Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 9

Chapter 9

Shu ChunChun stared at her ringing phone in shock, before turning her panicked gaze onto Chen Liang, but to her surprise, he took her phone casually before reaching out towards her, bringing her in for a hug.

“Proof it, proof what you had said just now.”

Shu ChunChun’s body froze within his arms upon hearing his words, before she raised her head towards him with her tear-filled eyes, but he was merely grinning at her, though his smile did not reach his eyes.

Shu ChunChun reached out towards her phone with trembling hands, but as she gazed at the familiar name on the screen, her nose felt sore all of a sudden.

But she quickly recollected herself before answering the call softly, while a panicked and worried voice sounded from her phone instantly, “ChunChun, are you hurt?”

Han XiPing had fainted from the ruthless attack by the thugs, but he was already in the hospital when he next came to. After realizing that she was not there, he had inquired the nurses there on whether a young lady had visited him, but their responses were all negative.

At that moment, he felt as if his heart might jump out from his chest and he would die instantly, hence he had called her in a rush, hoping desperately that she’s okay.

Shu ChunChun sobbed silently upon hearing that his first words were to make sure that she wasn’t hurt, and after a long pause, she managed to spit out her words, “…I’m fine.”

Chen Liang’s brows furrowed deeply together, feeling upset as he stared at her strained endurance. He tightened up his arms around her from behind before reaching down to lick her neck, as if intending to show dominance over his property.

He nibbled her delicate ear, teasing her endlessly before whispering deeply into her ear, “Such irony, teacher, do you think he knows that the woman he loves so dearly, is currently in another man’s arms now, hm?”

“Mm…” Shu ChunChun jerked in shock before quickly covering the mic of her phone as she bit down on her lips, afraid that Han XiPing would hear any hint of noise from her side.

“That’s good, that’s really good… I’m so relieved…” Han XiPing’s panicked voice slowly calmed at knowing that she wasn’t hurt, but an unfamiliar sense of foreboding filled through him as he stuttered on his next words, “T…Then, ChunChun, w…where are you now…”

Shu ChunChun felt faint with the guilt and shame that was crashing through her right now, on one side is Han XiPing’s gentle care, while on the other side is Chen Liang’s cruelty, all she wanted right now was to end this conversation instantly.

Her tears flowed as she wept silently, but still, the words from her mouth were ice cold when she spoke, “Han XiPing, we…”

“ChunChun!” Her words were interrupted instantly by his unconcealable panicked voice, while it was obvious that he was trying to keep an strained smile up, “ChunChun, surely you’re really busy at school, I know that the headmaster has high hopes for you, so there must be a lot of things in your schedule. Don’t worry about me, the doctor had given me thorough body-check and they’re all external injuries, it’ll be okay in a few days…”

She had never seen him so flustered, he continued speaking without end, as if afraid of what she would say the moment he stopped.

She went into a daze as she listened to his deep and gentle voice, while her tears streamed down her cheeks without her realizing it.

Chen Liang, who had been watching the entire scene unfold with narrowed eyes, felt a sense of discomfort as he stared at her, she was so much in love with that man that there was no way he could even reach anywhere near her heart, and without a second thought, he bit down roughly on her neck.

She was jolted awake from the sudden sharp pain, “Let’s breakup,” She whispered softly as she clamped her eyes shut, forcing her mind blank.

The words he had feared the most, had arrived nonetheless.

He froze in his tracks as he listened to her emotionless words, “ChunChun, please don’t joke, are you angry that I’ve hurt myself?” He chuckled softly in denial, “I’m really fine, wait for me…” He said gently before hanging up instantly, but his eyes darkened deeply as he stared at his phone in silence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone, Shu ChunChun was too, staring at her phone silently, but her face was as pale as paper.

But still, knowing that he’s okay and well… It’s sufficient for her.

Perhaps it’s better like this, breaking up with him so casually through a phone-call, he will never see her again, and… he will never get hurt because of her.

Her lips curled up in a strained bitter smile, while her tears continued streaming down her face endlessly.

Chen Liang knew what her objectives were by ending it so abruptly, she wanted to keep him safe from harm, but why is it that he felt such a horrible clench in his heart at the sight of her sorrow?

He despised watching her weep for another man!

Without a second thought, he loomed over her silently before leaning down towards her face, slowly licking her tears away from her cheeks, “I will allow you to cry for him this time, but your future belongs to me, you and your tears regardless.”

As his hoarse voice sounded near her ear, Shu ChunChun leaned her face to the side slightly as she shut her eyes in resign.

Ever since that night, her mobile phone was confiscated by Chen Liang, but he had given her a new one, which included only one number inside.

She had been docile for the past two days, dining and even… sleeping with him when commanded to, but of course, Chen Liang could no nothing more but to kiss her.

Hence, her daily life now consists of keeping her face emotionless, since there was no need to act in her current situation.

But today, as they were having their breakfast together, she heard him conversing with his system.

[How is Han XiPing doing now?]

[Beep! Everything is going as Host had expected, Han XiPing had visited the school and heard the rumors there, furthermore, he had visited the target’s rented house and waited the entire night for her return.]

[It’s time to move on to the next step.]

Chen Liang nodded slightly before glancing at her way.

[As for the rumors at the school, let it die down quickly.]

Meanwhile, as if noticing that his eyes were on her, Shu ChunChun’s hand trembled uncontrollably and her chopsticks clattered loudly onto her bowl.

Chen Liang blinked at her in surprise before questioning the system within his mind.

[System, am I really such a scary person?]

[Beep! ……]

He picked up a new pair of chopsticks and passed it to her gently, before leaving his seat as he gazed at her still-emotionless face.

“Teacher, there’s an important event tonight, and you’ll be attending with me, I’ve even prepared a huge surprise for you.” His lips curled up into a slight grin before he leaned towards her and landed a kiss around her ear, causing her body to freeze up instantly, “Well then, I’m off to work, I’ll come back for you tonight.”

Shu ChunChun watched his car leave from the window in silence, as for the event tonight, if she recalled correctly, Han XiPing had mentioned about a midnight party regarding the project they had been working together with House Chen.

The surprise he had mentioned, it would probably be Han XiPing.

So, it’s tonight, huh?

Shu ChunChun swallowed the last of her milk, before landing her gaze at the butler nearby.

“Teacher Shu, what’s your order?” The butler bowed graciously in her direction as he inquired respectfully.

Chen Liang had not commanded them to call her otherwise, hence all of the servants were still referring to her as Teacher Shu.

The had been silent for the past few days that she had been here, but still, Chen Liang had taken great care of her news, hence the servants in the house were respectful towards her.

Shu ChunChun lowered her head slightly before voicing out her questions nervously, “I…I haven’t been to school for many days, so…”

“Do not fret, Teacher Shu, as the Young Master had already applied for your working leave.” The butler, thinking that she was worried about her position at work, instantly tried to gain favor for his young master, “Young Master wanted you to rest for a few more days as you’ve been unwell recently.”

“Is that so?” Shu ChunChun’s face dimmed at his words, “I’m fine, but it’s too boring here, I…I still wish to go to school…”

“Ah, in that case, I’ll immediately send a driver to send Teacher Shu there.” The butler nodded instantly.

“I…” She hesitated at the butler’s approval, “But I don’t want Chen Liang to feel upset at my actions…”

The butler paused slightly, but in order for Young Master to mend his relationships with Teacher Shu, this was probably required, “Don’t worry, Teacher Shu, Young Master had been extremely worried about your boredom at home, it’s most likely that he wouldn’t mind you going out for a walk…”

Shu ChunChun nodded her head at his words slightly before watching him prepare the car ride, silently hoping that he would let Chen Liang know about her whereabouts.

She had not informed him personally, as it was most likely that he doesn’t want her to meet with Han XiPing right now, furthermore, it’s obvious that he had not wanted her to personally hear the rumors flowing through the school right now.

This means that Chen Liang is somewhat thinking about her welfare, subconsciously or not.

But of course, she would need to go back to school, otherwise, how would she know what he had done? And if she didn’t know about it, how would she start her next act as a heartbroken wooden toy who had lost all hope?

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