from before?

For the sake of convenience, Chen Liang had already taken over the entire House Chen, hence he had a lot of issues to take care of as soon as they reached his house.

After instructing the housekeeper to take good care of Shu ChunChun, he left immediately to his work-room while she stood blankly like a wooden doll, only moving when assisted by the housekeeper.

Han XiPing was probably still unconscious in the hospital right now, while she’s been trapped here… He would probably be suspicious when he realized that she wasn’t there for him when he woke up.

The long night had passed in a blink of an eye and it was a brand new day, but ever since Shu ChunChun had stayed idle ever since she was brought into this room, refusing to consume any food offered or even react to anyone.

When Chen Liang finally arrived after he was finished with work, the first thing he saw when he entered his bedroom was the daydreaming and expressionless woman on the sofa.

“Teacher, are you throwing a tantrum?” His words were flat while the woman on the sofa flinched away from him instinctively.

Recently, Shu ChunChun had developed a trauma towards the word ‘teacher’, especially when it was spoken by Chen Liang in such a disrespectful way.

He raised his eyebrows at her reactions before moving towards her swiftly and catching her cheeks within his huge hand, “I did not keep you here to see your moody expressions,” He narrowed his eyes at her dangerously, “Or is it because I had not caused your dear Han XiPing any trouble in the hospital?”

The light returned to her eyes immediately upon hearing her lover’s name, “H…he… How is he?” She whimpered softly, her words were slightly stuttered due to her trembling lips.

“I heard that he was admitted for external injuries and that he would be discharged soon… Why? Does teacher wish to see him?” He grinned coldly as he replied in spite.

Shu ChunChun’s body trembled instinctively even though he was the one who offered such a kind gesture. Her mind going into a daze immediately as she recalled him kindly allowing her to go out on a date with Han XiPing, which had ended with a painful and torturous end for her… Visit Han XiPing? She dare not even think about it.

She shook her head furiously as she rejected his offer, while he clenched her chin tightly before bringing her eyes to his and landing his forehead against hers.

“Teacher, please always remember this, you belong to me.” He growled at her with dominance before clamping his lips passionately over her cold and pale ones, while the servants in the hall lowered their heads fearfully at their young master’s fury.

“N…no…” Her whimpers were forced into silent mumbles as he took her mouth by force, silencing her rejection.

“Teacher, look at me closely… Who kissed you?” He grinned maliciously before nibbling onto her delicate lips in adoration, while she could only tremble in fear as her words were stuck within her throat.

“I wish to listen to teacher saying you belong to me.” He growled at her coldly before taking a bite on her nose, as if irritated by her silence.

She stared at him in horror before shaking her head desperately.

“If teacher can’t even satisfy me in such an easy way, how about having sex right here? I’m sure the servants would be interested to watch even if teacher was as stiff as a wood…” He growled softly into her ear as his patience ran out.

“N…no, don’t!” She sobbed fearfully at his vulgar words as she stared into his cold and cruel eyes, He wasn’t joking!

His fingers were already trailing the crook of her neck and her shoulders, and if she doesn’t say it out loud, he might actually…

“I…I will s…say i…it…” She stuttered in panic as she grabbed onto his hand firmly with hers, and with her eyes shut tightly together, her resigned words came out in a whisper, “…I…I am… y…yours…”

But it was as if she had personally broken her own boundaries, her body seemingly shrank right after her words left her lips, leaving her but a husk filled with desolation.

Meanwhile, Chen Liang was beaming with smiles as he landed a soft kiss on her trembling eyelashes, as if rewarding her actions, “Teacher is such a good girl~”

He had to admit that he had felt true happiness as soon as the words left her lips!

But it was at this exact moment that a familiar ringing echoed through the room, and both man and woman’s gazes landed immediately on the culprit.

Shu ChunChun froze immediately as recognized the name appearing on the screen of her phone while her face turned as pale as a piece of plain paper as the sensation of betraying her man crashed into her.

Meanwhile, Chen Liang merely gazed at the name with disinterest, but a malicious grin filled his entire face as soon as he noticed her pale face, “Such good timing.”

Translator’s Note:
Have you ever felt so helpless and hopeless that everything feels numb and you feel like nothing else could hurt you anymore? Yup! Damn world-hoppers are horrible people smh…

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