Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 8

8. Riding All Night With A Blackfaced Police Officer

The motorcycle chased at full speed and the harsh wind hurt her face. Lian Xin closed her eyes and turned sideways to hide within the confines of the man’s arms. After jumping and falling over the hill, the man grabbed the back of Lian Xin’s collar and threw the motorcycle to the side of the road. He shouted, “Hide!” and grabbed his gun and started chasing them.

After Lian Xin fell to the ground, a police car whistled past her and rushed forward. She looked around carefully and discovered she was near an abandoned factory building. She shivered as she unbuckled the safety belt, lifted up the motorcycle and prepared to make a run for it. The sounds of shooting from inside the building quickly got closer, causing her to feel uneasy. Two masked men came out of the building. She saw a big, burly man at first glance who reached out to her and grabbed her like she was a chicken, holding her close with a gun against her temple. 

“Stop! Or I’ll kill her!” 

The police officers stopped as though someone had pressed a ‘pause’ button. They stopped moving forward and both sides stood at a standstill with their guns at the ready. 

However, Lian Xin pulled down the mask covering the criminal’s face in a panic. He looked down at her in dread, and their eyes met. 

She saw a stern face with thick eyebrows and deep eyes, and muffled her gasp. 

His partner nearby picked up the mask and quickly helped him put it on. He whispered, “Boss, she saw your face….” 

In the tense atmosphere, the man who commandeered Lian Xin’s motorcycle spoke up in a solemn voice, “Man Long, don’t harm the hostage. As long as you guarantee the safety of the hostage, I’ll let you go.” 

“The hostage is a weak female and panic is inevitable. It might affect your retreat. Why don’t I exchange with her?” He made a gesture as if to throw away his gun. 

The people nearby exclaimed, “Captain Qi!” 

Qi Yue stopped once more and looked at Man Long. 

Man Long sneered and didn’t respond, slowly retreating with Lian Xin. 

Lian Xin twisted slightly and he held onto her with a big hand and whispered, “If you move, you will die.” 

Lian Xin coughed and bravely said, “Can you let go of my chest…..” And he was holding her too hard. It hurt. 

His hand subconsciously squeezed for a while before he released her soft, plump breast and slid upwards, pinching her neck. 

Lian Xin resigned herself to being dragged all the way, and the police closely followed them. At the edge of the endless mountain forests, Qi Yue stared at Man Long and said, “I know you have reinforcement, it’s safe enough here. Let the hostage go.” 

Man Long continued to retreat and said, “Tell your people to get out of the car.” 

Qi Yue waved his hand and the rest of the police officers got off and followed them on foot without any defense, deeper and farther into the forest. 

“Man Long, let her go, or….” Qi Yue’s fingers were firmly on the trigger.

A cross-country vehicle(1) suddenly rushed out of the forest and stopped behind Man Long who instantly pushed Lian Xin down the ramp, turned over and left at full speed.

Qi Yue rushed to pick up Lian Xin, raised his arms and fired a few shots towards the shadow of the car.

The police officers behind them caught up with them and sighed dejectedly.

Qi Yue called the air traffic control bureau. “If they leave this location, they are likely to have helicopters hidden in the nearby military airport. Inform the air traffic control bureau to immediately control the air traffic.”

He bowed his head and lifted Lian Xin up. Twisting his eyebrows, he apologized to her, “I’m sorry, I implicated you.”

Lian Xin took a deep breath and shook her head.

Qi Yue’s expression was a little solemn. “You saw Man Long’s face, didn’t you?”

Lian Xin nodded.

The police officers looked at each other.

“Man Long is a big drug lord in Southeast Asia. He came over to move his mother’s ashes and killed several people on the way. We received the news at the last minute, so we arranged a siege.“ Qi Yue paused and explained. “No one has ever seen Man Long’s face, so…. he may try to kill you in order to silence you.”

Lian Xin gasped and opened her eyes wide, staring at Qi Yue’s slanted eyebrows and dashing face. She appeared as though she would start crying.

We will apply for 24-hour witness protection for you. Also, please cooperate with us to complete the facial composite of Man Long as soon as possible. After we issue a photo warrant, it would be meaningless for him to kill you, and you’ll be safer.”

Lian Xin pursed her lips and nodded, feeling very depressed.

The protection order came out at flying speed. Qiyue arranged for people to go to Lian Xin’s residence to guard the area and also brought a squad of officers with him. He pointed at an officer and introduced him to her. “This is the criminal investigation expert of our technology department. Please cooperate with him to complete Man Long’s portrait. And we may borrow your living room on the first floor for work these two days. I hope you don’t mind.”

Lian Xin shook her head naturally to show that it was fine. She cooperated with the technical expert to create the portrait until midnight.

The prompt came out of the blue.「Today’s punishment will begin in half an hour.」

Lian Xin froze and said to the tech expert, “I’m going to go rest. I’ll continue tomorrow morning.”

The other side frowned slightly. “It’s better to finish the portrait drawing within 8 hours while the memory is still clear…..”

“I remember very clearly. He looks especially out of the ordinary and left a deep impression on me. Don’t worry. You can work slowly first. I’ll get up in the morning!”

Qi Yue came in from the outside with a packed meal and put it on the table for everyone to eat. Then, he looked at Lian Xin and asked, “How is it going?”

Lian Xin pleaded with him, “It’s too late. I have to take a break. I can remember it, so can I continue tomorrow morning?”

Qi Yue asked the tech expert, “Is it almost done?”

“It should be almost….”

Qi Yue saw that Lian Xin’s face was very ugly, and considering that she must have received a fright, he nodded. “You have a rest first.”

He took Lian Xin upstairs, opened several bedrooms and looked at them one by one. All the rooms were in a clear pattern with windows. There was no difference between them. He dragged a chair into her room and put it near the window and said, “Sleep. I will stay here. The only two policewomen in our police station are pregnant. I’ll see if I can request for a policewoman from the neighboring city tomorrow.”

Lian Xin hesitated and looked from the chair to Qi Yue, who stood eight feet away and gave off an awe inspiring aura before nodding helplessly and laid down on the bed after washing up.

The policemen working overtime on the first floor were still talking. There were plainclothes officers patrolling downstairs and near the flowerbed outside. Qi Yue gently opened the bedroom door and stretched his long legs with his back to the bed. He sat on the chair with his arms crossed and narrowed his eyes slightly to refresh his mind.

After a while, a strange fragrance wafted through the air and a woman’s soft and moist moan sounded from the bed.

Qi Yue opened his eyes and looked back.

Lian Xin kicked off the quilt and crawled on the bed. She raised her hips in pain and reached between her legs and rubbed her flower. She felt as if the malice of the whole universe was pouring out from the obscene water coming out of her and her sensitive little hole felt extremely itchy. Her labia was constantly twitching with yearning, but she couldn’t alleviate even one tenth of a million of it with her own soft hands. She cried out in pain.

Qi Yue stood up and held her mouth with one hand, smothering her groans. He looked at her in shock. “What’s wrong with you?”

Lian Xin’s soft hands climbed up and hugged onto his strong arm. She whispered, “Help me, help me….”

「The system warns that the second phase of the task time has been entered and the proportion of the body fluid state has been locked. It is forbidden to copulate with a male other than the target male, otherwise you will be severely punished!.」

“I know, I know….” Lian Xin felt the back of Qi Yue’s hand and begged, “Use your hand, help me, let me borrow it, let me borrow it!”

Qi Yue pulled away his hand as if it had been pricked by a needle and stared at her with his eyes open wide.

Lian Xin saw his unwillingness to help and gave up resolutely. Feeling aggrieved, she wailed and moaned as she crawled to the bedside table and opened the drawer. Qi Yue suddenly responded and strode forwards to cover her mouth again. If she went on crying out like that, others would hear her and he wouldn’t be able to explain himself.

Lian Xin was pressed by the man’s broad and powerful hand, and she could smell his pleasant male scent. She couldn’t help reaching out the tip of her tongue and licked the palm of his hand. Weakly taking out the dildo from the drawer, she took off her pajama pants and opened her thighs to masturbate herself.

Qi Yue stared at her as if she was a demon. “You, can’t you control yourself?”

Lian Xin’s limpid eyes stared at him tearfully as she shook her head. She spread apart her labia facing towards him and swallowed the thick dildo bit by bit.

Qi Yue turned and held her down heavily, his whole body tense.

The unusually sweet scent was getting more and more thick, his head swayed back, his brow was beaded with sweat and his crotch had already swelled up long ago. He stretched out his long leg to kick the door closed.

Lian Xin had been tortured for a long time. Qi Yue’s hands pressed her down the whole time, his breath heavy, yet his back was still straight and the muscles in his arms taut. Lian Xin exasperatedly threw the dildo covered with her obscene liquid onto the floor. It was useless, completely useless!

Qi Yue took a look at the fake phallus that was still vibrating on the ground, it was a spicy sight. Lian Xin raised her leg and kicked it against his broad back. Her foot kept moving around his back until it reached the front and touched between his legs….

He held her small, exquisite foot in one hand and glanced at her sideways, “Should I help you call an ambulance?”

Lian Xin shook her head with a groan. She was drenched from head to toe, waist and buttocks shaking as she cried out while showing a pitiful and resentful look.

Qi Yue felt that she was really not very well. He raised his hand slightly and Lian Xin immediately got up and jumped into his arms. Her legs wound around his hips and her sensitive center began to rub against his stiff crotch.

He was caught off guard and held her waist to push her away. She started weeping, so he was forced to reach out and cover his mouth, letting her get away with her movements.She sat on his waist and fiercely grinded her center against him.

Qi Yue’s Adam’s apple rolled and his blood was boiling. His pants were all soaked with her fluids. Lian Xin was not satisfied. She reached down to unzip his pants and pulled down his underpants to release the big, throbbing meat stick. Although she was struck by the impulse to swallow it all, she still had some reason remaining to restrain herself. She could only hold the thick meat stick between her throbbing lips and sway her hips wildly as she crazily slid herself against the meat stick, her little butt moving like an electric motor. The most sensitive parts of her clitoris and labia were all engaged in kissing the big meat stick.

Qi Yue lay on his back with one hand on his face, swallowing thickly and not saying anything.

Lian Xin rode on him on the bed. She had been moving crazily for a long time and felt exhausted. She didn’t have the strength to continue and pushed Qi Yue and said, “Help me, can you help me? I don’t have the strength….”

Qi Yue’s hand was still blocking his face and he ignored her.

She had no choice but to continue to help herself. Turning her back to him in a different position, she sandwiched the big cock between her legs and moved her hips to enjoy it.

Luckily he also let her continue to play with himself.

The next day, at dawn, he put on his pants and went outside, his face dark.

The rest of the team members came in from the outside and saw Qi Yue who was leaning against the wall with his head bowed. They patted him gently and said, “Qi leader, I’ll change shifts. It’s been a hard night!”

Qi Yue looked up at him.

The team member saw Qi Yue’s face was very dark and understood. “You must be mentally drained, right?”

Qi Yue took a deep breath and shook his head. He went up and knocked on Lian Xin’s door and said with a wooden face, “Hurry and tidy up.”

There was a rustle in the room. A moment later, Lian Xin came out of the door with a beautiful and sweet face, dressed very conservatively. She raised her eyes quietly and caught sight of Qi Yue’s handsome and sharp jawline.

Qi Yue turned his face and said to the criminal investigation expert following behind him, “Xiao Li, bring it over to show her.”

Xiao Li came over with the computer and showed Lian Xin the portrait of Man Long he had worked on all night. Lian Xin was stunned and pointed to the screen and said, “It’s him! It’s him, it’s him!”

  1. Those cars that are built so they can travel on natural paths without roads more smoothly.


Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 7

7. Obscene Gynecological Exam: Enjoying the Superb Skill of the Handsome Doctor

Lian Xin glanced at the loose and straight examination gown hanging on the wall and shook her head, her big breasts shaking slightly. “What if someone else already wore it? I don’t want to wear it.”

Su Zixi licked his lower lip with the tip of his tongue and nodded with a smirk on his face. He took out a flat piece of cotton and wiped Lian Xin’s little cave with it. From the clitoris to the end of the labia, he wiped it clean slowly and carefully.

Lian Xin cried out and rose up.

Su Zixi glanced at her indifferently and lowered his head between her legs, close to her cave entrance. While observing, he said, “The structure of the vulva is complete and normal, the surface has no pubic hair, the clitoris is prominent, the labia majora is plump, the labia minora is of moderate size, and the vaginal entrance is small and narrow.” He stretched out two fingers and stretched open her cave and looked. “The hymen has been broken and the vaginal wall is tight and delicate.”

Being observed so closely by such a handsome man, Lian Xin couldn’t help crying out. She reached out and touched her clitoris. Su Zixi turned to choose the smallest tool for the exam. Turning back and seeing her playing with herself, he couldn’t help chuckling.

At first glance, this girl was cute and conservative, but her behaviour was coquettish and flirtatious. She seemed very anxious, but also gave off a very pure aura. Even her present state with her legs spread wide and playing with her little hole in front of him gave him an inexplicably innocent feeling, as if not letting her play with herself would be bullying her. 

Su Zixi pushed away her naughty hand and said, “Wiped clean already, now have to wipe it again.” 

“En~” Lian Xin reluctantly allowed him control.

Su Zixi applied lubricant to the speculum, separated her labia, and inserted the small tool gently and steadily.

Lian Xin was frightened by the sensation of the  foreign object he drove into her body. “Ah! What is that?” She reflexively raised her feet and hit Su Zixi’s face.

Su Zixi was kicked in the face by such a small, delicate white foot. He glanced at her eyes and kneaded her naughty feet with his big hands. “Don’t you want to have a colposcopy?”

Lian Xin sobbed and reneged, “So strange. Don’t, not this, do something else….”

Su Zixi smiled, his long eyelashes lowered and he still used the dilating tool to open her vagina. As soon as he opened it a little bit, Lian Xin immediately weeped.

“Ah! Don’t! Uncomfortable! Gege please! Don’t!” Lian Xin kicked his arm with her little feet and cried out. “Please, don’t, I don’t….”

“Oh? So delicate?” Su Zixi slowly put away the speculum and got up to wash the instrument. He took off his medical gloves, disinfected it at the hand washing table and then came back, propping up his hands on the inspection table. He looked down at Lian Xin who had watery eyes and said, “You are very healthy. Don’t play around if you don’t have any problems little girl.”

Lian Xin looked at the big bulge at his crotch and thought that he was really powerful. He could bear it so much. But why should he bear it? Seeing that Su Zixi was about to finish up, she grabbed his sleeve. “I have a problem.”

Su Zixi thought she was really adorable. “What is it?”

“I….. I’m so itchy. I’m so itchy there. When I see you, it’s even more itchy. My little hole gets to itchy when I think of you every day, I can’t bear it. I must be sick…..” She stroked around his lower abdomen bravely, twisted her hips and her breasts swayed, “Doctor gege, can you help me see if it’s okay? Why is it so itchy?”

Su Zixi swallowed thickly, his eyes getting darker and darker.

There was a kind of fragrant and charming fragrance, which was thick and sweet, winding around him.

He licked his lips and his voice was hoarse. “Is it?…. Let me take a look.”He stretched out his hand to open the zipper of his trousers and pulled out a huge meat stick which was totally different from his temperament. The meat stick bounced out and swayed in the air, fixing at a 45 degrees upward angle.

Maybe it was handsome as it’s master when it was quiet, but the crimson colour and the bulging blue veins on it gave it a menacing air. Lian Xin purred gently and reached for the meat stick.

Su Zixi blocked her hand and stepped up to the examination table. “Let’s measure the temperature first. I’ll check how your body’s surface temperature is.” He grasped Lian Xin’s pair of plump, bouncy white breasts and kneaded them with satisfaction and inserted his big stick in the middle. Feeling the soft, velvety taste of her breasts, he thrust his hips and said, “En, the body’s surface temperature is normal….”

Lian Xin obediently surrendered her breasts to him and watched him in fascination. He was wearing a holy white coat, but had revealed his penis and pressed it between her breasts. The glans was sticking out and close to her chin. She stretched out her tongue with great effort to reach the head, and the little hole winked when she licked it successfully.

Su Zixi’s eyes were fixed on her and he chuckled. “Come, let’s measure the oral temperature.” He pinched Lian Xin’s chin to let her open her mouth wide and stuffed the long, thick meat stick into her mouth.

Lian Xin tried her best to keep her mouth open. His penis was too big, and only a small part of it could be inserted. Lian Xin reluctantly bore with the oral sex.

Su Zixi raised his head and gasped, “En…. Oral temperature is very high…. Very hot…. En, can really wrap it, lick it nicely….”

Lian Xin made a delicious humming sound.

“Is the meat stick delicious?”

“Wuwu…. Good…. En…..”

Su Zixi pulled out the glistening wet meat stick, took out a small pill from the medicine cabinet beside the wall and put it into Lian Xin’s mouth.

Lian Xin was at a loss. “What is it?”

Su Zixi: “Contraceptives.”

Lian Xin wanted to say that she didn’t need to eat it, but it didn’ matter.

Su Zixi adjusted the angle of the examination table, stood between Lian Xin’s legs, held the meat stick against her quivering hole and said “Next, test the internal temperature through the vagina.”

“Ah! En~” Lian Xin twisted her waist upwards. Su Zixi’s glans nudged against her clitoris in greeting and it rose rapidly to salute him. He smiled. “It’s a polite little clit.” Then, he separated her labia with the big glans and slowly entered her tight cave. He moved slowly and skillfully. Every time he went it, he pulled back and scraped against the inner wall. He patiently used the meat stick to slowly open her vagina.

Lian Xin was driven mad by him. Her hole lovingly clenched his penis inside and she urged him impatiently. “Faster gege, I’m so itchy….”

Su Zixi laughed and suddenly straightened his waist, his thick root entering her completely. “Ah!!” Lian Xin was tingly with the shock of the sudden insertion and screamed. The man’s sexual prowess was too strong. In a rhythm of nine shallow and one deep stroke, rainstorm and lighting struck as he kept incessantly grinding against her G-spot. In a moment, he struck against her palace mouth, making her feel sour and limp. The extremely sensitive Lian Xin was spraying water almost all the time. Her screams were blocked by Su Zixi’s big hand.

“Don’t shout. This is the hospital. There are people outside. Be good and I’ll grind it for you.” Su Zixi twisted his waist and moved his firm butt between Lian Xin’s legs, rubbing her insides with his meat stick and Lian Xin’s lewd water sprayed out, causing his pants to get wet.

Su Zixi gasped and carried her in his arms. This was his first time with such a coquettish and sensitive woman. He wrapped her legs around his waist and was just about to fuck her fiercely. Suddenly, the door of the examination room opened.

Several nurses came in to get some things. Lian Xin shrank nervously behind the curtain. “Sss….” Su Zixi gasped. He pressed Lian Xin against the wall and whispered in her ear, “Don’t make a sound. They might open the curtain at any minute.” And then, like a rogue, he continued to fuck her.

The nurses went out, but they forgot to close the door behind them. The examination room’s door was wide open, leaving them exposed. The voices from outside kept the two people who were engaging in sex behind the curtain feeling high tension and excitement.

Lian Xin pressed down the sounds threatening to escape from her mouth and opened her legs wider to bear with the meat stick that was thrusting in and out of her little hole faster and faster. Su Zixi was really too evil. He thrust his hips like a sieve and moved it towards her at high speed. She bit her fist as she spurted her lewd water, her body twitching and her eyes rolled back as she fainted.

Su Zixi finally let out a muffled roar and continued to move his hips vigorously. After a long time, his testicles went taut and he shot a stream of semen into Lian Xin’s body.

A while later, he pulled out the meat stick that was blocking her hole, causing the white semen to flow out along the root of her leg. He looked down at himself and discovered his pants were pretty much useless at that point. He cleaned and dressed Lian Xin with the water from the washstand and the medical cotton pieces. After locking the door of the examination room, he sat in the corner with his legs up and used his phone to deal with work as he waited for his pants to dry.

Lian Xin woke up and heard the reminder from the system.「Host, since you didn’t let the target male spray the first class perfume before having intercourse with you, the fluids produced from this sexual intercourse have not reached the requirements of the second grade raw fluid, and is therefore invalid.」


“……” Lian Xin was speechless. It was all in vain.

Su Zixi glanced up and looked at her. “Woke up?”

Lian Xin went over and sat on his lap. He circled her waist with his arm and let her lean against his body as he played with his phone with the other.

Lian Xin scratched his chest lightly, “When can we do it again….”

Su Zixi’s eyebrows raised in surprise. She had just fainted and was already asking for it again. “You want it again already?”

Lian Xin blushed, it was obviously unrealistic. She shook her head and said, “I mean next time….”

“Oh…” Su Zixi lips quirked up and he looked at her with a smile. “You like me?”

Lian Xin nodded.

Su Zixi’s arms encircled her tightly. He lowered his head and kissed her soft red lips. After separating, he thought about it and said, “Let me pick you up this weekend.”

Lian Xin counted. The day after tomorrow was the weekend. She would barely be able to endure it, so she nodded.

Su Zixi handed her his cell phone. “Number and address. Save your contact.”

Lian Xin entered her cell phone number and address in the contacts and also saved her name as “The Beauty You Must Contact on the Weekend.”

Su Zixi shook his shoulder and chuckled.

A short message from Qining popped up on the phone and he opened the message to see he had asked him: Is there a kind of sexual addiction towards only one person?

Su Zixi almost laughed and replied: No. Sex addiciton is sex addiction. It’s the same towards everyone. Why, are you sick?

Feng Qining: You’re fucking sick.

A while later, Feng Qining texted him again: Next week, Lin family’s reception, you coming?

Su Zixi: No. Are you going to respond to Lin family’s marriage proposal?

Feng Qining: Not really…. I need something to divert my attention.

Su Zixi: I won’t go. I have a girl. My free time belongs to her.

Feng Qining: …..Fuck.

Lian Xin looked at the teardrop shaped mole at the corner of Su Zixi’s eyes and felt it was very beautiful. She propped herself up with his broad shoulders and kissed him.

Su Zixi threw away his cell phone and hugged her.


After coming out of the hospital, Lian Xin’s legs were still very weak, so she bound herself to the seat with a safety strap as she drove the small motorcycle and asked the system gloomily, “Why didn’t you remind me earlier? What use is it to say it after it’s all over?”

System: 「Warning! First class injustice! This system has warned you long ago, but your brain cells were filled with sexual intercourse and didn’t hear the warning at all.」


Lian Xin drove the motorcycle to the intersection. Suddenly, the sounds of a siren, gunshots and loud pursuit came from behind. Lian Xin turned back dully to see a tall man holding a gun with both hands who rushed to her and said in a stern voice, “Police! Urgent requisition.”

The man pulled the handle of the motorcycle to push her away, only to find that she was bound by a safety strap. So, he was forced to turn around and sit in the back, press her head down and step on the accelerator as he held the handles of the motorcycle and gave chase at full speed.

Lian Xin was totally confused and cautiously raised her head. “Police officer, what’s going on?”

The man pressed her head back down. “Duck down if you don’t want to die!”

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Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 6

6. Doing It In Front of the Love Rival

Su Zixi glanced at the lovable girl who was dressed in a smart and conservative manner and felt a little curious about the contrast in her behaviour, “Why does it have to be me?”

Lian Xin naturally had no reason. She simply wanted to create an opportunity to seduce him. “Because…. You’re the vice president, you must certainly be better.”

Su Zixi smiled. “But I don’t have time.”

Lian Xin anxiously looked at him. “I can wait.”

Su Zixi asked with interest. “What do you need to check?”

Lian Xin raised her hand and said, “Wait a minute.” Then, she quickly searched on the internet to find out which physical examination requires the patient to be undressed. “En, colposcopy, breast examination, B ultrasound…”

Su Zixi raised his eyebrows. “Do you want me to help you with these?”

Lian Xin nodded.

Su Zixi: “Personally do it? As long as it’s me?”

Lian Xin nodded vigorously.

Su Zixi chuckled, looked at her meaningfully, then raised his wrist to look at the time. He stood up and reached out his hand to rub her head, then left with a stack of materials without saying another word.

Lian Xin couldn’t figure out what he meant. She followed him out and found that he had taken a group of doctors to do rounds around the ward. Clearly, he wasn’t going to pay attention to her. With lack of a better option, she had to go back home.

The screaming girl was still at home. Lin Lifeng was going to report to the school for closed military training in the evening. He had just tasted the affairs of the human flesh, had an extremely strong desire and was very sticky to her. He was loathe to part with Lian Xin and didn’t want to waste his time. Therefore, disregarding Miao Li, he spent the whole afternoon making love to Lian Xin in the room. Lian Xin’s cave was filled with a big meat stick, and stuck close to his body. He was reluctant to remove himself from her body even when he was soft

Lin Lifeng grasped Lian Xin’s breasts with his hands and sucked the tips until her pink nipples turned red and swollen, glistening with his saliva, and causing her to shiver as he tirelessly slid in and out of her

Outside the door, they could hear the sounds of Miao Li angrily kicking and scratching at the door. Lin Lifeng couldn’t bear her wilful behaviour any longer. He wrapped Lian Xin’s legs around his waist and carried her from the bed and supported her body against the door. His waist and buttocks moved vigorously at high speed. “Thump.Thump.Thump.” The violent vibration of the door directly shook Miao Li at the door. She was confused and was at a loss whether to advance or retreat, so she screamed curses and swore at Lian Xin. Lin Lifeng’s brows wrinkled and he directly threw open the door, pushing Lian Xin’s full bottom and waist and said, “If you go on being so rude and unreasonable, I can only act as if you don’t exist.”

He went out with Lian Xin in his arms and walked in front of Miao Li. There were so many places in such a big house. He didn’t want to be confined to just one room to fuck her. He was going to be shut away for a month. He wanted to do it in the stairway, balcony, kitchen, wardrobe, dining table…. He wanted to satisfy her well in every place. 

Lian Xin was pierced so satisfyingly, she was already unaware of anything. Everything around her had turned into nothingness. Her mind was filled with the sensation of the meat stick thrusting in and out of her thirsty hole. The layers upon layers of folds in her cave constantly opened and sucked, opened and sucked. Her itch was constantly scratched and she was filled tightly…. All she knew was to open her legs and fuck.

Miao Li watched them as they caressed and pleased each other selflessly. The cheap slut’s tongue stretched out and was tenderly licked and tangled with Lin Lifeng’s tongue. He hugged the woman tightly and pressed her against the corner of the wall, turning his back to block her from being seen. He only exposed his firm butt rising and falling between the two white legs held high by the woman. He was still the gentle and thoughtful Feng gege, tenderly taking care of the weak ones, it was just that…..

Finally, she cried out, covered her mouth and threw open the door and left.

The loud sound of the door startled Lian Xin. She dazedly hooked her arm around Lin Lifeng’s neck and whispered, “Eh? What happened?”

Lin Lifeng kissed the corner of her eye. “It’s nothing.”

In the evening, Lian Xin sent off Lin Lifeng to F University. In the midst of the evening breeze of the campus, they exchanged sweet, soft kisses and fragrant saliva. Lin Lifeng gently rubbed her plump lips with his thumb. Without any lewd meaning, he sincerely worried for her. “What to do if you feel itchy at night?”

Lian Xin pouted. She didn’t know what to do.

Once the military training uniform was issued, the unit was divided into two parts and the school gates would be closed. From then on, there would be no Lin Lifeng for a month

The punishment time of the system was also about to start. The vice president Su was obviously very difficult to deal with. Maybe she would have to go through a long period of torture and punishment. She didn’t know what to do next.

Sure enough, the torturous punishment started in the middle of the night, even more miserable than the last time…. Purgatory had begun again.

The next day, she registered as a delivery girl on the flying bird platform, rented an electric motorcycle at the express substation, and did deliveries for two days, which went quite smoothly. Once in a while, when she passed by Senyong Hospital, she would try to find a way to find Su Zixi to brush her existence. Su Zixi never lost his temper with her stalker-like behaviour. He would always look at her with a smile and occasionally tease her with a few words. Lian Xin felt like she was a pervert, but Su Zixi was rarely free. He always walked past with a group of people in white coats emitting a powerful aura, like an emperor going on an inspection tour.

Lian Xin who was dressed in the uniform of bird delivery squatted beside the bench in the patient’s rest area with her face in her hands and looked at Su Zixi’s tall and straight back from afar and stayed for a while. She thought it was another hopeless day and decided to leave. 

At this time, a pretty nurse with expertly applied makeup came to her side, looked down at her for a moment and crossed her arms and said, “Hey, can you stop harassing President Su? Looking at him so treacherously is also a kind of harassment, do you know?”

Lian Xin had a guilty conscience, “I didn’t, I just came for a physical exam….”

The nurse glanced at her. They were all thousand year old foxes playing here. Which woman in the hospital didn’t want to have sex with President Su? Who didn’t dream of being dragged into a small room and violated? If it was the little sluts in the hospital, they all depended on their own abilities. What was this delivery girl doing here?

Lian Xin was indescribably subjected to discrimination. She felt aggrieved. She didn’t want to do so either. There were so many good-looking men in the world. She didn’t want to snatch this dick from them. She had her own own difficulties ah!

Su Zixi came out of the ward after doing rounds and glimpsed Lian Xin, who had been told off by the nurse and had her head bowed with her shoulders hunched. He raised his eyebrows, slowly strolled towards them with his hands clasped behind his back and stood behind the nurse and listened to them speaking.

“You’re just a delivery girl. Can you stop dreaming? Is President Su the sort of person you can like? I don’t know how you snuck in, why didn’t the security guard stop you? You’re crazy.”

Lian Xin was depressed. “Because I have the physical examination report which President Su is in charge of. I also have a bonus re-examination and brunch….”

The nurse’s red lips quirked. “Can’t even let go of brunch. You’re so poor and disgusting. I don’t know where your money came from. Did you use all your savings to buy an expensive physical exam with Senyong?”

Su Zixi’s expression cooled down and he interrupted her, “Ai Li, is this your working attitude towards patients?”

The nurse was frightened. When she caught sight of Su Zixi, her momentum immediately weakened and she bowed her head.

Su Zixi called the head nurse of the department and admonished them for ten minutes, then looked at his watch and said to Lian Xin, “I have some time now, come on, I’ll help you with your physical exam.”

Lian Xin’s eyes burst out with a hundred thousand watts of light. Her whole body revived and followed him cheerfully.

Su Zixi’s lips curled up and he looked back at her.

After entering the examination room, he pulled close the curtain with a big hand, put on medical gloves with a “Pa. Pa.” sound and was about to tell Lian Xin to take off her clothes, but looked at her to find that she had already stripped her clothes completely from top to bottom, her round, plump and white breasts sticking out attractively. She pointed innocently at the gynecological examination table and asked, “Should I go lie down?”

“……….” Su Zixi curved his eyes and smiled, leaning back against the equipment table behind him and quietly examined her from head to toe.

Lian Xin summoned up her courage and pretended nothing happened. She nonchalantly arched her pert, peach butt and slim waist and climbed up to the examination table. Spreading her legs apart, she put them on the brackets on both sides of the examination table. Since she had been holding her legs together the whole time, her two petals were still closed together, so she carefully separated her lips and opened her slit to him.

She saw the crotch of his trousers rapidly inflating.

Su Zixi’s fingers knocked on the instrument table, his throat knot rolled and his natural peach blossom eyes smiled and slightly moved away as he said, “Just remove the clothes, and….” He pointed to the long gown hanging on the wall. “Put on the health checkup gown.”


Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 5

5. Finally Caught the 18 Year Old Virgin’s Big Cock

Lian Xin hesitated for a moment before she slipped her hand underneath his loose tank top. Lin Lifeng’s abdominal muscles contracted at the cool touch of her small hand. He bowed his head and looked down at her. 

She bit her lower lip and looked back at him with watery eyes. Her fingers trailed across his mermaid line, slipping down to his strong thighs and rubbed on the big bulge on his crotch. 

Lin Lifeng opened his eyes wide. 

“….Oh.” He understood. 

He picked up Lian Xin and carried her over to the sofa. He wasn’t completely sure, but she should have meant this. Lian Xin was safely carried over to the sofa, and she stripped off his pants. Lin Lifeng was about to bow his head and help her by licking her cave, but she pressed against the boy’s wide shoulder, causing him to directly face her pretty and plump steamed bun. The tender pink lips trembled slightly. Lin Lifeng felt short of breath. Swallowing his saliva, he looked at her face and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

Lian Xin asked, “Are you still a virgin?” 

Lin Lifeng’s face suddenly flushed with embarrassment and he turned his gaze away, not answering. Even though his family educated him strictly and he respected women very much, the 18 year old man still had his own inexplicable pride. He abruptly pulled off his tank top, showing off his strong handsome body and pulled Lian Xin’s legs apart, preparing to immediately lick her to an orgasm. In any case, she wasn’t willing to let him stick it in. 

Lian Xin once again broke away from him and said, “Hey, wait a minute. I need to take a bath first.” 

Lin Lifeng was uncertain, “A bath?”

Lian Xin rose up to her feet and blinked, taking off her clothes as she walked, “Yes, there should be some sense of ceremony for a virgin’s first time.” 

Lin Lifeng watched her as she stripped off all her clothes and looked at her ample breasts as she strode into the open bathroom. He watched as she carefully rubbed her breasts and buttocks until they turned an angry pink. Finally, his sluggish thoughts caught up and he swiftly stripped naked and chased her into the bathroom with a big, stiff cock that was ready to explode. 

Lian Xin saw Lin Lifeng come in with his cock swaying up and down, breathing heavily. The blue veins on his meat stick looked as thick as those on his neck. She felt it was somewhat funny. She turned around and sat in the bathtub, opening her legs wide and spreading her lips with her hand. She took out a soft bath brush and handed it to him. Pointing at her tiny hole, she said, “Can you help me clean here, so you can use it later?” 

Lin Lifeng opened his eyes wide and swallowed his saliva with difficulty. He absentmindedly took the brush from her and helped her to clean the small cave. 

The dense bundle of nerves on the labia and clitoris were brushed gently with the fine, soft bristles, causing Lian Xin to immediately call out wantonly. Lin Lifeng heard her lewd cries and looked at the quivering little hole with hunger and thirst. He couldn’t bear it any longer after brushing it twice. He rushed into the bathtub filled with water and raised her plump buttocks. Aiming at her tight, narrow cave, he directly entered her. 

Both of them cried out simultaneously. 

Coming! She had finally caught the 18 year old virgin’s big cock! Lian Xin couldn’t help squirming erotically, so she could relish the gigantic meat dragon. 

Lin Lifeng raised his head and moaned, “Aah! What is this?!” He had never experienced this kind of feeling as though thousands of small mouths were sucking and winding around his penis. He couldn’t help frantically thrusting in and out until he shot inside. 

He dazedly bowed his head, facing Lian Xin’s eyes. At first, his face was flushed red, then turned deathly pale.

Lian Xin was also confused. She had only just been stuffed with the virgin’s thick meat stick, his strong pectoral muscles still violently moving up and down, and the pendant hanging around his neck still swaying in front of her eyes, but the big guy inside her small cave had suddenly shot inside and finished? 

Fortunately, the frozen atmosphere didn’t last long and Lin Lifeng soon hardened again. With a kind of vindictiveness to wash away his shame, he pressed her into the bathtub decisively, causing water to splash everywhere and making her cry out loudly. 

Two days later. 

Holding onto a key and pushing her small suitcase, Miao Li entered the community excitedly. She was about to see him. She had borrowed the key from Uncle Lin, so that she could surprise Feng gege and accompany him to report together. 

They both grew up together in childhood, and their families were close friends. They had the same good family background and strict upbringing. After going to university, the parents shouldn’t stop them from falling in love. She was confident that the elders would look favourably on her, and Miao Li covered her face in delight. 

Once she found the house, Miao Li took a deep breath and quietly entered the house. She was just about to rush in and shout ‘Surprise!’, but a pair of naked bodies were madly making love. 

Her mind was blank. She looked at Feng gege, who had always been clean and bright like sunshine, who was standing in the living room grabbing onto a woman’s buttocks and moving intensely like a dog in heat….

Lin Lifeng grabbed Lian Xin’s breasts with both hands, their buttocks moving wildly at full strength. They both closed their eyes and cried out wantonly. The pink meat stick that had only recently been deflowered1 was fresh and energetic. The big glans was striking against the flower center like drops of rain and the slightly curved meat stick constantly scraped against her G-spot, making her climax repeatedly. 

Lian Xin was fucked hard and fast, her body trembling from head to toe, and she raved, “…..Ah ahh….. Too big….. Ohh….. So hard…. Oh ohh…” 

“Don’t laugh! I can do it!” 

“Can do it so good…. Virgin meat stick fucks so well…. So powerful ahh…” 

“You’re so tight! Ah! Ahh! Oh!” The boy’s groans were heated and pleasant to hear. 

“I’m so close….. The water is coming out!” 

“Let the water come! Baby! Come for me! Spray your water on my big stick!” 

Miao Li was like shattered glass. She watched dully as Feng gege’s thick and solid meat stick was stuck inside another woman’s vagina, going in and out rapidly. The stick was covered in the other woman’s lewd, glistening liquid and his full eggs slapped against her body as he gave her a scorching kiss, fucking her nonstop. 

His ferocious and wild thrusting movements akin to a powerful motor were all for the sake of serving another woman….. Miao Li felt like she was going to go insane. 

She screamed, “Ah! Feng gege you scoundrel! Don’t!” 

Lin Lifeng turned around in shock and Lian Xin’s hole tightened from fear. A surge of yin liquid splashed on his glans, catching him off guard and his buttocks trembled and his testicles contracted as his semen shot into her cave in quick bursts….

Therefore, Miao Li witnessed the whole process of Lin Lifeng ejaculating in another woman’s body with her own eyes. 

“She! She’s looking at our intimate parts!” Lian Xin covered her face. 

Lin Lifeng’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. He quickly picked up a towel to cover Lian Xin, pulled up his pants and pulled Lian Xin behind him. For the first time in ten years, he used a solemn voice to scold Miao Li, “Miao Miao, you’re too much!” 

Miao Li’s face was slapped, “I’m too much?! I’m too much! Feng gege! How can you do such a thing!” 

Lin Lifeng looked at her in bafflement, “What did I do?” 

“I won’t allow you to be stained by others! You quickly let her go! I won’t allow it!” She wanted to rush up and scratch that woman like a mad lioness. 

Lin Lifeng stopped her, bowed his head and whispered to Lian Xin, “I’m sorry, why don’t you go up first?” 

Lian Xin hid behind him and was equally distressed, “You have a girlfriend?!” 

Lin Lifeng immediately denied, “I don’t! She’s the daughter of a family friend!” 

Miao Li was heartbroken. 

Lian Xin awkwardly ran upstairs with her clothes in her arms and Miao Li glared at her curvy and enchanting figure with hatred. 

Lin Lifeng turned to look at Miao Li and helplessly said, “Miao Miao, let’s talk.” 

Very soon, Lian Xin had changed into conservative clothes and came downstairs, cautiously walking against the wall, intending to leave. Lin Lifeng immediately got up and hugged her nervously, afraid that she was angry. “Where are you going?” 

Lian Xin spoke in a low voice, “It’s nothing. I just feel a little foolish and embarrassed right now. You talk first. I’ll come back after eating something.” 

“En.” Lin Lifeng hugged her tightly and watched her to see whether she was angry. He bowed his head to kiss her soft lips and said coaxingly, “Come back quickly.” 

After leaving, Lian Xin walked along the road for a while. She wasn’t actually hungry. When she reached the snack bar and caught sight of the food delivery APP flier, her heart felt a bit moved. She might as well go to the takeout platform and register as a rider. Anyway, her work needed to be 

changed. Delivery work didn’t require her to get too close to people, just opening and closing the door when receiving and sending orders, and the system would be able to scan more people. 

It was very simple to apply for registration, but delivery work required a physical examination and health certificate. Lian Xin remembered the full body exam she had done before. She didn’t know whether she was healthy or not. Maybe they could give her a health certificate. She went to the well known private hospital and asked the front desk. They responded and told her that she would need to find the attending physician that had been in charge of her checkup, or the relevant leader of the exam report for an additional certificate. Lian Xin took her phone and looked for the contact information. She tried calling Zeng Qing, the physician in charge of her examination, but there was no answer. Without a better option, she gathered her courage and called Su Zixi, the vice president. 

Su Zixi was on a video call with Feng Qining. He looked at his dark face, as if he hadn’t slept for 8 days. He leaned back on the revolving chair and said icily, “You said to consult a psychiatrist. I asked the best doctor to come here, but you didn’t want to talk about what happened. What do you really want, director Feng?” 

Feng Qining kneaded the space between his eyebrows in agitation and waved his hand, “Forget about it, it’s nothing.” How could he say this sort of matter? Should he say that he had been driven so crazy by the need to fuck this woman, and he had compelled her to fuck him and she suddenly ran away? What did it mean, was he no good? Her phone number had been changed, and according to the rental agency, she had moved away long ago. 

This woman…. Good, very good. 

Su Zixi’s landline rang. “You think about it, I’m going to work.” He hung up the phone and picked up the landline. 

Lian Xin: “Ah… Hi? Hello?” 

“Hello. Su Zixi.” 

“Oh I’m, I’m, I have a physical examination.” 

Su Zixi was stupefied for a moment. “Huh?” 

“No, I was examined.” 

Su Zixi: “….. En?” 

Lian Xin started sweating. Her social anxiety was really not cured, especially when making phone calls. 

After a bit of effort, they finally managed to communicate clearly. Su Zixi still remembered the expensive physical for the sanitation worker. He glanced at the time and said, “You can come over and I can give you the certificate.” 

Lian Xin walked into the bright office of the vice president. This private hospital was very expensive and the interior and exterior decor was also very elegant and refined. Su Zixi was reading her medical exam report on the computer.

“Please, sit down.” 

As soon as she sat down, Lian Xin heard the system say, 「Discovered the target male meeting the requirements for the second grade fragrance solution. Seven hours later, the primary perfume will be manufactured successfully. Please have sexual intercourse with the target male after spraying the primary perfume.」

Lian Xin: “……” 

Su Zixi’s beautiful peach blossom eyes glanced at her, and he took out a paper with the hospital’s insignia and gave her the certificate. “I recall you work at a cleaning company, how come you’re going to deliver take-out?” 

Lian Xin looked at his handsome face and didn’t speak. Last time, she had merely glimpsed at him. This time, looking at him from close by, she discovered that he had really beautiful eyes, and there was a small tear shaped mole on the corner of his right eye. 

Lian Xin paused and said, “I’ve changed my job….” 

Su Zixi took the certificate and passed it to her.

Lian Xin received the certificate and hummed and hawed before she said, “That, other than this exam, it seems like there’s still another complementary re-examination?” 

Su Zixi nodded his head and leaned back against his armchair. “Why? Do you feel unwell somewhere? I can arrange a doctor for you.”

Lian Xin pursed her lips, and raised her head to look at him with her watery eyes. “Can you give me the physical exam personally?” 

Su Zixi raised his peach blossom eyes and looked at her passively. 

  1. Can you even use ‘deflowered’ for males? Idk but I’ve seen that term used for guys too so whatever. 

TL Note: Guys, I’m so sorry for the late update. I’ve been very ill for the past couple days. Anyway, back to regular updates now.


Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 4

4. Big Cock Gege, Don’t Go! 

The man took off Lian Xin’s bulky clothing, one by one. 

“You, what are you doing? Don’t!” Lian Xin tried to wave her arm back and push him away, but she was unable to obstruct his sturdy arms. 

The man said frostily, “You don’t want to come out? Your tits are so big and you’re wearing such bulky clothes, it’s only natural you’d get stuck.” He reached his hand out and kneaded her breast, weighing it in his palms, “Try to come out now.” 

Lian Xin was stripped bare. She didn’t dare to make any noises or refuse, in fear of attracting other people there. Her full breasts were naked and directly facing the dim, hollow space beneath. If someone were to climb the stairs and look up, they would be directly faced with a pair of plump, shaking breasts. 

Lian Xin finally managed to crawl out from the gap of the balustrade without her bulky clothing hindering her. She quickly bent over to pick up her clothes, but the man grabbed her tiny waist and lifted her round butt. He pulled apart her petals and his nose approached her and sniffed, “Why is it so fragrant?”

Lian Xin twisted her hips nervously. 

He extended his finger and inserted it into Lian Xin’s tender cave, “So tight.” When he tried to pull it out, layers upon layers of her flesh tried to suck him back in, “You’re clamping me so tightly.” 

“Ah! Go away!” Lian Xin twisted her waist and tried to kick him, but the man stepped back and pulled down his zipper, opening his trousers, and a huge thing popped out. The thick meat stick rushed into her cave without so much as a warning. Feng Qining was entangled in the midst of the fragrance and he heaved a sigh. Finally, he was inside the steamed bun. 

Lian Xin’s eyes widened in shock, her mouth silently gaping open. Her hips were tilted upwards. She felt a shock travel through her body from the entrance of her cave, to the top of her head and the ends of her toes, causing her to tremble wildly. Her narrow hole was stretched to the limit by the giant meat dragon. The pain she felt was quickly changed into satisfaction due to her special constitution. 

Meat stick… Such a huge meat stick… Stuffed inside her… She would surely burst….

At that moment, she was mad as though possessed by a devil. With her hips held high, she couldn’t help but clamp the unbearable size, with her cave encasing the stick like and squeezing tightly.(1) She swung both her arms backward and said, “Don’t! Don’t stick it in me! Don’t put it in my hole! I have to save it for him….” 

Feng Qining stopped and lowered his gaze, “Who?” 

Lian Xin repeated herself, her rationality lost, “Eighth floor bathroom… At night… The man from the bathroom… I have to save it for him to stick in… Or else…” 

Feng Qining raised his eyebrows. 

He took a deep breath and grabbed her waist, lifting her into his arms, her back to his chest. His meat stick was still in her little cave, motionless. He reached out his hand and lightly patted her on the hip and said, “Let’s go.” 

Lian Xin was dazed, “Go where?” 

Feng Qining half carried her and, piercing her from behind, moved forward and said, “Go out.” 

Lian Xin was suddenly roused, “Don’t! Don’t! There’s a camera outside!” 

“I turned it off.” 

“There are also people!” 

“They’re all at a meeting.” 

“How do you know?….” 

“You think just anyone can come on the 10th floor?” 

Lian Xin was stunned for a while. 

Her hole was stuffed full and itchy. She couldn’t help giving in to Feng Qining and followed his steps forward. Every step made her rise to the sky. She stood on her tiptoes, both her legs dead straight, her buttocks turned upwards. She was naked from head to toe, with a huge penis in her lower mouth, leisurely doing her from behind. She walked from the public area, through the aisle to the secretary’s room and arrived at the chairman’s office. 

The door closed, and the blinds closed automatically. Lian Xin lost her strength and tumbled to the ground. The man turned her over and spread her legs apart. 

She was startled and stared blankly at the strangely familiar man in front of her, “It’s you….” 

Apart from his heavy breathing and flushed complexion, Feng Qining’s face was wooden. He merely looked down at her. At the present moment, he just wanted to quickly settle the lascivious hole, so he could be rid of his worry sooner rather than later. 

Lian Xin was ecstatic as though she was reborn. She moaned in a pampered manner and threw her arms around his neck, embracing him tightly. She cried coquettishly, “It was actually you? Why didn’t you say it earlier….” 

Feng Qining’s pupils were pitch-black and he looked at her indifferently. 

Great, this way, not only would she not be punished, but her half year of purgatory life was finally about to end too. Lian Xin held his handsome face with both hands and stroked him again and again. She reached out to undo his shirt, but he very naturally obstructed her movements, unwilling to undress for her. Truly a fucking mountain flower! Lian Xin was left with no other choice but to grope his muscular chest and abdominal muscles with his clothes on with one hand and grasping his thick penis with the other, she cried wantonly, “Great… Ah… Fast!… I have to eat it quickly…” 

It would take 30 minutes to finish the task. 

Lian Xin happily spread her legs, and with difficulty, managed to swallow his meat stick, little by little. She came to immensely love the situation after a while, and started swaying her hips up and down, engulfing the stick. 

This was her happiest moment in half a year. Lian Xin looked up and opened her mouth, extending her tongue. She supported herself with her hand on his abdominal muscles, and her butt fell up and down onto his groin. 

Feng Qining raised his eyebrows and looked at her. He had never seen such a coquettish woman before. Initially, she had been making a tearful scene, but after she saw him, she had pounced on him like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. 

Even though he didn’t need such cheap vanity, he couldn’t deny that her frank, infatuated appearance pleased his male ego. 

Feng Qining seized Lian Xin who hadn’t had much strength for a while into his arms and turned her over. He spread her legs and his strong and muscular butt tautened as his root started pumping into her in a frenzied rhythm. 

Lian Xin opened her mouth and screamed, her legs ramrod straight and spread wide towards the sky. The butt of the man between her legs rose and fell violently like a phantom image. The thick, red meat rod pumped in and out of her vagina, bringing out an innumerable concoction of white froth and lewd water, making her whole body tingle. 

There were wet smacking sounds and the sonorous cries of a woman. 

“Ahh…. Ah… So big… So huge… It’s so hard… Ah…” 

Lian Xin extended her tongue, talking nonsense. Her nails wildly scratched his sturdy back, then both hands trailed down to his firm buttocks and squeezed. “Oh… Ohhh.” 

Feng Qining raised his eyebrows, “Feel good?” 

Lian Xin’s eyes were bright and she nodded, “So good… So fast…” 

Feng Qining held Lian Xin and carried her over to the french window. From the opposite building, they could definitely see that people were fucking fiercely. 

He fucked her from behind and spread her legs to the side, facing the window. “Aren’t you a cleaner? Come, spray water on these windows and clean them.” 

Lian Xin supported her hands against the windows as he smacked against her butt fiercely. Her big breasts were splayed across the window and her nipples rubbed against the cold glass from time to time. Her legs were splayed wide and her little cave was on display. “Outside… People… Ah… Can see me… Aah… Ah don’t!… Little hole is being stuck by the big meat stick, and seen completely!” 

“Don’t look… Ahh…” 

“Ah… Ah… So big…. Don’t look at me, great big meat stick ah… So full… If you do it again, I’m going to…” 

“Ah! Ahh! It’s spraying! Ahhh!!” 

Lian Xin fiercely squirted the kinky water from her cave, staining the window. 

Feng Qining smiled. 

Suddenly, the mobile phone on the table started ringing. It was a special ringtone he had set for close friends and relatives. Feng Qining frowned and pulled out his drenched penis and went to his phone. 

Lian Xin turned and looked at him vacantly, “No, it’s not time yet, the task is still not over….” 

He picked up his phone and answered. There were voices of several young men who invited him to go drinking. 

“Big cock gege, don’t go!” Lian Xin ran up to him and turned around, sticking up her perky butt. She reached back and grabbed his stiff meat rod, stuffing it into her small, twitching hole once again. Then, raising her hips high, she grabbed her plump breasts and continued swaying her butt. 

The young men on the other end heard Lian Xin’s wanton cry. There was silence for a while, then they roared with laughter. 

“Who was that, Qining?” 

“So pampered?” 

So lascivious, she must be made of water.”

“Are you fucking her, Qining?” 

“Bring her out to play ah. I’m also a ‘big cock gege’.”

This slut…. Feng Qining hung up the phone, frowned and looked down at her for a moment. He reached out his hands and pulled her into his arms, then leaned back and sat in the chair behind him. 

Outside, the elevator suddenly sounded. The group of secretaries and special assistant who went down for the meeting came back one by one and went to the door of the chairman’s office. 

Her buttocks tightened and squeezed. 

“Fuck….” Feng Qining hastily straightened his clothes and took a glance around the room. Except for the not so obvious water stain on the window and the unusually sweet smell, there was nothing abnormal. So, before they finished knocking, he pushed her underneath the desk. 

Lian Xin lay on her stomach under the desk, her waist raised high and her hole dutifully still clamping onto the thick meat rod for the chairman. 

After the special assistant stepped inside, he took a deep breath, “Such a sweet smell….” The sweet fragrance made him feel inexplicably hot and dry. 

He put down the meeting materials on the chairman’s desk and reported the key points of the meeting to him deferentially. 

Feng Qining’s throat rolled and his back was sweaty. He took out a fountain pen and bowed his head, writing on the paper, unperturbed as usual and gave some instructions. Several secretaries and department heads came in succession, their backs straight as they gave the chairman their reports. 

Who could have imagined that their respected chairman’s thick meat stick was wrapped up and enjoying a cleaning worker’s pussy. 

The system reported the time.「The sexual intercourse has lasted for thirty minutes. Please extract the target male’s semen as soon as possible.」

Lian Xin wished to be powerfully fucked by him at once, but those people came in one by one to report their work, she could only twist and tighten her vagina as she covered her mouth. 

One female director became dizzy from the aroma. She fanned her hot face and covered her skirt with the documents she was holding. She couldn’t help but look at the chairman’s sexy chin, Adam’s apple and arms and clamped her legs together. 

After his subordinates finally left, Feng Qining pressed a button on his desk and locked all the doors and windows. He carried Lian Xin up and pushed her down onto the desk, and there were loud slapping sounds as he fucked her. His phone rang out with several work related notifications and he finally had no choice but to stop and said to Lian Xin whose mind was foggy, “Ok, no more. Bear with it.” 

Lian Xin shook her head and refused to do so. She hung her legs around him and forced the big meat stick inside, “No, you have to shoot it inside me, shoot it inside me….” 

Feng Qining frowned, “I have an urgent matter, we’ll finish next time.” 

Lian Xin acted spoiled. After swallowing his meat stick again, she continued trying to extract his juices, firmly holding on to him and refusing to let go, “No…. Give it to me…. Shoot it inside me….” 

Feng Qining looked at her with a deep gaze and said, “…. I can’t have you carrying my child.” 

Lian Xin was at a loss and her coquettish voice pestered him, “Ah? I won’t have your children. As long as you shoot it, shoot it inside me and I’ll be done. I just want you to stay in my body forever, ok?…..” 

Feng Qining’s expression was complex. 

“Why? You like me that much?” 

Lian Xin nodded immediately, “I like you a lot!” He had helped her a lot!

Feng Qining lowered his gaze. 

He once again carried her and lay her flat on her back on the carpet. He inserted himself into her and his rhythm went from slow to fast, but this time, he was a lot more gentle. 

Twenty minutes passed and his testicles tightened. His butt went taut and quivered as he shot inside Lian Xin. 

Lian Xin licked her lips contentedly. 

Feng Qining paused before taking it out and kissed her plump lips lightly, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. His lashes lowered and he said, “The contraceptive pills taken after sex aren’t good for your body.” 

Lian Xin shook her head, “It doesn’t matter….” She didn’t need birth control, the system would take care of it for her. 

He looked at her for a while and asked, “Just like this?” Lian Xin nodded happily. 

Feng Qining slowly withdrew himself from her body and stood up. He grabbed a few napkins and wiped his lower body and suddenly said, “The windows are all one way glass, nobody would have been able to see you from outside.” 

Lian Xin nodded dazedly, “Oh.” 

Feng Qining was immaculately dressed and bowed his head to look show at the woman who had been fucked until she was muddled headed by himself. He went and got her discarded clothes and mobile phone from the stairwell, and reached out his hand and fondled her plump breasts as he said, “Clean yourself up. Even though the secretary won’t say anything, you should still wear something.” 

“Okay.” Lian Xin cleverly held up her breasts for him to play with. 

“Fuck….” Feng Qining’s lower body swelled rapidly, and he took a hurried step back. He turned to look away from her, and loosened his collar as he scolded himself secretly. He took a deep breath and said, “I’ll be frank.” 


Before going out, Feng Qining inclined his head and said, “I’d like to remind you to be clear of your position. Don’t go around having any unrealistic notions.” 

Lian Xin sat down on the carpet and looked at him. A pair of clear and quick pupils met his own pitch-black ones, and after a while, she nodded her head. 

After he left, Lian Xin wore her clothes and looked at her phone. Other than a few short ad messages and the medical exam notice sent to her by the hospital before, there was nothing else. She discovered a medical exam report with her name on it on the coffee table. 

“Why is this here?” She opened the report and discovered the signature and contact information of the chief physician and the vice president, Su Zixi at the bottom. This examination also included a free re-examination and brunch. 

Lian Xin figured that since it was hers, she ought to take it with her. Since it was a complimentary gift, she shouldn’t waste it. 

「First class perfume extraction completed. Congratulations to the host for completing the first mission. There are three options you can choose from for the reward. First, strengthen physical fitness and sexual ability. Second, ten free days of rest as compensation, and third, twenty thousand of this world’s international currency.」

“The free days of rest meaning, ten days of compensation, I can rest?”


Lian Xin thought, “I want this one!” 

「Congratulations to the host, your exchange is successful. You now have ten days of freedom as compensation. First class perfume manufacturing requires three days time, and there will be no punishment for the host.」

Lian Xin stretched her arms comfortably. It was very good. 

「Host, because your optimised body has excellent sexual senses and strong addictive qualities, it is advisable that you leave this mission target quickly so you can avoid any additional troubles.」

“Okay.” Lian Xin took back her hand. The system didn’t have to remind her, she was already prepared to leave. The other party wasn’t an ordinary person, but a company chairman. She felt afraid. 

After leaving the HD company, she immediately contacted the cleaning company and handed her resignation. Her contract was originally a temporary contract, which could be terminated at any time. After she handed her work over to a senior staff who handled VIP customers, she left directly regardless of the supervisor’s inquiries, without even asking for her pay for the month. 

After changing her phone number and buying some groceries, Lian Xin went back home. As soon as she entered the door, she saw a pile of flowers and gift boxes on the ground. She squatted down and picked up a few cards that read, “Wishing the  school grass(2) Lin Lifeng a successful time in university.”, “The most handsome guy in school.”, and so on. The gift boxes were refined and tasteful, she guessed that they were from girls at a glance. Lian Xin picked one up and shook it lightly, and a letter fell out. She glanced at it and saw that it had a young girl’s tender affections expressed on it. She stuck out her tongue, and feeling it wasn’t very good, she hastily restored the pile to its original state. 

As she passed by the bathroom, she caught sight of Lin Lifeng who was wearing a loose and sexy black, leisure tank top. He was standing on a stool and changing the bathroom’s light bulb. His youthful muscle lines looked sturdy and sleek. A glance showed that his waistline looked tight and strong. She could even vaguely make out his abdominal muscles through his shirt, and she could occasionally see his nipples peeking out…. 

Lin Lifeng turned his head and caught sight of Lian Xin. He gave her a brilliant smile, jumped down from the stool and took the vegetables in her hands. He pinched her face and asked, “You’re back?” 

“En….” Lian Xin asked absentmindedly, “You went out today?” 

“Yes, schoolmates get-together. I’ll be reporting to military training the day after tomorrow.” 

“Oh….” Lian Xin’s eyes scanned him from top to bottom. The boy’s casual cotton pants didn’t hide his shape. You could faintly make out a big bulge on the crotch of his pants. He jumped down from the stool just now and there was some movement from his pants. Lian Xin had just finished her task to her satisfaction and began feeling itchy once again. She didn’t know what the system had done to her body, but her little hole was undamaged from the previous experience and only grew more gluttonous. 

Her itchy inner walls were protesting. It wanted to swallow the 18 year old boy’s thick meat stick. 

Lian Xin licked her lip and stretched out her hand to hold his tight waist in a spoiled manner, and looked up at him weakly. 

Lin Lifeng didn’t understand what happened to her. He supported her slender waist with his big hands and held her up easily. He touched his forehead to hers, checking her temperature and asked her in concern, “What’s wrong? It’s a little warm, isn’t it?”

Lian Xin buried her face in his chest and her hands softly slid down his abs. 

She didn’t have a fever, she was horny.

  1. Says here her cave was squeezing onto the dick like a meat grinder, but in all honesty, i think that mental image would make anyone cringe rather than go, “Wow, I wanna put my dick in that.” 
  2. Meaning the most popular boy in school. 

TL Note: Sorry guys for the late chapter. It’s been a super busy month for me, but I’ll hopefully be able to give you guys faster updates now. I’ll try my best to update at least once a week. Also, you’ll probably have noticed that chapters are a lot longer. It’s cause I’m not splitting the chapters like they did on the raws site and each actual chapter is like 5000+ characters, so another reason why updates are a bit slow. Oh, and if you spot any typos or anything, lemme know in the comments. I don’t really proofread before I post the chapter… Enjoy and stay safe guys! Hope you’re all doing well. ❤️


Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 3

3. Can you just use your hand? 

The next day, Lian Xin was called by her supervisor as soon as she went to work. 

She felt uneasy, but unexpectedly, she was praised by the director. The company made special arrangements and she was transferred to the 10th floor to work. But before that, she had to have a full body examination and training. 

Even though she thought of that mysterious man from that night, she couldn’t be sure and she had no one she could ask. Furthermore, it was not a bad thing, so she went according to the requirements and completed her physical exam and training. 

The physical examination was conducted in an expensive private hospital. It was very thorough, and she was almost examined from inside to outside. They checked for infectious and non infectious diseases, and even her body odour and menstrual cycle. She even heard the hospital’s vice president would review the report personally. 

Lian Xin went back home feeling even more tired than after cleaning. 

Upstairs, Lin Li Feng came out, took out his earphones and looked leaned against the railing, looking down at her and asked, “Are you very tired?”

Lian Xin looked up and smiled, “No, it’s okay.” 

“Don’t cook when you’re tired, I’ll invite you to a meal okay?” 

Lian Xin tucked her hair behind her ear, “No, how can I be so shameless.” 

Lin Li Feng laughed, lifted his legs, and slid down the handrail, landing in front of her. He raised his hand and rubbed the top of her head and said brightly, “If I make you cook like this, I’ll feel guilty.” 

Lian Xin’s face was hot, her head lowered. Right now, her body really couldn’t handle the proximity to such a young and vigorous guy exuding male hormones, especially when he smelled so good. She was afraid she might do something indecent. She shook her head, “I like cooking….” Saying so, she ran and hid in the kitchen. 

Lin Li Feng looked back at her and shrugged. 

Late at night, the system’s punishment suddenly started. Lian Xin woke up groaning and twitching from the suffering. She shuddered as she stripped her panties and spread her legs, soaking the sheets underneath her. 

The system’s punishment got worse day by day. Her little hole was already twitching and spasming with thirst. She was really scared she would die one day from vaginal spasms.

She staggered to the side and leaned towards the cupboard. Taking out an electric massage stick, she stuck it inside her little cave and turned it to the highest setting. Her hips shaking, she let out a frustrated cry. Although it wasn’t very satisfying, it could somewhat quench her thirst. To her dismay, the dildo suddenly ran out of power before she was satisfied, and there was no time to charge it. She recalled that there was a spare battery in the kitchen cabinet, and at this time, her mind was muddled with arousal. She put on a coat and glanced at the time. It was 3 a.m. She opened the door and looked at the silent house and quietly sneaked into the kitchen.

Her hands shook as she changed the battery and stuck the dildo into her drenched little hole. Her hand gripped the cupboard as she kneeled on the floor and moaned quietly. 

Feeling thirsty, Lin Li Feng got up in the middle of the night. He got up to drink water and noticed he had run out. Running his fingers through his hair, he grabbed his glass and went out towards the kitchen. 

He heard a strange sound near the door. 

Similar to a kitten’s low, mournful cry intermingled with a low buzzing sound. 

And there was a really sweet, seductive smell. 

What was it? A thief? Or a small animal? 

He cautiously stepped forward, and entered the kitchen. 

Lian Xin had already opened her coat and discarded it to one side. Her head was lowered and her white and juicy round butt was tilted high in the air. She was sliding a thick dildo in and out of her lewd cave, causing her water to splatter to the ground. 


Lin Li Feng’s glass fell to the ground. 

Lian Xin was startled and looked at the doorway. She saw Lin Li Feng standing there and instantly tensed up, releasing the dildo and causing it to slip out of her. She covered her face with her hands and started sobbing. 

On the floor, there was a writhing, thick fake cock and next to it, a weeping girl. 

Lin Li Feng was a college student with no experience. His face erupted into a blush and he felt nervous and guilty. He felt at a loss and stood still for a while before coming in and supporting her shoulder. “Sorry.. Sorry.. Blame me.. It’s my mistake.. Blame me…” 

As she cried and shook, she started feeling pain and unwell again. On the one hand, she felt ashamed, and on the other, she felt unbearably thirsty. Her little hole was still dripping with water, the penalty time for the night was only half over…. 

Lin Li Feng clumsily consoled her, “This, this is normal.. I, I also masturbate…”

Lian Xin cried and fell. 

Lin Li Feng carried her up and lowered his head to comfort her, “It’s okay….” 

Lian Xin enjoyed the pleasant smell of the college boy, and she couldn’t help raising up and nuzzling her breasts against his strong and sturdy chest, relieving the itching of her nipples, “There’s something wrong with me… I feel so unwell…” 

Lin Li Feng, “Ah?” 

Lian Xin’s hand crept up his neck and she pounced at him, “I want to do it… I’m not.. I’m not a bad girl, but I want it.. I can’t stand it….” 

Lin Li Feng’s throat rolled thickly, and his red face was dazed. He said, “….I’ll help you?” 

Lian Xin immediately lifted up her plump butt and wrapped her slim, white legs around his waist. She couldn’t resist rubbing her little cave against the thick meat stick in his pants. “Then, hurry up…” 

Lin Li Feng grabbed her plump buttocks and carried her to the kitchen counter, then, feeling that the surface might be too hard, he carried her over to the sofa. Without prior experience, he looked down at the fleshy seam between her legs, which was quivering open and closed and dripping with desire as if craving him. 

He felt dazed and uncertain what to do next as he nervously pulled down his loose pyjama pants and pulled out his thick meat stick. All of a sudden, Lian Xin received a warning from the system. 

「Caution: Please don’t let men who do not meet the system requirements pollute your vaginal environment before completing the mission phase, otherwise, you will be punished more severely.」

Lian Xin paused and asked in her head, “What do you mean?” 

「Don’t let men other than the target male put their penis into your vagina and have sexual intercourse, as it will contaminate the body fluid at this stage. Violators will be punished severely.」

The news was like a bolt out of the blue for her, while Lin Li Feng held onto his meat stick tensely. He had just pressed against her hollow entrance when Lian Xin planted her foot against his chest and pushed. 

Lian Xin felt pain and guilt, “Sorry… You can’t….” 

Lin Li Feng gasped, and was once again at a loss, “Ah?” 

Lian Xin cried again and glanced at the young boy’s bulging meat stick, blue veins slightly protruding and felt great thirst and agony as she refused him, “I know I’m too much… I’m sorry, don’t put it in… Can you just use your hand?” 

Lin Li Feng breathed heavily and was dumbfounded for a moment. He extended his hand and his finger rubbed her fair and tender flower tenderly. Looking down at his meat stick he couldn’t help recalling the writhing, thick, fake cock and said, “I think I’m around the same size as that… Can’t?” 

Lian Xin felt very embarrassed, “I’m sorry…” 

Lin Li Feng’s head drooped, feeling unresigned, his huge meat stick held against Lian Xin’s weeping hole. His firm butt and sculpted muscles were taut, perspiring and emitting heat. His voice was low and hoarse, “….Okay.”

He would just have to quench his thirst by staring at her little slit as he put his hands to work.(1) Lin Li Feng’s finger gently rubbed her sensitive labia, causing her to shiver. He spread his fingers flat. Her flesh cave was quivering open and closed, and swallowed the boy’s slender middle finger. 

“Ah…” She was unable to bear letting out a wanton, satisfied cry, even a finger gave her great comfort. 

Lin Li Feng gave a low hiss. She was so tight, there were layers and layers of flesh biting on to him. Just one finger and it was so tight, he twisted his finger and felt like thousand tiny mouths were sucking him in, giving him a strange limp and numb sensation straight from his fingertip to the top of his head. With just one finger being like this, what if it was his thing instead….. He reluctantly looked down at his big penis. 

Unable to help herself, Lian Xin grabbed Lin Li Feng’s hand and swung her hips back and forth, an index finger was swallowed and became moist. Lin Li Feng was afraid of tiring her out, he stretched out his hand and lightly pushed her down and folded her slim white legs upwards, revealing her little steamed bun. Then, without any prior instruction, he extended his middle finger and stroked her wet cavern, thrusting in and out of it. 

Lian Xin moaned comfortably. Lin Li Feng also rubbed and played with her plump breasts. As he looked down and carefully observed, her lower lips were becoming more and more red. Suddenly, he asked, “Can I lick you here?” (2)

The system just answered 「Can」in her head and she immediately raised her waist and displayed her plump slit, “Can! Quick! Quickly lick me! I want you to suck me!” 

Lin Li Feng quickly separated her legs and lowered his face, with his fingers continually thrusting in, her water splashing. His lips stuck her flesh, licking and sucking. The flexible tongue together with the man’s slender fingers made Lian Xin cry out. Lin Li Feng found that Lian Xin’s tight and narrow mouth was unable to restrain him, her labia was muddied by him and a swollen red bean protruded high. He didn’t know what it was, but he subconsciously wrapped his lips around it and he sucked it. Lian Xin screamed, and her plump hole trembled violently, bursting out a rush of lewd water, spraying Lin Li Feng’s face.

Lin Li Feng was dumbstruck. He nervously hugged her and asked, “Lian Xin? What’s wrong with you? Lian Xin?”

Had he touched some place he shouldn’t have?!

Lin Li Feng was about to take out his phone and call the ambulance. Lian Xin with great difficulty, slowly went over and said, “No…. It’s okay…. I…. I just reached the peak…” 

She was originally so sensitive, and with him touching and playing with her like that, who would be able to hold it? 

Lin Li Feng looked at her seriously, “Is that good or bad?” 

Lian Xin faltered and covered her face with her hands. She laid down on the sofa, askew and didn’t say anything. 

Lin Li Feng took out his phone and searched it. His eyes grew wide for a moment, and he threw the phone to the table. He grabbed his penis and stood in front of Lian Xin’s face. He separated her legs and stared fixedly at the little slit between her legs as he rubbed himself.

Lian Xin opened her eyes, and feeling compelled to help him quench his thirst, she extended her nimble tongue and licked his glans. But, because she was so exhausted and feeling a little lazy, she just licked it randomly. 

Lin Li Feng smelled the scent from her body, causing him to get worked up. He gasped and asked, “Are you okay?” 

Lian Xin was drowsy. 

Lin Li Feng’s gaze landed on her full lips, “That, can I put it in your mouth?” 

Lian Xin saw his discomfort and nodded, “But… But I can’t promise I won’t nip you…” 

Lin Li Feng shrugged indifferently, “It’s okay it doesn’t matter, I only want to put it in for a while. You’ll be tired.” 

He carried Lian Xin to the bedroom and laid her on top of the spacious bed. After making sure she was comfortable, he spread her legs wide and gently put his penis into her small mouth and let her once again wrap it up and suck it tightly. His gaze was fixed on her fair, tender and plump flesh as his length unhurriedly slid in and out of her mouth. 

Around half an hour later, Lian Xin had already fallen asleep with her head askew and saliva flowing out of her open mouth. Lin Li Feng helplessly lifted his waist and slowly pulled out his still lively dick. He gently tucked her in underneath the quilt and kissed her cheek, then left to take care of himself.

The next day, Lian Xin woke up to the sound of her alarm and found herself tucked beneath her quilt. Her body was clean and she was properly wearing her pyjamas and she didn’t know where Lin Li Feng had run off so early. 

Although she got to sleep for a brief amount of time, she had gotten to vent her frustrations somewhat so she was feeling comfortable. It was just that her waist felt a little soft. 


HD group, 10th floor. 

Two stunning men sat at a coffee table, facing each other. 

Feng Qining turned over the medical report brought over by Su Zixi and asked, “Is there a problem?” 

Su Zixi drank a mouthful of tea, “No problem. Very healthy. Incredibly healthy.” 

Feng Qining nodded, “Then I won’t see you out.” He called his assistant, “Get her to come up for work.” 

Su Zixi clicked his tongue and shook his head, “I only drank a mouthful, I want to finish my tea.” 

Feng Qining got up and adjusted his cuffs, “Nobody in this building will stop you if you want to stay.” 

Su Zixi laughed. He really didn’t have much spare time. Today, he specially brought the report himself, simply because he was curious. He wanted to take a look at the woman with such good health, whose medical checkup costs more than the chairman’s. 

“Ah! I know! You must be checking out a personal housekeeper?” He was suddenly inspired, and feeling he was correct, he asked. 

Feng Qining glanced at him, “Jason, see the visitor out.” 

Su Zixi laughingly finished his tea and got up to leave. Just as he left, he bumped into Lian Xin who had been brought up by the head of general affairs. 

Lian Xin looked at the man with a dignified appearance exiting the chairman’s office and lowered her head and whispered, “Good Chairman.” 

On the 10th floor, there were only the chairman of the board, and the chairman’s two special assistants and secretaries. The temperament of this person at first glance was of a big leader, with his hand in his pocket and calmly walking out of the 10th floor, it should be the chairman of the board who didn’t usually appear. Although Lian Xin had little experience in social interaction with people, she still understood with some observation.

The head of general affairs stood blankly for a few seconds. Su Zixi couldn’t help smiling, and nodded and said, “Hello.” Then, very contentedly swaggered off. 

Lian Xin whispered lowly, “I didn’t expect the chairman to be so young and good-looking.” 

The head of general affairs glanced at this baffling cleaner who jumped from the 2nd to the 10th floor and said with a complicated look, “Our chairman is indeed young, and indeed good-looking – But, that isn’t him.” 

Lian Xin hiccuped nervously. 

Feng Qining stood with his arms crossed in front of the one way window in his office, leaning against his desk. He watched as Lian Xin walked in, dressed in thick, grey work clothes, with a dejected look on her face. Her sturdy clothes covered her well and showed no sign of her alluring figure. 

Not only shaking her tits and pouncing on men, but also actively touching the meat sticks of strange men. Just being watched, her little cave secreted liquids and twitched open and closed. 

Feng Qining loosened his neckline and lowered his eyelashes. 

After learning all the layout and cleaning arrangements of the 10th floor, Lian Xin immediately got to work. Actually, everything was very orderly. Every day, she had to clean the common areas including the corridor, stairway, tea room, bathroom, fitness and entertainment area and so on. The office was generally cleaned before and after work, and Lian Xin would sit and rest in the cleaning staff’s cubicle as she waited. 

Zhong An was a professional cleaning company that received clients from businesses other than the HD group as well. At first, other than the cleaning company, Lian Xin had also considered doing delivery for takeout, or becoming a road cleaner as both occupations didn’t have frequent contact with other people, didn’t require working in an enclosed space so her scent wouldn’t spread in addition to meeting the system’s requirements and possibly meeting a male who fits the conditions for bodily fluids. 

It was currently working hours and the 10th floor was structured around the chairman. Lian Xin decided to start her work at the stairwell and toilet so as to not affect the people currently working. 

She put on a hat, tied on a waterproof apron, and carrying her cleaning tools pushed the button to open the 10th floor stairway’s entry. 

After sweeping, Lian Xin started wiping the banisters and her phone which she had slipped in her apron pocket slipped out and fell. She cried out in alarm and discovered that her phone had landed from the hollow corner of the stairway to a small plastic partition in the middle. Lian Xin bent over and leaned through the space between the balustrade and tried to reach for her phone which was a bit unstable. 

No matter how hard she stretched, she found that she was unable to reach it. She surmised that if she went around the bend and went down a few steps, she might be able to reach it better, so she tried to retract her body and discovered… She seemed to be stuck at the little passageway which she used to pass through, and no matter how she struggled, she couldn’t escape. 

As time passed, Lian Xin started becoming panicked and she started to sweat, her scent spreading in the air.

She was in a dilemma. She didn’t want to shout and cry for help on her 1st day at the 10th floor and from those elite people. 

Thud. She heard the sound of the heavy door opening behind her. 

Lian Xin was both pleasantly surprised and embarrassed. Without another option, she faintly turned her head and said, “Hello, I beg your pardon, I was trying to pick up my phone, but somehow got stuck like this. Can you help me? Or.. Call someone else for me? Or can you help me take a look and see from which angle I’m stuck?….” Her voice gradually faded. 

There was no response, as though there was no one there. 

Lian Xin felt cold and nervous, her hair standing on end. Who….. 

The man suddenly went back and she heard electronic sounds. Lian Xin felt dazed, it sounded like the electronic door was getting locked. 

The door to the stairway was opened again and the man closed the door quietly and stepped behind her. 

Lian Xin was about to speak when she suddenly felt a chill. Her pants had been smoothly taken off by the man. 

Including her panties. 

“Ah!” Lian Xin gasped. 

The man’s big hands grabbed and squeezed her plump, peach butt into all kinds of obscene shapes. Lian Xin clenched her teeth in alarm and tried to shake her butt and struggle, but was unable to escape from his palms. When the man pinched and kneeded her buttocks, her narrow white pussy(3) inevitably felt friction, her thin labia rubbing together. Lian Xin became aware that he wasn’t just playing with her buttocks, but her cave as well! 

“Don’t do this… I’ll scream for help!… Aren’t you scared… Aren’t you scared that I’ll call for help?….” Her voice quivered. 


The man laughed and pressed a huge, pulsing thing against her butt. 

“Will someone come if you scream?” 

  1. The line here 望逼止渴与送臀上门 is apparently an idiom 望逼止渴 means quenching your thirst by staring at a pear and 送臀上门 means sending your butt to someone’s door, as in offering yourself. Thanks smoggy ❤️
  2. There’s another idiom here in this sentence 福至心灵 which means when there is good fortune, people’s minds are more open and quick witted. I didn’t know how to fit that bit into the sentence so I just skipped it.
  3. Says white tiger which is also slang for a hairless pussy.

TL Note: Dead. So fucking tired.


Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 2 Part 2

Two (part 2)

As soon as her hand touched his bulge, Lian Xin’s heart trembled. It was big, and still rapidly swelling. 

The man took a deep breath and lifted her wrist and pulled her up. With proud eyes, he suddenly reached for her heavy breasts. He was silent for a while, then abruptly lifted up her slim, white leg, and fixed his gaze on her delicate and plump steamed bun. Her little cave was small and narrow and her labia was pink. 

His throat rolled several times, and restrained his scalding breath. With great self control, he managed to release her. 

“You can dream! Get dressed and roll. I don’t fuck dirty holes!”

Lian Xin, who was originally dripping wet, suddenly felt as if she was doused with a basin of cold water.

Her face turned red, then turned white and her eyes turned watery. She still hadn’t reached a stage where she had no sense of shame in such a situation. 

She crouched down, took her clothes from her bag and carelessly put them on. Carrying her bag, she started walking away immediately. 


Lian Xin stopped walking. 

“Other than bathing, you haven’t stolen anything from the 8th floor, right?” 

Lian Xin’s body trembled. She turned around, opened her bag and lifted it up for him to see. She said huffily, “You’ve already seen my body. There’s nowhere else I can hide anything, or do you want to see if there’s anything hidden in my dirty hole?” 

The man softly raised his eyebrow and looked attentively at her angry face. He lifted up his hand and waved. 

Lian Xin took her bag and rushed away while weeping.

「Host, please have sexual intercourse with the male target as soon as possible, otherwise, the punishment will continue.」

Lian Xin felt suffocated. “Then what can I do ah? You look at him, with that manner of a mountain flower!” 

「Host, your body has been systematically optimized. Your sexual instincts are the best. In this world, there isn’t another body that can surpass yours. As long as you have done it with a man once, he will become addicted, so stay confident! Completing each mission phase will grant you rewards, so come on!」

Lian Xin: “Crazy!” 

After returning home, Lian Xin fell asleep ill at ease. The next day, she felt restless, wondering whether she would be able to keep her job. 

She was on tenterhooks all day long. But, on the contrary, it was the house agent who called her and asked her to move away as soon as possible. 

“Boss, you’re breaking a contract like this! Where am I supposed to find a new place so quickly ah?” 

“Miss, there’s nothing I can do, I’m just an agent working for someone else. The nephew of the homeowner is going to study at F school beside the house. They’ll pay you three times the penalty fee. You must move right away. All the other tenants have promised to move already, you can’t afford to pay that rent by yourself.”

Lian Xin was anxious, “But I really don’t know a place I can go to so quickly ah. Can I stay for three more days? Or can I call the landlord and request them?” 

She had been jointly renting the house with seven other people. She wasn’t close to any of the others. Anyway, she really couldn’t find a suitable house in such a short amount of time. 

The agent was so bothered by the situation that he said, “Ai! Anyway, we have to clean up the place these days. You can temporarily move into the store room for now. When we finish cleaning, you must also leave.” 

Lian Xin readily agreed and moved her things into the store room. 

For the next two days, both the HD group and the cleaning company she worked for were both quiet. Lian Xin was still punished by the system every day. She had no idea who the man was even though she carefully looked around the company every day. She had never even seen the man before that day. The system warned her every day, but there was nothing she could do about it. Even if she wanted to rape him, she had to find him first. 

She sat in the store room with the doors open and tried to look for another place to rent online. She had managed to find two places that seemed suitable, and was preparing to contact them when she suddenly heard the sound of the house entrance being unlocked. 

She sat blankly. Had the workers left something behind? She went out and saw a tall boy pulling his luggage in.

The boy was handsome and languid. His bright, clear eyes started at her blankly, then looked at the keys he was holding. “Have I gone to the wrong place?” 

Lian Xin reacted immediately. This must be that nephew of the landlord. “No, no, you’re right. I, I’m one of the original tenants. I couldn’t find a place to move immediately, so I pleaded with the agent to let me stay for a few more days……” 

The boy understood, “Oh. I came a bit early, since there was nothing to do during the holidays. It’s okay, you don’t have to worry. The house is big, I’m not an elephant, I can’t take up that much space, so take your time.” He gave a toothy, cheerful smile. 

Lian Xin relaxed, “Thank you. I’ll move soon.” 

The boy closed the door and pushed in his luggage. He took a quick glance at the makeshift room she was staying in, with odds and ends in the room. “You’re staying here?” 

Lian Xin was embarrassed, “En, temporarily…” 

The boy frowned and gently grabbed her hands and pulled into the living room. He looked at her and said, “How can a girl stay in that sort of place, you can pick another room you like. I can’t use that many rooms anyway.”

Lian Xin felt the young boy’s broad, gentle hands and high body temperature. Her sensitive body felt so itchy that she took a small step back, “Then, okay…” 

The boy asked, “Ah, can you cook?”

Lian Xin nodded, “Can…” 

“Can you clean?” 

“Ah. Can. That’s my profession.” 

The boy heard what she said and smiled, “Then don’t move okay? You can cook and clean for me and I’ll give you a room and you don’t have to pay rent, okay?” 

Lian Xin opened her eyes wide. There was such a good thing? 


In a villa on top of a mountain, a man woke up from his dream, his body covered in sweat.

He held up his forehead, and his throat rolled. 

He had been having the same dream two nights in a row. Dreaming about that woman’s smooth bun…. What the hell was wrong with him? 

He took his phone and called his assistant. 

“Jason, help me find someone.” 

TL note: This is actually part of chapter 2, and chapter 2 that I translated has part of chapter 1. The site I got the raws from had them rearranged incorrectly. I’ll probably go back and properly edit them later.

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Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 2 Part 1

Two (part 1)

He smelled a rich scent in the air. His leather shoes turned and pointed towards the seating area at the end of the floor. 

Within the dense steam, Lian Xin was relaxedly rubbing her body. 

The warm water caressed her fair, satiny skin like countless pairs of broad, tender hands. Lian Xin raised her head to allow the hot water to flow down her body from top to bottom. Her hands carefully rubbed her impressive breasts, the tip of her tongue ran across her bottom lip. Ever since she bonded with the perfume system and had to face the harsh punishment, her body had become increasingly sensitive and insatiable. Even without the punishment, it was easy for her to get aroused. She couldn’t help but to extend her finger and stealthily guide it towards her lustful flower. She lightly moaned and comforted her unbearably hollow cave. Under the lubrication of the moisture, the door latch that had been closed slowly slipped open….. 

The man’s leather shoes stopped at the bathroom door. 

The sweet scent was getting thicker and it brought on an alluring hot and dry sensation. 

He raised his eyebrows as he stroked the ring on his left index finger, flipping open the hidden blade within the ring before pushing open the door. 

The sounds of water, the fragrance in the air, and the soft moans, all were amplified the moment the door opened…. He looked at the coarse cloth bag on the floor which couldn’t have belonged to an 8th floor executive, lifted up the shiny, expensive leather shoes and lightly kicked open the door of the cubicle where the door latch had slipped. 

With her right hand kneading her breasts, Lian Xin was powerlessly leaning against the wall. Her left hand was tightly clenched between her legs, her smooth and round hips were raised high. There was an enchanting line of water flowing along her tender waist, to the mysterious crevice of her buttocks. Lian Xin’s eyes were slightly closed and let out tearful, delicate moans. She was somewhat sluggish, and only then discovered something wrong. She dazedly opened her eyes and saw the man coldly standing outside, with his hands in his pockets. 


Lian Xin quickly raised her hand to cover her chest, and felt something was amiss. She immediately covered her face, turned around and squatted down in a fluster, revealing only her beautiful, delicate waist and smooth and juicy peach buttocks. 

The man’s throat moved, and his voice was hoarse, “Come out.” 

Lian Xin was stiff and like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to take a bath….” 

“Come out here. I won’t say it a third time.” 

Lian Xin took a deep breath. 

The man took out his phone and called, “Hello, security….” 

Lian Xin immediately turned around and jumped out, her plump breasts bounced in the air. She rushed up to the man and grabbed his sleeve, and knelt down, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please, don’t call security….” 

The sweet smell in the air put the man into a trance, and his lower body rapidly inflated against his will. 

What was that scent? 

He looked down at the woman whose breasts were swaying and frowned. 

Her breasts? 

「Identified target male meeting the requirements of the first phase, requesting host to extract the target male’s fluids. The body fluids have to be mixed through sexual intercourse for not less than 30 minutes so that the system can collect the fluids.」

Lian Xin froze. 

Target male? Target male?! Finally?! She looked up at the man in pleasant surprise, and then her enthusiasm cooled down. 

He was tall, handsome, with deep features. He was dressed up in expensive clothes from head to toe, and his temperament was cold and haughty, a rare and reserved first class man. Looking at her hand that was holding onto his sleeve, his brows were knit with dissatisfaction. It was clear that he was a man with high requirements. 

Other than her good body and special fragrance, Lian Xin was uncertain she would be able to attract this kind of man. 

Lian Xin didn’t let go of that man’s sleeves, she unconsciously revealed her lithe and sexy figure. Her big pair of snowy white breasts faintly trembled, and her tender pink nipples hardened from the faint, cold breeze. She lowered her head and whispered, “Sorry, I can explain, I can apologize, please forgive me, I won’t dare to do it again….” 

The man shook off her hand, “How did you get in here?” 

“I…. I’m a cleaner, I, I just wanted to take a bath. It’s difficult to take a bath in my house. I thought no one was in the company today….” 


The man sneered, “Where’s the card?” 

Lian Xin hastily turned around. She bent over, with her buttocks in the air and searched for her card in her bag. 

He looked coldly at her peach bottom and the smooth, hairless cavity below. It was spotlessly white and plump, like a steamed bun. There were a few drops of sparkling fluid which he didn’t know was from the shower or something else.

His throat moved and his eyes narrowed.

Lian Xin handed him the card. 

He took it, glanced at it and took a picture with his phone. 

Lian Xin was a bit alarmed, “You….”

On one hand, she was really worried that he would call the police, or she would lose her job. But on the other hand, she wanted to take advantage of the situation to seduce him. Lian Xin embraced his strong thigh, and took a glance at his swelling bulge and felt a little scared. She looked at him with a tearful appearance and said, “Please, don’t tell anyone, please, I’ll lose my job, I’ll never do it again, I…” She gently slid her hands up to his gigantic bulge, “I can do anything, as long as you don’t…..”

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Kinky Perfume System – Chapter 1


Lian Xin was blazing with passion from head to toe, suspended in the air. Her whole body felt terribly itchy, an unparalleled fragrance attacked the onlookers below, her lascivious juices trickled out and dripped down to the ground. The people below pointed at her, spread naked, and commented about her lewd masturbation. But the man she fantasized about never appeared. Her limbs shook and her plump breasts twitched with need, desiring to be appeased…. Someone come save her…. Her little hole was so itchy…. Like a feather brush scratching the depths of one’s soul…. She was going to land on the ground. She needed a man to tightly embrace her, his long stick powerfully and ruthlessly filling her…. 

Lian Xin woke up from her lewd dream to find both ler long, narrow legs spread out, her two fleshy lips were tightly bound together, like a small mouth crying for milk. She groaned in agony and reached out her hand to stroke her hole, which was dripping wet. Her hand worked ferociously, and her voice was faint as she said, “Beg you, let me go ah…” 

「Request the host to complete the first stage of the task, refine a grade-one fragrance, you can then immediately avoid the punishment, if not, the punishment will be executed everyday.」

Lian Xin buried her face in her hands. 

After a long time, she came down from the bed. She was drenched in sweat. If her body fragrance was passed out, there would have been bad consequences. She had to wear a thick winter coat in early spring night, cover herself with perfume from head to toe, wash her face, brush her teeth and change all her clothes when going out.

She was going to take a bath at the company.

Since she was small, Lian Xin has had a strange body fragrance, but it wasn’t so obvious when she was a child. As she grew up, her body’s fragrance gradually matured with her, and when people smelled it, it had the ability to cause them to go into heat. So, when Lian Xin grew up, she covered herself in thick clothes and sprayed herself with perfume to cover up her scent. For the sake of keeping her distance from others, she didn’t join a typical company after graduation, and instead she joined a cleaning company to become a cleaner. Quietly working by herself, alone. Currently, she was in charge of cleaning two floors of HD company, and had little contact with others. 

Perhaps, due to her special fragrance, she was contracted by a perfume system that aimed to create the world’s top-rated fragrance that could manipulate peoples’ emotions. This fragrance was produced from the juices produced during the lovemaking process between a man and woman, and had very high requirements for the liquid elements to match each stage. 

Even after half a year of contracting with this system, Lian Xin still hadn’t completed the first stage of the mission. This wasn’t because Lian Xin was too conservative and unwilling to do so. After half a year of being punished in such a tormenting manner, even if she had to fuck a dog, she might compromise. It was simply because she hadn’t found a man who matched the requirements for the first phase, she was always suffering.

Lian Xin entered the quiet, empty HD building late at night. She had never dared to take a bath at her rented house. After all, in such a closed up space, she was afraid the hot water might cause her scent to spread and affect her roommates and cause something bad to happen. The HD company had lounges and shower rooms for their staff who worked late. She used to take a shower in the second floor bathroom that was empty late at night, but today, the water heaters from the 2nd to the 7th floor were broken. She hesitated a moment in front of the repair notice, but headed to the 8th floor. 

The 9th and 10th floors were the chairman’s office areas, and required special access to enter. Although the 8th floor was also for senior management, Lian Xin’s cleaning card was able to access this floor. 

It was close to 4am and a weekend, the whole HD group was quiet, but Lian Xin still carefully checked every office on the 8th floor and checked that no one was near the bathrooms and it was safe for her to enter. 

Unlike the 2nd floor, the 8th floor wasn’t a shared bathroom, but a private shower room with complete toiletries that were more expensive than what she carried. 

Lian Xin was a little guilty and nervous, but soon after the hot water was turned on, the comfortable shower melted her concerns. 

10th floor. 

The lights in the chairman’s office went out. 

A tall man in a tailored suit walked out and reached his hand to massage the space between his eyebrows. There was a cord hanging off his finger with a USB attached to it. 

He took out his phone and glanced at it, hesitating for a few seconds before heading down to the 8th floor. 

It wasn’t appropriate to ask the sales director at this time. 

The sales director had sent a password to his phone, and after he found the file he needed, he pulled out the USB, closed the door, put it into his pocket and headed to the elevator. 

But soon, he stopped