Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 10

Chapter 10

Shu ChunChun got off the taxi not far away from the school and proceeded to walk her way there after swiftly paying the driver.

She had to admit that the rumors spread by Chen Liang was exceptionally well played, at the very least, she had seen many students pointing at her and whispering among themselves as she slowly made her way into the school building.

“Isn’t that Teacher Shu?”

“Why are you still calling her a teacher? She’s not worthy of being called one with that slutty nature of hers!”

“I know right, to think that after all she had done, she would still show up here! How thick is her face, I wonder? I heard she even seduces her students during class…”

“Oh my god, are you serious? But she doesn’t look like someone who would do that…”

“Ah, there are plenty of women like that, always keeping the act of pure and innocence at all times but thoroughly a whore inside, I wonder how many men she had been with…”

Not an effort was made as they gossiped about her ‘deeds’ right in her face, what had been mere whispering and pointing quickly evolved into outright gossip juice.

Seeing as how they had talked about the rumors with her on the scene, it was not hard to imagine the horrors Han XiPing could’ve heard when he was looking for her at school after the incident.

Shu ChunChun’s face paled to a deathly shade the more she listened to their words while her fingernails dug deeply into her palms. She stumbled all the way towards the teacher’s office and quickly made her way to her place, only to find out that her table had been piled up with random things, while her own stuffs had been pushed messily into a corner.

It was as if they had assumed that she would never return, and that there was no respect left for her, from the students or the other teachers from school.

Her eyes reddened significantly at the sight of her dirty and dusty table, truth to be told, she had not expected things to be so bad at school. She had lost Han XiPing, and now, she would lose her only job too? What had she done to deserve losing everything she had ever cared for, one after another??

Meanwhile on the other side, Chen Liang could not keep his mind focused on the business meeting he was attending, he could not keep his mind off Shu ChunChun, and it had took almost all of his willpower not to check on her status during work.

He had almost laughed out loud at his own behavior, When had I developed such clinginess for a mere NPC? Surely it must’ve been all the effort I had made to make her fall in love with me…

But nevertheless, the first thing he had done right after the meeting was to check up on her, but his phone had rang before he could do so, his face turning ice-cold as the butler reported that Shu ChunChun had left for school in the morning.

She went to school?! Those rumors were still active as of now, and knowing her personality, what if she took things to heart and decided to give up being alive after losing everything!? He thought in panic as he rushed all the way to school.

“Teacher Shu? You’re here?” A familiar voice sounded behind her deeply, causing her to jump in surprise.

It was Teacher Song, and if she recalled correctly, he had once confessed to her, but she was happy with Han XiPing, so she had rejected his advances. But now, he was staring at her with eyes of contempt and… anger?

Noticing that he might’ve been watching her from the start, Shu ChunChun quickly wiped off her tears before forcing out a strained smile, “Ah, it’s Teacher Song, I…I came back to collect my thing, I…I’ll leave immediately…” She stuttered softly, making her way to the dusty corner to pick up her scattered items before making her way to the door, but to her shock, he had suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a hug.

She yelped out in shock as her items fell towards the floor in a crash, “Teacher Song, y…you… Ah! …What are you doing!?”

He held her wrists together in a firm grip as he quickly locked the door, before pushing her against another table, “Teacher Shu, never have I thought that you’re someone like this… But if other men can have their ways with you so easily, what is one more to you…?” He breath deeply into her ears as he struggled to strip her of her clothes.

“What are you saying! Let go of me!” Shu ChunChun screamed out in shock as she tried to push him away.

But alas, her struggling angered the man further, as he immediately scoffed in contempt at her futile attempts, “That’re more than enough acting, who do you think you are? The entire school is talking about how you had whored yourself out to your own student, to think that I’ve once treated you as my goddess! You’re nothing more than a slut who couldn’t live without a man!”

His insulting and indecent words sent her entire body to tremble in rage and fear. But his words had reminded her of the rumors she had heard so clearly from before, and as bitterness filled through her, she somehow lost the will to fight. Her passiveness allowed the man to rip off her shirt before he started kissing and biting her neck hungrily.
(TNote: at this point I’m assuming the no-neckdown-rule only applies to worldhoppers and not existing citizens of the world, since he was able to rip off her shirt. Either that or she allowed him to, but I’m leaning more to the former.)

BANG! The locked door was kicked down forcefully from the outside!

“Who is it!?” Teacher Song yelped out in shock before turning towards the broken door-frame, only to see a furious Chen Liang standing at the doorway.

His face was as cold as ice while he scanned through the room urgently, his eyes instantly blazing with rage as soon as he saw her laying limply within his arms.

“Who gave you the right to touch her!?” His soft voice leaked an anger so intense that the entire room felt chilly.

In his rage, he grabbed Teacher Song’s hair tightly around his fists before smashing his face onto the exact same table, again and again, not stopping even when his face was all bloody from the impact.

[Beep! Someone is coming!]

Chen Liang managed to momentarily regain his senses at the system’s reminder.

[Settle this man properly.] He said, tossing his unconscious head onto the ground as he quickly regained his composure before arriving at Shu ChunChun’s side.

He wrapped his jacket around her exposed bra tightly before leaving the room with her in his arms, “Who allowed you to leave the house unannounced?” He asked softly.

But it was obvious that she was still in shock, as she had merely gazed up at him fearfully before lowering her eyes once more, but this time, her hands begun trembling.

Not a word was spoken.

His heart ached as he stared at her lack of response, “It’s alright now, everything’s fine, I’m here…” He sighed as he patted her trembling figure awkwardly, as he was not used to comforting anyone, let alone an NPC, “Don’t worry, I will settle the rumors and that man. Furthermore, if you wish to continue teaching, I can refer you to another school, let’s not come here anymore…”

“…The rumors… was it you?” She asked softly, word by word, as her gaze finally landed on his face once again.

“… I…I don’t know what you mean.” He replied deeply, but his increased heartbeat betrayed his calm words. He had stared intently at her face, watching her reaction to his answer, but there was nothing.

He let out a sigh of relief, it was funny, as it was his first time feeling so nervous over his mission.

It was at this moment that his phone rang, and as soon as he answered the call, his assistant’s voice rang out clearly, “Mr Chen, the ball is starting soon.”

“Sure, I’ll be there in a moment.” He answered deeply, hanging up the phone quickly before glancing at the woman within his arms, his brows furrowing together as he thought about what would happen tonight. After all she had endured today, a small part of him was reluctant to put her through tonight, but still, he had planned too long for tonight, and he did not wish for it to go to waste.

“Teacher, you’ll be attending the ball with me, make sure to stay by my side at all times, I will take good care of you, I promise.” He said finally, but as expected, there was no reply from her.

She had been silent ever since they left the school, it was unlike the defiant silence from before, this time, the silence was cold, as if everything that happened around her did not matter at all.

In a blink of an eye, they were already home and he had commanded the servants to dress her up in the customized white dress he had prepared for her, while he had worn a set of expensive looking white formal wear.

Everyone’s eyes were on them as soon as they reached the ball. It was, of course, due to Chen Liang’s status in the community, and it was his first time bringing along a female companion, hence everyone was filled with curiosity.

Furthermore, both man and woman was striking beyond belief, Chen Liang was handsome and elegant, while Shu ChunChun’s features were sharp and delicate, though her face was a little pale, her expressionless face had managed to enhanced her beauty further.

For someone like Chen Liang, it was usually the norm to accept his peers’ greetings, but this time, he had simply greeted everyone before staying near Shu ChunChun as her abnormal behavior was somewhat worrying.

Meanwhile, the other guests were all betting their money on Shu ChunChun being the future Madam Chen, as he was paying her too much care and attention throughout the night.

“Stop drinking so much.” Chen Liang said sternly as he glared at Shu ChunChun before taking her cup away from her hands.

“Don’t do this, don’t do that, so I can’t even drink some alcohol without your consent now?” Shu ChunChun asked blandly, glancing at him with emotionless eyes before reaching out towards the cup once again, he quickly raised the cup higher, tricking her to fall into his arms willingly.

Hm? Wasn’t her personality like a scared bunny? Why isn’t she scared of him now? He grinned slightly as he wrapped his arm around her waist, steadying her before placing the cup the table, “You’re not a good drinker, what if you get a hangover tomorrow? It feels horrible.”

But before she could reply to his ‘caring’ words, a gentle voice sounded behind her, “ChunChun.”

Her body froze instantly at the all-too-familiar voice, and it took her a while to finally turn around and face him.

It was Han XiPing, and she had no idea how long he had stood there.

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 9

Chapter 9

Shu ChunChun stared at her ringing phone in shock, before turning her panicked gaze onto Chen Liang, but to her surprise, he took her phone casually before reaching out towards her, bringing her in for a hug.

“Proof it, proof what you had said just now.”

Shu ChunChun’s body froze within his arms upon hearing his words, before she raised her head towards him with her tear-filled eyes, but he was merely grinning at her, though his smile did not reach his eyes.

Shu ChunChun reached out towards her phone with trembling hands, but as she gazed at the familiar name on the screen, her nose felt sore all of a sudden.

But she quickly recollected herself before answering the call softly, while a panicked and worried voice sounded from her phone instantly, “ChunChun, are you hurt?”

Han XiPing had fainted from the ruthless attack by the thugs, but he was already in the hospital when he next came to. After realizing that she was not there, he had inquired the nurses there on whether a young lady had visited him, but their responses were all negative.

At that moment, he felt as if his heart might jump out from his chest and he would die instantly, hence he had called her in a rush, hoping desperately that she’s okay.

Shu ChunChun sobbed silently upon hearing that his first words were to make sure that she wasn’t hurt, and after a long pause, she managed to spit out her words, “…I’m fine.”

Chen Liang’s brows furrowed deeply together, feeling upset as he stared at her strained endurance. He tightened up his arms around her from behind before reaching down to lick her neck, as if intending to show dominance over his property.

He nibbled her delicate ear, teasing her endlessly before whispering deeply into her ear, “Such irony, teacher, do you think he knows that the woman he loves so dearly, is currently in another man’s arms now, hm?”

“Mm…” Shu ChunChun jerked in shock before quickly covering the mic of her phone as she bit down on her lips, afraid that Han XiPing would hear any hint of noise from her side.

“That’s good, that’s really good… I’m so relieved…” Han XiPing’s panicked voice slowly calmed at knowing that she wasn’t hurt, but an unfamiliar sense of foreboding filled through him as he stuttered on his next words, “T…Then, ChunChun, w…where are you now…”

Shu ChunChun felt faint with the guilt and shame that was crashing through her right now, on one side is Han XiPing’s gentle care, while on the other side is Chen Liang’s cruelty, all she wanted right now was to end this conversation instantly.

Her tears flowed as she wept silently, but still, the words from her mouth were ice cold when she spoke, “Han XiPing, we…”

“ChunChun!” Her words were interrupted instantly by his unconcealable panicked voice, while it was obvious that he was trying to keep an strained smile up, “ChunChun, surely you’re really busy at school, I know that the headmaster has high hopes for you, so there must be a lot of things in your schedule. Don’t worry about me, the doctor had given me thorough body-check and they’re all external injuries, it’ll be okay in a few days…”

She had never seen him so flustered, he continued speaking without end, as if afraid of what she would say the moment he stopped.

She went into a daze as she listened to his deep and gentle voice, while her tears streamed down her cheeks without her realizing it.

Chen Liang, who had been watching the entire scene unfold with narrowed eyes, felt a sense of discomfort as he stared at her, she was so much in love with that man that there was no way he could even reach anywhere near her heart, and without a second thought, he bit down roughly on her neck.

She was jolted awake from the sudden sharp pain, “Let’s breakup,” She whispered softly as she clamped her eyes shut, forcing her mind blank.

The words he had feared the most, had arrived nonetheless.

He froze in his tracks as he listened to her emotionless words, “ChunChun, please don’t joke, are you angry that I’ve hurt myself?” He chuckled softly in denial, “I’m really fine, wait for me…” He said gently before hanging up instantly, but his eyes darkened deeply as he stared at his phone in silence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone, Shu ChunChun was too, staring at her phone silently, but her face was as pale as paper.

But still, knowing that he’s okay and well… It’s sufficient for her.

Perhaps it’s better like this, breaking up with him so casually through a phone-call, he will never see her again, and… he will never get hurt because of her.

Her lips curled up in a strained bitter smile, while her tears continued streaming down her face endlessly.

Chen Liang knew what her objectives were by ending it so abruptly, she wanted to keep him safe from harm, but why is it that he felt such a horrible clench in his heart at the sight of her sorrow?

He despised watching her weep for another man!

Without a second thought, he loomed over her silently before leaning down towards her face, slowly licking her tears away from her cheeks, “I will allow you to cry for him this time, but your future belongs to me, you and your tears regardless.”

As his hoarse voice sounded near her ear, Shu ChunChun leaned her face to the side slightly as she shut her eyes in resign.

Ever since that night, her mobile phone was confiscated by Chen Liang, but he had given her a new one, which included only one number inside.

She had been docile for the past two days, dining and even… sleeping with him when commanded to, but of course, Chen Liang could no nothing more but to kiss her.

Hence, her daily life now consists of keeping her face emotionless, since there was no need to act in her current situation.

But today, as they were having their breakfast together, she heard him conversing with his system.

[How is Han XiPing doing now?]

[Beep! Everything is going as Host had expected, Han XiPing had visited the school and heard the rumors there, furthermore, he had visited the target’s rented house and waited the entire night for her return.]

[It’s time to move on to the next step.]

Chen Liang nodded slightly before glancing at her way.

[As for the rumors at the school, let it die down quickly.]

Meanwhile, as if noticing that his eyes were on her, Shu ChunChun’s hand trembled uncontrollably and her chopsticks clattered loudly onto her bowl.

Chen Liang blinked at her in surprise before questioning the system within his mind.

[System, am I really such a scary person?]

[Beep! ……]

He picked up a new pair of chopsticks and passed it to her gently, before leaving his seat as he gazed at her still-emotionless face.

“Teacher, there’s an important event tonight, and you’ll be attending with me, I’ve even prepared a huge surprise for you.” His lips curled up into a slight grin before he leaned towards her and landed a kiss around her ear, causing her body to freeze up instantly, “Well then, I’m off to work, I’ll come back for you tonight.”

Shu ChunChun watched his car leave from the window in silence, as for the event tonight, if she recalled correctly, Han XiPing had mentioned about a midnight party regarding the project they had been working together with House Chen.

The surprise he had mentioned, it would probably be Han XiPing.

So, it’s tonight, huh?

Shu ChunChun swallowed the last of her milk, before landing her gaze at the butler nearby.

“Teacher Shu, what’s your order?” The butler bowed graciously in her direction as he inquired respectfully.

Chen Liang had not commanded them to call her otherwise, hence all of the servants were still referring to her as Teacher Shu.

The had been silent for the past few days that she had been here, but still, Chen Liang had taken great care of her news, hence the servants in the house were respectful towards her.

Shu ChunChun lowered her head slightly before voicing out her questions nervously, “I…I haven’t been to school for many days, so…”

“Do not fret, Teacher Shu, as the Young Master had already applied for your working leave.” The butler, thinking that she was worried about her position at work, instantly tried to gain favor for his young master, “Young Master wanted you to rest for a few more days as you’ve been unwell recently.”

“Is that so?” Shu ChunChun’s face dimmed at his words, “I’m fine, but it’s too boring here, I…I still wish to go to school…”

“Ah, in that case, I’ll immediately send a driver to send Teacher Shu there.” The butler nodded instantly.

“I…” She hesitated at the butler’s approval, “But I don’t want Chen Liang to feel upset at my actions…”

The butler paused slightly, but in order for Young Master to mend his relationships with Teacher Shu, this was probably required, “Don’t worry, Teacher Shu, Young Master had been extremely worried about your boredom at home, it’s most likely that he wouldn’t mind you going out for a walk…”

Shu ChunChun nodded her head at his words slightly before watching him prepare the car ride, silently hoping that he would let Chen Liang know about her whereabouts.

She had not informed him personally, as it was most likely that he doesn’t want her to meet with Han XiPing right now, furthermore, it’s obvious that he had not wanted her to personally hear the rumors flowing through the school right now.

This means that Chen Liang is somewhat thinking about her welfare, subconsciously or not.

But of course, she would need to go back to school, otherwise, how would she know what he had done? And if she didn’t know about it, how would she start her next act as a heartbroken wooden toy who had lost all hope?

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 8

Chapter 8

Chen Liang carried her into his luxury car personally before taking a seat opposite to hers.

The back of the car was huge and luxurious, and the seats were comfortable and wide as four seats faced each other while an exquisite looking alcohol decorated the mini chiller, but it was anything but nice to her.

He had glanced lazily at the woman sitting opposite him, observing her expressionlessly.


Shu ChunChun’s body went stiff immediately as she gazed at him in disbelief.

The corners of his lips curved upward slightly, though his smile did not reach his eyes, “No? Did teacher not promise that you’ll do anything I want? …Or are you regretting your words already?”

Shu ChunChun flinched at his voice as he spoke, before reaching up towards her collar with trembling hands and downcast eyes as she proceeded to unbutton her shirt.

And perhaps it was from her extreme fear or her trembling fingers, it took a long white to even unbutton a single button.

Being gazed upon by such an abominable man, her own student even, as she performed such a shameless action… She felt as if she would drown and die in her shame immediately.

A solemn tear escaped her right eye, streaming down her smooth cheeks before dripping off her face and landing on her lap.

Her tears of shame and grief streamed down her cheeks endlessly after the single tear from before.

“Continue.” Chen Liang said flatly as he gazed at her streaming tears and her trembling pale fingers.

He felt an inexplicable pleasure deep within his heart at her sudden silent weeping. Hadn’t she promised that she would do anything for that man? He would let her understand and remember the situation she’s in and show her the consequences of yearning for another man…

Her eyes were already blurry with her tears as her fingers lingered around her second button, before turning her face towards him in a daze… I…I really can’t…

Chen Liang’s eyes darkened deeply as he stared at the helpless woman in front of him, before pulling her into his arms and clamping his lips upon her bitten ones.

Her body flinched instinctively at his touch but she did not attempt to struggle at all. Their embracing figure would seem like two passionate lovers as he took her lips passionately, but if one were to look into her eyes clearly, her usually bright eyes were now as dim as a dying flame…

After the initial kiss, he gazed intently at her face as his tongue forcefully made its way into her tightly shut lips before curling up her delicate tongue with his own.

By now, no matter how unwilling she had been deep within her heart, her body couldn’t help but react slightly to his masculinity dominance, and as her restrains broke down, soft moans of uncontrollable pleasure escaped her caged lips in a mumble.

Her moans caught him off guard as he halted his kisses immediately, before clamping his lips onto the crook of her neck while moving downward ever so slowly.

[Beep! System 1008611 reminder mode activated.
In the case where there is no consent from the NPC, the host may not force himself onto anywhere below the NPC’s neck.]

A familiar beeping sounded within his mind, causing his body to stiffen as confusion flashed through his eyes, Did he just…

A surge of anger streamed into him at the system’s sudden interruption and causing him to snap angrily in response to the robotic voice.

[But she said she was willing, was that not her consent?]

[Beep! A consent made by someone who had -50 affection for you, and you believed it? gentlesmile.jpg]

[But what if forcing myself on the target is required for my mission? You should know that in some worlds, forced love is required to capture the heart of the target, how then?]

[Beep! In those cases, our system does offer a special package called ‘Wet Dreams’ for an offer price of 399 points! When used on a target, the target would be forced into a realistic dream. Does the host wish to purchase one now?]

… That’s not what he needed right now!

Chen Liang clenched his teeth in frustration as he rejected the offer.

[No, thank you!]

System 1008611: cheer.jpg, it’s been a while since this system had won an argument against the host!

He frowned at the woman in frustration before snapping at his driver in annoyance, “Go home.”

Meanwhile, the frozen solid Shu ChunChun, as if surprised at her student’s sudden restraint, blinked her eyes slightly before landing her gaze upon him.

Noticing her confused but relieved gaze, he glared at her intimidatingly before continuing on, “I’m not interested in raping a dead body.”

Shu ChunChun averted her gaze on him immediately as she looked outside the window, as if frightened by his glare. Hmph, liar… Then what was the strange poke on my stomach from before?

For the sake of convenience, Chen Liang had already taken over the entire House Chen, hence he had a lot of issues to take care of as soon as they reached his house.

After instructing the housekeeper to take good care of Shu ChunChun, he left immediately to his work-room while she stood blankly like a wooden doll, only moving when assisted by the housekeeper.

Han XiPing was probably still unconscious in the hospital right now, while she’s been trapped here… He would probably be suspicious when he realized that she wasn’t there for him when he woke up.

The long night had passed in a blink of an eye and it was a brand new day, but ever since Shu ChunChun had stayed idle ever since she was brought into this room, refusing to consume any food offered or even react to anyone.

When Chen Liang finally arrived after he was finished with work, the first thing he saw when he entered his bedroom was the daydreaming and expressionless woman on the sofa.

“Teacher, are you throwing a tantrum?” His words were flat while the woman on the sofa flinched away from him instinctively.

Recently, Shu ChunChun had developed a trauma towards the word ‘teacher’, especially when it was spoken by Chen Liang in such a disrespectful way.

He raised his eyebrows at her reactions before moving towards her swiftly and catching her cheeks within his huge hand, “I did not keep you here to see your moody expressions,” He narrowed his eyes at her dangerously, “Or is it because I had not caused your dear Han XiPing any trouble in the hospital?”

The light returned to her eyes immediately upon hearing her lover’s name, “H…he… How is he?” She whimpered softly, her words were slightly stuttered due to her trembling lips.

“I heard that he was admitted for external injuries and that he would be discharged soon… Why? Does teacher wish to see him?” He grinned coldly as he replied in spite.

Shu ChunChun’s body trembled instinctively even though he was the one who offered such a kind gesture. Her mind going into a daze immediately as she recalled him kindly allowing her to go out on a date with Han XiPing, which had ended with a painful and torturous end for her… Visit Han XiPing? She dare not even think about it.

She shook her head furiously as she rejected his offer, while he clenched her chin tightly before bringing her eyes to his and landing his forehead against hers.

“Teacher, please always remember this, you belong to me.” He growled at her with dominance before clamping his lips passionately over her cold and pale ones, while the servants in the hall lowered their heads fearfully at their young master’s fury.

“N…no…” Her whimpers were forced into silent mumbles as he took her mouth by force, silencing her rejection.

“Teacher, look at me closely… Who kissed you?” He grinned maliciously before nibbling onto her delicate lips in adoration, while she could only tremble in fear as her words were stuck within her throat.

“I wish to listen to teacher saying you belong to me.” He growled at her coldly before taking a bite on her nose, as if irritated by her silence.

She stared at him in horror before shaking her head desperately.

“If teacher can’t even satisfy me in such an easy way, how about having sex right here? I’m sure the servants would be interested to watch even if teacher was as stiff as a wood…” He growled softly into her ear as his patience ran out.

“N…no, don’t!” She sobbed fearfully at his vulgar words as she stared into his cold and cruel eyes, He wasn’t joking!

His fingers were already trailing the crook of her neck and her shoulders, and if she doesn’t say it out loud, he might actually…

“I…I will s…say i…it…” She stuttered in panic as she grabbed onto his hand firmly with hers, and with her eyes shut tightly together, her resigned words came out in a whisper, “…I…I am… y…yours…”

But it was as if she had personally broken her own boundaries, her body seemingly shrank right after her words left her lips, leaving her but a husk filled with desolation.

Meanwhile, Chen Liang was beaming with smiles as he landed a soft kiss on her trembling eyelashes, as if rewarding her actions, “Teacher is such a good girl~”

He had to admit that he had felt true happiness as soon as the words left her lips!

But it was at this exact moment that a familiar ringing echoed through the room, and both man and woman’s gazes landed immediately on the culprit.

Shu ChunChun froze immediately as recognized the name appearing on the screen of her phone while her face turned as pale as a piece of plain paper as the sensation of betraying her man crashed into her.

Meanwhile, Chen Liang merely gazed at the name with disinterest, but a malicious grin filled his entire face as soon as he noticed her pale face, “Such good timing.”

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Have you ever felt so helpless and hopeless that everything feels numb and you feel like nothing else could hurt you anymore? Yup! Damn world-hoppers are horrible people smh…

Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 7

Chapter 7

“ChunChun, run!”

Even though he had tried to push her away as gently as possible, she had stumbled a few steps before steadying herself while holding a nearby tree.

She turned her head towards him instantly, only to see him blocking and attacking a few of the thugs that had tried to chase her down.

Shy ChunChun knew that her man train his body frequently, so stopping a few thugs should’ve been easy for him, but it was obvious that these weren’t normal thugs, as he was filled with injuries in mere seconds.

Her eyes reddened immediately at the sight of her man trying his best to allow for her escape, knowing that she would only be a burden to him if she stayed, she bit down painfully on her lips before running towards the Main Street, I need to get some help!

She wasn’t surprised at all to see Chen Liang and a group of men dressed in black at the end of the empty street, as the whole incident had been suspicious because those thugs had allowed her to run even though they could’ve caught up to her easily.

As if finally noticing some random strangers and finally seeing hope, Shu ChunChun increased her running speed towards the man, losing her glasses midway before reaching the blurry man.

“Please… Please save him! T…there are robbers there…” She sobbed in despair while tugging weakly onto the stranger’s sleeves, her voice trembling from fear and her legs almost giving way beneath her.

“Be careful, teacher.” The man said softly as he held her steady.

The hope in her blurry eyes faded instantly as she heard the familiar voice.

There was only one man in the world who would call her ‘teacher’ in such a tone, “Chen Liang?” She asked shakily.

But the glee on her face lit up immediately after, “It’s you! Chen Liang, please help me…” Choosing to forget their misgivings, she begged him desperately as he was the only one she could rely on to save Han XiPing.

He glanced at her reddened eyes staring expectantly at him under the dim streetlights… Her looks resembled a rabbit, so protected and innocent that she could not understand the situation she’s in right now!

But, he doesn’t mind letting her know the rules, and that she doesn’t need anyone but him in her entire world.

“It seems that teacher hasn’t taken my words seriously?” Chen Liang mumbled softly into the thin air while the relief in her face froze instantly.

“Y…you… Chen Liang, what are you saying?” She stared at him with her confused and tear-filled eyes, but perhaps she had felt the imminent danger, her hands instinctively gripped tightly onto his sleeves.

Chen Liang stared down at her expressionlessly, “He stoke teacher away from me, why should I help him?”

Shu ChunChun gazed up at him, and as their eyes met, her face paled instantly as she somewhat realized what had happened today.

Why was he so easy-going tonight?

And why was he waiting here so conveniently?

The night was silent, as not even a single bug dared make a noise, and the occasional low groan sounding up nearby.

Shu ChunChun stared at the tall and well-built bodyguards standing in line behind Chen Liang.

“C…Chen Liang, please stop joking, I beg of you… P…please save him… H…he…” She sobbed desperately as she begged for him life.

“Teacher insisted to go out with another man, and that made me really upset, but I couldn’t bear hurting teacher, hence I can only punish the man…” He sighed softly, as if indicating that he had been extremely lenient with her.

“N…no… It’s not his fault…” She wailed pitifully as he hugged her tightly, her tears streaming down her cheeks as she shook her head desperately.

She reached out both of her hands and wrapped it around Chen Liang’s muscular arm before begging him with her hoarse sobbing voice, “It’s my fault, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left the house, I should’ve had dinner with you like a good girl… It won’t happen again, I swear! Please stop them… I beg of you…”

Her words were quick and filled with urgency, while her cheeks were stained with tears as she stared at him in a daze. Her voice was so soft and hoarse that even the expressionless bodyguards peeked at her with pity.

Chen Liang reached out a face towards her face and tucked her messy hair behind her ear gently, “Teacher, this is a punishment, all you need to do is watch.” He cooed at her gently.

Punishment… Punish who?…

Even now, it seems that Chen Liang had not intend to expose their ‘relationship’ to Han XiPing… This was a slight surprise to her, as she had expected him to announce her as his property in front of Han XiPing, but instead, he had sent some thugs to attack him while forcing her to listen to his painful groans nearby.

But it was understandable, as the original Shu ChunChun would’ve felt extreme guilt and pain knowing that she had brought harm to the man she loved. Not only that, she would most probably prevent any contact from Han XiPing from now on, if only to protect him from any further danger.

As the impact would only be greater to Han XiPing if she was the one who ended the relationship slowly. step by step. Because even if was to tell him that she had a change of heart and immediately dated Chen Liang, Han XiPing would only suspect that she had been forced.

But if she would start avoiding him slowly, as soon as the suspicions settle down within his heart, only would he believe that it was real.

Unfortunately, by then, Han XiPing would only see her as a greedy gold-digger, and no longer the innocent and adorable little girl from before.

But funnily, it seems that Chen Liang had not yet realized that his actions today was unnecessary for his quest…

Her tears streamed down endlessly from her swollen eyes upon hearing his nonchalant words, Han XiPing is suffering because of her, because she had not listened to Chen Liang!

Her glasses were gone, but she would vaguely see the blurry shape of movements and hear the horrible noise every time their fists punched against his skin.

It was all her fault, as she had not taken Chen Liang’s words seriously, it was because she had not expected him to be so cruel… This cannot continue, or Han XiPing will definitely be killed!

“XiPing…” She mumbled his name adoringly, clamping her eyes shut as a hopeless sadness filled through her.

“Chen Liang, I’ll accept your terms.” Her voice was light and soft, “I’ll do whatever you want, but you need to let him go.”

She left her eyes downcast, like a weak prey, omitted of any hope and gave up struggling, offering her neck to her predator.

Her actions send a wave of shock through his heart even though he had expected this to happen from the start. As per her personality, she would definitely stay away from Han XiPing from now on, just to protect him from danger.

He sucked in a sharp breath before wrapping him arm around her waist and bringing her body close to his, “Whatever I want?” He whispered against her neck.

Shu ChunChun shivered fearfully at his hot breath on her neck as she kept her silence, while her lashes trembled slightly.

Upset at her silence and dread, he pursed his lips unhappily before staring at her dangerously, but at the same time, he was confused at the confusing rage he felt within him.

He reached out towards her, picking her up easily before turning towards his car.

Shu ChunChun was still trembling unendingly, but still, her lips were glued tight while she stared at him stubbornly.

Chen Liang halted in his tracks before glancing at the unconscious body nearby, “He’s fine, teacher should worry more about yourself instead.” He grinned gently at her before entering the car swiftly.

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 6

Chapter 6

After being bullied by her student for the entire day, just the mere sight of the name flashing on the screen on her phone was enough to send her into tears.

She sniffled softly before reaching out her towards her phone, only to freeze in her tracks as she remembered the situation she was in right now, while an unavoidable sense of guilt and worry filled her senses as she stared at her ringing phone in silence.

The ringing slowly died down, only to ring once again insistently, as if expressing the anxiousness and worries of the caller.

“Miss Shu, are you ready?” A servant’s voice sounded from outside the room once more, pulling Shu ChunChun back from her thoughts, I will not worry him no matter what!

She picked up her phone with shaky hands while biting down softly on her lips before answering the call.

The call was connected immediately, but before she could even speak, an anxious voice sounded from the other end, “ChunChun? Are you okay? Did something happen, since you took such a long time to answer…”

Han XiPing’s usual gentle voice was now filled with an urgency, and as soon as she heard it, her eyes reddened immediately as she covered her palms over her mouth to silence the escaped sob.

When she finally spoke, her voice was filled with her usual cheerful tone, “Eh? Nothing happened, I was at the washroom just now.”

“ChunChun, why does your voice sound somewhat weird?”

She clenched her hands into fists upon hearing his words, but her tone was still light, “It’s probably the cold,” She coughed softly before continuing, “It’s irritating my throat… Ah, right! What happened to you, why are you in such a rush, didn’t you mention that you’d be busy with the partnership project recently?”

“Ah, speaking of the project, I called to announce a wonderful new! The deal was done and we’ll officially be starting the partnership…” Han XiPing’s gentle voice was coated with pure happiness, happiness that was so contagious even through the phone, which even Shu ChunChun, who had been miserable and hopeless previously, to beam happily at his words.

“Great! I’ve always known that my XiPing is the best!”

Listening to her unrestrained praises, his smile grew wider on his face, “In that case, Han Shi’s future boss’s wife, would you allow me the honor of dining with you tonight?”

Shu ChunChun nodded at herself instinctively, almost saying ‘yes’ but pausing just in time as she remembered where she was right now.

“ChunChun? Why aren’t you responding?” Han XiPing asked worriedly at her lack of response.

“Ah?…” She answered quickly, “Oh, I was pondering about which dress I should wear tonight…”

Han XiPing chuckled at her adorable reaction before continuing, “ChunChun looks beautiful no matter what you wear, I’ll drive over to your house right away.”

“N…No need…” She stuttered quickly before forcing a smile on her own face, “I’ll come over myself, since it’s nearby, how horrible it will be to make you go back and forth like this…”

Shu ChunChun’s soft tone made him ignore the slight doubt in his heart, “Well, alright then. I’ll meet you at the usual place.”

“Alright…” She ended the call quickly before standing movingly in a daze.

Since Chen Liang had not restricted her freedom, it should be fine to leave the house to meet someone for a meal right?

Steadying her heart, she entered her washroom for a quick clean-up before leaving her room, she noticed the racks of new clothes on the way out from the washroom but she ignored them completely, refusing to change into any of the new clothes. His gifts are disgusting, and her disgusts for them runs deep within her heart.

She opened the door before following the servant downstairs.

Han XiPing was part of Chen Liang’s ploy, so why he be part of hers too?

She will now present Chen Liang with this wonderful opportunity. Didn’t he threaten her with Han XiPing previously? …Then, she would use Han XiPing to make him regret everything!

Chen Liang waited casually for her at the long dining table, but in fact, his eyes watched the entire scene that happened in Shu ChunChun’s room just moments ago.

He narrowed his eyes at the woman following behind one of his servants, it was but a normal call from that man, but it was enough to fill her with energy and an uncontrollable need to escape this place just to meet him.

[She’s like a little rabbit who still had not figured out her position… It seemed that my previous warnings were not enough to make her realize who she belonged to.]

“Teacher, sit beside me.” He smiled at her as she was approaching the table.

His face was filled with smiles, while his voice was gentle and soft, but nonetheless, she did not dare to resist.

This man, even though he was younger than her, was capable of handling issues like a grown mature man, even the occasional flash within his eyes were not usually seen in younger men.

Shu ChunChun sat down timidly beside him, staring at the table full of food, “I…I wish to go out…” She stuttered nervously before peeking to see his reaction, only to find him staring at her expressionlessly, “I…I will return quickly… You…”

“Must you leave now?” Chen Liang’s gaze passed through the food on the table before finally landing on her firmly, as if upset at the wasted food.

She bit down on her lips silently as she felt his gaze on her, but she refused to back down.

“Teacher, I have not restricted your freedom.” He said blandly while her face lit up brightly at his words.

He grinned slightly before continuing, “I only wish teacher could share this meal with me.”

His sudden gentleness made her feel as if he had turned back into the gentle and hardworking student she had always known.

She hesitated for a few seconds before deciding that she needed to see Han XiPing more, staring at the abundance of food on the table, she muttered apologetically at him, “I’m sorry for not letting you know that I won’t be having my meal here tonight, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon…”

Even though he had known what her decisions would be, it still made him somewhat upset, but he nodded slowly at her, “I believe you, I believe teacher will return very soon.”

He gazed at her silently for a few seconds, “Does teacher need me to send you out with a car?” He asked gently.

“Ah, it’s alright, I’ll go by feet.” She refused his offer politely as she beamed with happiness, not realizing the darkness within his eyes.

As she walked towards the entrance, she turned back towards him to mutter a soft thank you before running off.

[Beep! Target Shu ChunChun’s affection +20, total affection = 10]

He listened to the emotionless voice within his mind as he ate, grinning sarcastically upon hearing the content.

[All I did was to fulfill such a small request, and it was enough to make her forget about all the wrongdoings from before. Such a…]

Such an irritating innocence…

[But still, it seems that teacher had not taken my words seriously, I’m really eager to see her reaction the next time we meet…]

Chen Liang chuckled deeply, as if thinking of something fun.

[This world is getting more and more interesting, because teacher is always capable of making me look forward to what would happen next…]

He slowly continued on with his meal, before waving his hand at one of the servants nearby, “Go, get some men and follow me out later.”

“Yes, sir.”

Meanwhile, at their usual spot, Han XiPing, who was dressed in a handsome suit, was already waiting there with a huge bouquet of roses in his arms.

Shu ChunChun, who had noticed him there, ran over quickly before rushing into his embrace, causing him to beam happily as he moved away the bouquet of roses with a single hand while catching her firmly with the other.

“Whose clingy kitten is this? It’s been just a single day~” He teased her gently.

“Had it been just a single day? Why do I feel as if we hadn’t met for months…” She muttered softly before blushing immediately at her growling stomach.

He kissed her forehead softly before grinning at her, “Could it be that the starvation made you feel as if a lot of time passed?”

She hung her head slightly before answering, “… Today had been a busy day, hence I haven’t had the chance to eat at all…”

“Let’s go quickly then, I can’t hear starving my hungry little kitten,” He sighed softly at her before pinching her cheeks softly.

Time flies quickly when you’re having fun, and in no time, the sweet couple were already strolling hand-in-hand on the way back.

Shu ChunChun stared at her watch, realizing that it’s already ten.

“I…I need to go home now.” She said quietly.

“Aren’t we on the way back?” Han XiPing pointed at the direction they were moving towards with a grin.

Shu ChunChun was not talking about her own home, but still, there was no way she could let him know.

“It’s alright, you should return home too, I’ll just make my way back swiftly.” She forced a sweet smile on her face as she gazed at him.

“Fine,” Han XiPing hugged her tightly before muttering softly into her ears, “ChunCun, our company will be holding an important ball to celebrate the partnership, please attend it as my female partner.”

“I want to let everyone know that you’re the love of my life.” His gentle voice was firm, filled with determination and affection for her.

Shu ChunChun’s tears began streaming down her cheeks upon hearing his words, giving him a huge shock as he tried to wipe her tears off in a panic.

“What is it, ChunChun, why are you crying? Did I say something wrong…” He coo-ed anxiously, “ChunChun, please don’t cry…”

She shook her head softly, her tears still streaming down her face as she grinned brightly, “No, I’m just… too happy…”

The ball, since the partnership was with Chen Shi, then, Chen Liang would surely attend, by then…

As Shu ChunChun was deep in thoughts, she felt Han XiPing pushing her behind him in a rush.

“What are you two lovebirds doing here at night? Aren’t you afraid of slipping in the dark path?” A gruff voice sounded nearby, pulling her back from her thoughts before they were surrounded by a group of men dressed as thugs.

Shu ChunChun’s brows furrowed deeply… It’s not Chen Liang, then is this a real robbery?

Han XiPing continued to keep her safe behind him, staring at the thugs before landing his gaze on the man who had spoken previously while taking out his wallet, “We were in a rush when we came out, hence we don’t have much cash on us…”

The man reached out towards the wallet before nodding in approval, “You’re quite the smart boy.”

Han XiPing let out an unnoticeable sigh of relief at the thug’s reaction, before noticing his gaze had landed Shu ChunChun, “Heh, your woman looks damn fine, since you don’t have enough cash, you wouldn’t mind letting us play with her, right?”

Han XiPing’s eyes turned ice-cold immediately at his words before grabbing tightly onto Shu ChunChun’s hands, “ChunChun, later when I say run, you run as quickly as possible…” He whispered urgently at her.

“But…” She whispered softly as her eyes flashed worriedly at him.

“I’ll be fine,” He smiled at her reassuringly before landing a kick at the man nearest to him while pushing Shu ChunChun towards the other direction.


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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 5

Chapter 5

Shu ChunChun was confused at first, she had not expected him to make his move against her right in the middle of a classroom. It was a really disadvantageous move for him, because just one wrong move, or a single accident, he could’ve ignited the fury and rage of the protagonist, thus failing his mini mission of winning her heart.

Furthermore, if his goal was to force her to break off any communications with Han XiPing, he doesn’t need to do this too.

But now that someone was coming, a thought flashed through her mind immediately as she understood his actions, perhaps he wanted to ruin her future in this school, thus trying to ruin her reputation…

The thought of being caught red-handedly filled her with dread and despair, she held on weakly onto Chen Liang’s sleeves before staring at his face helplessly with her large teary eyes.

“S…someone’s coming… I…I don’t wish to be seen…” She begged for his mercy instinctively while the tears in her eyes sparkled beautifully.

He paused in his tracks, holding in his grin before staring at her deeply.

“Teacher is in such denial, you wanted me to do this isn’t it?”

Shu ChunChun trembled in fear at her student, no, she could no longer even treat him as her student, it was as if he has became another person entirely.

He was no student of hers, he was a real life demon!

Shu ChunChun’s brows furrowed together unnoticeably as she pondered about his actions, if he wanted her to lose her job, acting like this was too over-the-top, because if he had been merciful right now, he could’ve even gained a little affection points from her?

Or perhaps, this was no longer part of his act?

He had lost control, no matter if his goal was for her body, or if it was his body’s natural male instinct. He could be considered to have lost control of his feelings…

And perhaps, he himself hadn’t even noticed it… In that case…

Shu ChunChun shut her eyes slowly, biting down hard on her lips while her shoulders trembled with fear, no longer willing to continue begging this man for mercy.

[Beep! System 1008611 reminder mode activated.
The target is almost having a mental breakdown, please take caution!
Target Shu ChunChun’s affection -20, total affection = -10]

Chen Liang, whose head had been buried within the crook of her neck and sniffing her smooth skin, paused in his tracks at the reminder of his system before moving his gaze onto the woman’s trembling eyelashes. He stared complicatedly at the tears which hanged on them and her swollen red eyes.

He landed his gaze on her pale face for a few seconds before taking action.

[Let her fall into a deep slumber.]

She felt her body loosen up immediately upon his words as she fell limply into his arms.

But she did not retaliated, allowing her own conscious to fade away into the slumber he has requested. She was tired, actually, as she had stayed up all night yesterday to achieve the effects of anxiousness, and the effort she had spent this entire day exhausted her, hence a short nap was fully welcomed by her.

And when she wakes up from her well-needed nap, she would continue with this performance.

Chen Liang frowned deeply at the unconscious woman in his arms, who looked entirely like a woman who had been laid for nights on end, but snapping back into action immediately as he heard the loud footsteps which were getting closer.

He quickly grabbed onto the jacket that he took off just now before wrapping them around her body.

“Big bro Liang, it’s lunchtime, why are you still in the classroom… Eh?” A voice sounded from the outside curiously, before pausing in confusion as he saw the wrapped up woman in Chen Liang’s arms.

Even though her body was wrapped up safety, and her face was buried deeply in his chest, he could see from her exposed slender legs that she was probably a very beautiful woman.

But before he could take a closer look, he realized that Chen Liang was currently glaring at him with dark scary eyes, causing him to almost choke on his saliva. No longer daring enough to peek, he chuckled nervously before lifting up the box of food he had been holding on to, “Brother Liang, I’ve noticed that you had not went out for lunch, so…”

Chen Liang gazed at the man outside the room silently as a grin spread across his face.

The man immediately moved away from the door and bowed in submission, “Do not worry, Brother Liang, I will never tell.”

Chen Liang strode past the door quickly while ignoring the man as he was just someone irrelevant.

He ran all the way to his car with Shu ChunChun in his arms, even though he had not past many other students, but the few ones that he did was enough. He was sure that by tomorrow, the rumors of the beautiful teacher and the studious student would’ve been spread throughout the entire school.

He placed her gently on his bed the moment he reached his room.

His furrowed brows began to loosen up as he watched her sleeping figure, which seemed very much in peace, making the tears stains on her face to look fairly out of place. He felt an unknown tug within his heart as he stared at the tear stains while remembering her helpless pitiful weeping face from before.

It was so… alluring, easily able to captivate the heart of any man and igniting a strong urge within them, though it would be difficult to differentiate them into the urge to protect her from any danger or the urge to fully possess her, mind, soul and body, forever.

[Beep! The host was reckless today, as the events were almost out of control, forcing the target to an almost mental breakdown.]

A familiar voice sounded up in his mind as he was wiping off the tear strains from her face.

[Do not worry, I’m clearly aware of my actions and my mission here. For someone with her personality, it would be impossible to reach her heart the moment she holds someone dear, and if I continued to protect and provide for her from the shadows, instead of being grateful and falling in love with me, she would always treat me as the perfect best friend.]

[Beep! ……]

Chen Liang rested on a chair nearby as he pondered about his actions from before.

He had to admit that he had been mesmerized by her helplessness, as if she was a little kitten that he could not help but tease.

But unexpectantly, the usual fun and games, had somehow evolved into something more, and finally, his cold heart had been moved.

But still, she could only be a toy and nothing more.

The entire world was already fake, let alone another pre-coded NPC?

When Shu ChunChun next came to, she had sighed at the power of a system, as it never cease to amaze her. Just with a single command, she would go into a dreamless slumber and wake up fully refreshed!


“You’re awake?” A deep voice sounded calmly nearby.

She turned her head towards the voice and her gaze landed on the man who was lazing on a nearby sofa, and as she had just woken up, her large eyes were blurry, hence even though she was staring at him, she looked as if she was in a confused daze.

She’s cute even when she’s docile and in a daze… He sighed softly, placing down his book before leaving the sofa.

“Teacher have not forgotten your previous promise right?” He asked deeply as his stood at the edge of the bed, his shadow looming over her.

Shu ChunChun’s face paled immediately as she recalled what had happened just right before she fainted, this man had threatened her with Han XiPing!

But still, what other choices does she has?

“What do you want me to do?” She asked nervously while her hands crumpled up the edge of her blanket.

“Nothing in specific, just that in the future, teacher will listen and do whatever I say.” He answered simply before leaning down towards her and licked her neck teasingly.

His words had not provide any assurance to her, but she knew that he now controls her entire life…

She instinctively reared back from his touch, as if the mere thought of him disgusts her.

“Teacher should be really tired by now, so please rest here for the next two days, as I’ve already informed the school that teacher would be absent.” He said calmly before leaving the room, as he needed her to be in one piece, and not a mentally broken toy.

“I…I wish to return…” She whimpered softly at his leaving figure.

Chen Liang paused in his tracks upon hearing her words, before turning to face her with a gentle smile, “Teacher, you will live here for now.”

“I…” Her eyes widened in shock at his words, but she was interrupted by his before she could even finish her words.

“Hush, teacher,” He chuckled softly before continuing on, “It’s because I wish to be with teacher 24/7.”

His voice was gentle and deep, but the occasional ‘teacher’ cut deeply into her like a sharp knife. There was no speck of respect in it, and it was like a constant reminder to her on their relationship, as if scoffing at her helplessness.

Her hands clenched together tightly, clumping up the blanket as her face paled to an even lighter shade.

Chen Liang stared at her silently with his dark eyes before turning back towards the door.

Shu ChunChun remained on the bed long after he left, her gaze was unfocused as it landed on the bedsheet, but deep inside, she was running everything through her mind. Chen Liang had told her to stay here for the next two days, but he had not locked the door, that means that he had not intended to restrict her freedom.

However, presuming that the rumors had already been spread throughout the entire school, when she returned to work two days later, the original Shu ChunChun would probably be traumatized by the leering and the rumors, and finally, no longer willing to continue working there.

But unfortunately, she wasn’t the original Shu ChunChun.

Shu ChunChun’s family, though, lived in the outskirts, and with Chen Liang’s family background, it would be too easy to settle any problems. But that would be unlikely, as family members would usually not appear unless the plot needed them to, furthermore, the only memories she had of her supposedly ‘family members’ were only of the pre-coded descriptions.

Finally, there’s Han XiPing.

And from the way Chen Liang is acting right now, it should be assumed that he wanted to slowly displace her from the original plot. He wanted to be the only one left in her entire world.

After sorting out her mind, Shu ChunChun left the bed slowly and cautiously checked out the room. It was decorated exactly to her likes, as expected, and the closet was filled to the brim with new clothes, even undergarments!

Her face flushed bright scarlet the moment she noticed the undergarments, before turning pale immediately. And as if she had suddenly remembered something, she quickly crawled back onto the bed and sat there in a daze until the sky turned dark outside.

A soft knock sounded at the door and a gentle voice called out to her, “Miss Shu, the young master invites you for dinner.”

Her eyes focused on the door as her mind snapped back into her, she had not eaten for the entire day, so she was indeed starving, she hesitated for a few seconds before deciding to leave the bed.

But right at this moment, her phone, which had been placed on the table nearby, rang.

It seemed that he had not confiscated her phone, as if it doesn’t worry him as to who she would contact.

She scurried over to the table and picked up her phone, her face froze immediately the moment she saw the name on the screen.

It was Han XiPing.

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 4

Chapter 4

Shu ChunChun let out a long sigh of relief as soon as the bell rang, announcing the end of her class. Her students began to stream out of her classroom quickly, except for one.

Not wanting to be left alone with Chen Liang, she packed up her things swiftly, only to panic and mess things up even more.

Pap! Her book fell straight on the floor with a slip of her hand, she pursed her lips nervously as she knelt down, reaching out for the book, only to watch as a slender hand picked it up before she could.

Following the gaze from the hand, her eyes moved slowly towards the owner’s face, only to jump backward in shock when her eyes landed on Chen Liang’s smiling face, “S…student Chen, not going out for lunch?”

His stared momentarily at her darkened eye bags, grinning widely as he placed the book gently on the table, “I’m staying in for lunch today, as I would like to discuss some study matters with teacher,” He answered politely, as if he was sincerely confused about the things taught in class today.

Shu ChunChun frowned slightly at him, trying hard to decide the honesty of his words, but no matter how she stared at him, his face stayed serious and confident, unlike the scary side he showed to her yesterday.

She chided herself for overthinking it as she decided that his actions yesterday were probably accidental and unintentional, and if no one mentions it then perhaps they could go back to interacting as before, like a responsible teacher and a hardworking student.

Chen Liang chuckled slightly he realized her thoughts from her vivid facial expressions, “Teacher, what are you thinking, hm? Or perhaps you’re unwilling to clear my doubts on my studies?”

Snapped out of her thoughts, Shu ChunChun shook her head slightly before reaching out for his book, “Which question?” She asked gently, no longer cautious like before.

Chen Liang moved in closer to her from behind, staring at the book held in her hands. His close proximity discomforts her, as it felt like he was hugging her from behind.

She bit her trembling lips nervously before taking a small step away from him, only to be caught on the arm suddenly and pulled entirely into his arms.

At such a close distance, Chen Liang could easily see the rising tears within her eyes and her trembling long lashes, and it was making his heart itch with a hungry urge.

But to his amazement, there was not a speck of darkness within her eyes except for the original innocence she was born with, this was a first for him. He had traveled many worlds and completed many missions, but no female lead had ever avoided the blackening of their hearts when he started his conquest, no matter how clean and innocent their souls were before he arrived.

He was suddenly filled with a deep curiosity about this woman, Is it so that no matter what she experienced, she would always stay so innocent and clean?

His heart throbbed at the sudden thought, before leaning in and chuckling deeply into her ear, “Teacher, you’re so cute, believing any nonsense spouted by others…”

His warm breath landed on her tiny ear, causing it to redden uncontrollably. His lips trailed throughout her exposed neck, sending jolts of shock up her spine before an unknown numbness spread through her entire body.

Shu ChunChun froze in her tracks as she trembled in horror, “Y…you… y…”

Her face paled like a paper as she stuttered in her words, unable to understand why he would do this to his own teacher in public. She gave a last attempt at struggling against him, before forcefully calming herself, intending to tell off her student with a teacher’s aura.

“Chen Liang, this is a classroom! Let me go q…quickly…” Her sharp words ended in a slight sob, so alluring and soft that it strung on his heartstrings, unleashing his sudden urge to bully and make her cry for real.

He needed to hear her whimpering and begging words from those pair of lush and full lips!

Chen Liang narrowed his eyes at the woman in front of him, his brows furrowing slightly before reaching out towards her face and taking away her glasses, causing her to lose her teacher aura immediately!

Her reddened eyes were filled with unshed tears while blinking at him in confusion and fear, like a helpless little deer with no place to hide from its predator.

“Y…you… what are you doing…” She whimpered weakly at his burning stare.

“Teacher, do you know why I needed to clear my doubts on these questions?” After a moment of pause, Chen Liang rasped suddenly into her ear, “That was because all these time I was imaging teacher’s crying face, and it was beautiful…”

Before Shu ChunChun could react, he grabbed tightly onto her waist and pulled her fully into his arms and against his chest, not allowing her any space to move around at all as their bodies leaned tightly against each other.

In her panic, she pushed wildly against his chest, only to have her arms caught in a lock by a single flip of his strong hand.

Chen Liang’s other hand moved down her spine and lingered around her waist slowly, as if he wanted to prolong the process, sending a wave of terror through her, “Stop it, otherwise I…I’ll scream for help…”

Chen Liang looked deeply into her reddened eyes before taking in a sharp breath, “Scream for help? Does teacher want the other students to walk in and see how their teacher is begging for mercy from a student? Or does teacher want the headmaster to walk in and see how their teacher is seducing her own student?”

Chen Liang’s words froze her in her tracks as she felt the world crashing down on her, her body began to tremble furiously as she grabbed weakly onto his shirt. “N…no, it’s not like that…” She sobbed weakly while staring at him with her fearful eyes.

He was totally taken by her helplessness, leaning in to kiss her tear-stained lashes, he began cooing he gently, “Teacher needs to be a good girl, keep your voice down, otherwise I cannot guarantee if anyone would walk in suddenly…”

His words were supposed to comfort her, but it had only caused her heart to sank further.

“I…I’m surely dreaming…” Shu ChunChun murmured softly, as she was afraid that others would hear. She would not understand the sudden change in her gentle star-student but the warm palm pressed against her neck convinced her otherwise.

Shu ChunChun had very well-maintained skin, which was as smooth as cream and as pale as porcelain, simply emitting a little force on her skin was enough to leave patches of bruises behind.

Chen Liang stared intently at the bruise on her neck, which was forming right under his gaze, while his own eyes reddened wildly. “I wish I could taste teacher’s body fully, inch by inch, before stamping my mark on every part of you…” He growled deeply while his eyes darkened dangerously, and as his words ended, he clamped his lips onto the crook her neck before suckling her urgently, his warm tongue occasionally tasting the smoothness of her skin.

The door to the classroom was still wide open, the hallway lighting lit up the entrance of her classroom, increasing the fear and terror within her.

“Don’t do this, please, not here…” She sobbed in despair as she begged for his mercy.

“It was teacher’s fault, wasn’t it? Didn’t I tell you to go home and consider my confession? But where did teacher go and who did you meet yesterday?” He licked his lips in satisfaction at the freshly planted bruise on her neck.

His nonchalant voice and his blaming words left her entire body in a hopeless chill.

“Teacher, do you know that House Chen has businesses and deals in the underworld, and it is very simple to make a man disappear…”

His words sent Shu ChunChun to stare at him in disbelief, her restrained tears finally escaping from her reddened eyes, “Y…you… Don’t touch him…” Her lips went agape in a silent cry before she whimpered softly.

“Teacher, I am angry,” Chen Liang glanced at her beautifully reddened eyes in satisfaction before continuing on calmly, “Teacher should know what to do now, right? Do you still intend to avoid me?”

Shu ChunChun shook her head furiously while her body trembled at his touch, forcing down the nauseous sense of disgust, she controlled her urge of escaping as she wept silently, “I…I’ll be… g…good…” She whispered softly, so soft that he if wasn’t right next to her, he would’ve missed her words.

Even though he had finally received the answer he wanted from her, somehow he wasn’t as happy as he had imagined himself to be. He gazed at her intently with narrowed eyes before burying his face onto her smooth neck once again, leaving behind countless purple bruises.

“M…mph…” Shu ChunChun trembled in terror as she bit down hard on her lips, not wanting to make any noise.

But suddenly, loud footsteps could be heard from the hallways, and it was coming towards their direction!

Shu ChunChun’s fearful body was now frozen stiffly as her fear had reached a point where she could no longer think or speak. Her previously flushed face faded instantly into paper white while her limbs turned cold to the touch.

“S…someone’s coming…”

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 3

Chapter 3

Han XiPing had noticed her the moment she stepped into view, he had even taken a few steps towards her before noticing her abnormal behavior, because Shu ChunChun would’ve immediately smile brightly and wave cheerfully while running towards him the moment she noticed him, but that was not the case today.

“ChunChun, what is it?” Han XiPing asked nervously, giving her a scare as she lifted her head in shock at the sudden appearance of the man, but fortunately, the plain fear faded from her eyes as soon as she recognized her man’s face, “It’s nothing, I was just day-dreaming… Have you been waiting long?”

Han XiPing gazed at her silently, his eyes narrowing as soon as he noticed the bruises on her lips. He was sure that those bruises were not from him, as he could not even bear the thought of causing any pain to Shu ChunChun, no matter how insignificant the pain is… But now…

“I have just arrived too,” Han XiPing answered softly, trying to keep his voice calm, “ChunChun, how did you injure your lips?”

She gaped in shock and horror upon hearing his question, her hands touched the bruises softly but she was somehow unable to answer his questions.

Han XiPing knew that his ChunChun doesn’t know how to lie, and the fact that her eyes were already turning red from his question made him terrified at knowing the true answer. His eyes dimmed slightly before smiling at her once again, “Did you injure it again while eating snacks?” He forced out a chuckle as he patted her gently on the head.

Shu ChunChun stared at him in a daze as the events from the day ran through her mind, there was no way she could let him know that her tuition session with her student ended up in a forced harassment, which caused her to escape from his house in fear! She hanged her head in depress before hugging him tightly, burying her head into his warm chest.

“XiPing, I like you… so much so much.” Shu ChunChun sobbed softly into his chest as his body scent calmed her down slightly.

“Me too…” I love you, so much so much.

The stoic smile on his face faded away at her sudden confession, and at this exact moment, he knew that no matter what happened, everything will be fine as long as the person within his arms was still here.

“ChunChun, I’m terribly sorry.” Han XiPing placed his chin gently on the crook of her shoulders, “Work has been extremely busy recently and I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with you. There is an important up-coming project and as soon as it’s completed, the company would finally be steadied. By then, I’ll make it up to you…”

“Really!” Shu ChunChun jumped happily at his words, her worries faded from her immediately as a bright grin spread across her cheeks, “I knew it from the start, my XiPing is the greatest man I know!”

No matter how tired or insecure one was, being praised by one’s significant other would always lightening up their mood. “Of course, by then I will make sure my ChunChun lives comfortably for the rest of your life, as for now, let’s go have a meal as the movie won’t be starting anytime soon.”

And with that, the lovely coupled began walking towards a restaurant, hand-in-hand.

Meanwhile, in the far away Chen House, Chen Liang watched the scenes unfold expressionless. He had, indeed, been spying on her actions with his system as she had expected, and after thinking through the events thoroughly, sly grin spread across his face.

[System, change Han XiPing’s company’s up-coming business partner into Chen Shi.]
(TNote: Chen Shi is the business of the Chen family if anyone got confused.)

[Beep! It is done. Furthermore, according to the information found, Han XiPing is the illegitimate son of House Han, due to an unfortunate accident which had filled the original heir of their family, they are now searching desperately for this illegitimate son.]

[I have expected that, since when does the male lead of a love story not have a superior identity? But still, the male lead right now would be easy for me to play around with.]

Chen Liang chuckled to himself suddenly as a thought ran through his mind.

[Ah, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s class.]

On the next day, Chen Liang arrived well before anyone did, as the mere thought of her kiss was enough to make him arrive early just to meet her.

His system had already announced her arrival before her actual person arrived at the door. Shu ChunChun stood a well five minutes outside the classroom, deep in thoughts while Chen Liang’s grin darkened slightly. He knew her hesitation, but he knew her personality even more so, as she was not someone who would skip out on any student’s studies due to personal reasons.

This was why he allowed her to leave his house the day before, as he was confident that there would be many chances for her to fall right into his traps willingly.

Shu ChunChun had made sure to stay awake through the night, hence her face looked so pale from the lack of sleep that not even her sunglasses could hide her anxiousness. It was the normal reaction of an innocent teacher who had been well-protected all her life, and she needed to appear frail today as Chen Liang would’ve probably prepared a show for her.

In fact, she knew that he would be waiting for her to show up willingly as soon as he allowed her to leave his house the night before. This was mostly because of her ‘teacher’ identity, which made it so that she could never avoid him.

She was a responsible and hardworking teacher after all.

House Chen was a big corporation in City A, and as the sole son and heir of House Chen and the fact that he was strikingly handsome, Chen Liang had many secret admirers.

Shu ChunChun stayed outside the room nervously, her hands clenched tightly into a fist as she controlled her urge of leaving this place, but gave up the thought quickly as the bell rang above her. She bit down painfully on her lips before forcing herself into the classroom.

She could feel Chen Liang’s burning and offensive gaze on her body even without staring at him, his gaze was so invasive that she felt like she was actually standing stark naked right in front of him.

Her back went stiff at the thought and after greeting her students awkwardly, she started her class session, but the occasional meeting of their eyes would always send a wave of panic through hers, making her stutter in embarrassment every time.

Chen Liang grinned handsomely as he kept up his persona of a model student.

[She really looked like a bullied little kitten…]

Unlike his calm appearance, the conversation he was having with his system made him somewhat excited and warm.

[I wish I could see how she cry from being toot! by me…]

[Beep! System 1008611 reminder mode activated.
Thoughts that are too toot! will be automatically censored in our conversation…]

Ignoring the system’s alert, Chen Liang kept his eyes glued onto Shu ChenChen’s body throughout the entire class.

Meanwhile Shu ChunChun, who had been eavesdropping on them, sighed speechlessly at their conversation, but still, she was not worried at all, as she once heard a system mentioned that if the NPC isn’t willing, the world-hopper cannot force his personal urges onto the NPC.

Unfortunately, Shu ChunChun will soon realized that she had over-estimated this particular world-hopper’s courtesy…

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 2

Chapter 2

Chen Liang trailed the shape of her lush lips with his tongue before forcing it into her mouth, tasting her sweetness thoroughly. Even though he was quite bewildered as to why he would kiss a set of data, the thought was quickly hidden away as he tasted her warm mouth, which was a lot nicer than expected.

Shu ChunChun had stared at him blankly, unable to respond, when his face neared hers, but her consciousness were pulled back into her when she felt a slight pain on her lips from his teasing bite. Her eyes narrowed in fear as she struggled instinctively but it was of no use as her arms were locked in his grip while her legs laid uselessly apart as he had not removed his thighs from in between her thighs. Her useless struggling only seemed to excite him more as it ignited his need to dominate her.

She whimpered uncontrollably as he took her mouth forcefully. Han XiPing had always treated her with love and care, and the kisses they shared were all gentle and soft, never in her life had she been taken so roughly before and it frightens her a lot.

She felt him bit down teasingly on her lips, while his strong tongue flickered dangerously inside her mouth as it explored all of it. In her desperate attempt at retaliating, her soft tiny tongue began pushing back against him, trying to push him out of her mouth, only to have her tongue suckled on. Her eyes widened in shock as she drew back from the sudden numbness on her tongue, but it was too late as there was no way to escape.

Shu ChunChun continued struggling, even though she knew it was pointless, but she would not allow herself to give up. She tried to raise a leg to kick him, but his leg was still stuck firmly in between her thighs, and her movement only seemed to rubbed herself against his leg unintentionally.

Chen Liang’s eyes narrowed dangerously at the woman in front of him, his initial plan was to break her views towards him so that their teacher-student relationship would evolve into something more, but apparently they had overdone it as a bulge began to form quickly right between his legs…

But still, this kiss and this mouth were so delicious that he could not bear leaving them. Her supple lips were perfectly-sized that it was easy to suckled onto, and the soft gasping that arises ever so often tickled his heart ever so softly. At this point, he knew that if this woman is to offer herself to him shyly instead of struggling in retaliation, he would’ve decided to capture her heart immediately, even though she was just a set of pre-programmed data.

Slowly, Shu ChunChun’s squirmings began slowing down as her strength weakened, allowing him to curl and play with his tongue however he liked with his mint-flavored tongue.

When he finally ended the kiss, Shu ChunChun was already limped while her legs shook unsteadily as she laid against his chest while gasping for air.

“Teacher, was it good?” He chuckled deeply as he stared at her tear-filled eyes, licking away the tears from the edge of her eyes.

She gazed at him in a daze with her wet eyes, while her entire body reeked of lingering hormones, it was obvious that she had been deeply loved just moments ago. Her bright red face paled swiftly as the events flashed through her mind upon hearing his crude words, jolting her awake from the daze.

The person who almost drowned in her own student’s kiss… was her?

Her shook her head violently, biting down painfully on her lips as her eyes turned red. This is going way out of control and all she wanted was to leave immediately, “No, I hate it, please let go of me…” She sobbed unhappily.

Han XiPing had indeed protected her too perfectly, which is why she was still filled with such unbreakable innocence… Chen Liang pondered as he stared at the adorable woman in his arms, her rabbit-like fear and rejection made him crave for her more… But still, let’s stop for today…

“Alright, my dishonest teacher, but I will not let you go so easily next time. Do consider my confession when you’re home, for I am very much serious about this, hm?” He whispered deeply into her ear before landing a kiss on her cheeks, which she avoided skillfully by turning her head to the side.

Chen Liang grinned nonchalantly at the missed kiss and released his grip on her arms as promised, but without his support, her weakened legs gave way and she fell helplessly towards the ground.

“Be careful~” He chuckled softly as he reached out to steady her, only for her to stare at him in horror as she pushed him away, rejecting his help before staggering towards the door.

Auntie Zhang, who had been preparing dinner, heard her leaving the second floor in a rush, as if she was escaping from hungry beasts before noticing that Chun Liang was also standing at the staircase, “Young master, won’t Teacher Shu have dinner with us?”

[Beep! Target Shu ChunChun’s affection -30, total affection = 10
Current impression of host = A terrifying student.]

Chun Liang grinned coldly as his eyes narrowed at the back of his escaping teacher, “Do not worry, teacher will come back often.”

[Since she doesn’t want my gentle care, then let her burn in hell and when she losses everything dear to her, I will be her only salvation.]

It was fortunate that Shu ChunChun had ran out of sight, for if she had heard his thoughts, she would’ve laughed uncontrollably while making sure that he understands who will be the salvation in the end.

Shu ChunChun staggered out of the Chen residence and ran without stopping until she reached safety.

She knew that the exchange student, Chen Liang, was abnormal when her conscious entered this body a few days ago, as his studies were suddenly extremely excellent and the fact that he requested for personal tuition at his house were all signs of him getting close to her.

And the days had passed with Chen Liang trying to capture her heart like a gentleman, intending to make her fall for him, but it was extremely ineffective as the only man she loved was Han XiPing. Hence, she made sure to keep a distance with Chen Liang, and even though he would occasionally perform some flirty acts towards her, she would ignore them all innocently, as if she had not noticed it at all.

It seemed that it made him impatient, seeing as to how he had change the tactics used from the gentleman path to the forceful path… As expected of a world hopper.

And this was exactly what she wanted, because from her days of studying him, she knew that the only way to make him fall deeply for her was to ignite the passionate dominance within him. When a person drown in their passions, even though it was a pretense, if would be hard, almost impossible, for him to recover from it.

I wonder how he would perform? If he can really give and take back all of those dominance willfully… Shu ChunChun trembled in excitement as the thought filled her mind, she could not wait for his performance, Would he still be able to differentiate his own pretense and reality when it all ends…

Making sure that her breathing was back to normal, she stood up elegantly as she made her way towards the agreed dating location, but she kept her facial expressions in an upset and complicated frown in case Chen Liang was spying on her through his system.

Her face lightened up immediately as she saw her man standing at the agreed spot, Han XiPing was very tall and strikingly handsome. Unlike Chen Liang’s fake gentleness, this man was emitting a a gentle aura which brings a warm feeling to anyone around him.

But still, in order to cheat the cheater, this man was an irreplaceable piece on her board.

Shu ChunChun stopped in her tracks an arms’ length away from Han XiPing as she stared at him with a complicated expressions while biting down hard on her lips.

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 1

Chapter 1

The warm sunlight shone through the opened window, lighting up the study room.

On the huge desk laid many different types of tuition materials while a handsome man sat nearby. He was wearing a pale gray top with a matching pair of jeans, complementing his body shape perfectly. The handsome man laid his head lazily on his upright arm as he stared at the standing young woman next to him.

The woman looked young and beautiful, while her bright and smart eyes hid behind her pair of black-rimmed glasses. She was emitting the aura of an independent and educated woman, while her attire was formal, her silky brown hair was tied up in a tight bun while a swirl of hair leaked out cheekily, enhancing her elegance. She looked exactly like a professional secretary of a famous CEO.

“Alright, today’s tuition will end here.” Shu ChunChun said as she shut the opened book gently before turning her gentle gaze towards her handsome student, “It’s obvious that you had been putting in a lot of hard-work on your studies even though Student Chen is a transfer, we’ll end the tuition in another two more weeks as you’ll be doing perfectly fine after.”

“It’s because teacher’s teachings are top-notched,” Chen Liang answered with a polite grin as his eyes gleamed subtly at his teacher’s words, before reaching out his hand towards her face and tucking her hair behind her ear, if it was a normal woman, she would’ve blushed at his actions.

But, Shu ChunChun was oblivious to his flirtatious act, “You shouldn’t disregard your own hard-work,” She said gently, a slight smile still plastered on her face, “Ah, look at the time! I should leave now, our next session will be on the coming Sunday.”

At the same time, a mechanical voice sounded in Chen Liang’s mind.

[Beep! An alert from system 1008611
Target Shu ChunChun’s affection +5, total affection = 70
Current impression of host = A very hardworking and diligent student.]

He kept his eyes downcast, hiding his annoying frustrations at the attempts of seducing his teacher. Yes, he had performed a lot of flirtatious actions on his home-room teacher, working hard to raise her affection bar to 70, but it was obviously not in a romantic way, as her affections for him was only of a teacher to a hardworking student.

He began packing the tuition materials on his desks as if he had not been affected by any noises, but while he was packing, he reached up two fingers before tapping them on the side of his head.

[It seems like these gentle methods would not allow her to understand my intentions, if this goes on, the affection meter would stay at 80 and she’ll still think of me as her favorite student forever.]

[Beep! So, will the host change the tactics used? Please do not forget about your actual mission in this world.]

Mission: Trigger the male lead, Han XiPing’s full potential and make sure the main character and the male lead has a happy ending.
Side quest: Steal the heart of the main character.]

[I understand, we had successfully cleared three worlds with flying colors after all, why do you still worry?]

Chen Liang chuckled softly, he would very work hard on this mission, if only for the high reward points.

Shu ChenChen, who had her back facing her student, grinned slightly at the commotion behind her. Ever since she had awakened her own conscious, she found out that she had been gifted a special ability, which allows her to eavesdrop on the conversation of a person and their “system”. It had happened many times, where the world-hopper would conspire with their
“system” in regards to trick her or defeat her.

Shu ChunChun had in fact, experienced many different worlds, and in each world, her name would always stay the same and she would always be the main character of the current world, while these supposedly “world-hoppers” would then invade her world and complete “missions” which will always involve her.

It happened again this time, where she woke up in the body of a 24 year-old woman named Shu ChunChun. She, the main character in this world, is currently a teacher-in-training in a local highschool while the male lead used to be her senior during her school days, but he had graduated and is now working hard in the commercial world. His name was Han XiPing, and he was currently her boyfriend, as she had accepted his confession a few weeks ago.

As for this “student” of hers, his name is Chen Liang, the only son of House Chen, a third year high-school student at the high-school she’s working at right now. And for her future, she had a clear idea about its progression and story-plot from what she had heard just now.

Like a wooden marionette attached to an unbreakable string, forced to move according to the plot arranged for them until the very end…

But, she… had refused to follow her string for a very long time.

Did he not want her heart? Then… he be prepared to exchange it with his own then.

Shu ChunChun packed up her items eagerly, seemingly a lot swifter than usual while flashes of joy flickered through her eyes every so often.

Chen Liang noticed it all, and he also knew about the exact reason, but he pretended that he did not know before questioning her, “Teacher, where are you going off in a rush? It’s Sunday after all.”

“Someone is waiting for me, so I’ll end up late if I don’t leave quickly,” She answered with a shy smile as she thought about her man.

His face darkened dangerously at her honest answer and the temperature in the room fell slightly as his eyes narrowed at her.

“I will take my leave, then.” Seemingly not to realize her student’s behavior, she picked up her bag and proceeded to the door.

“Teacher.” Chen Liang sighed deeply before she could turn the doorknob, his smile had disappeared completely and his darkened eyes brewed with an untamed storm.

“Chen Liang, what is it?” Shu ChunChun asked worriedly, for she had never seen him like his.

He stood up slowly before he strode intimidatingly towards her, his shadow looming over her completely, as he stood a well 1.8meter.

“Actually, I have a confession to make but I haven’t told teacher as I was scared that it’ll upset you.” He whispered deeply, leaning towards her before gazing intently at her face. He was someone who works-out usually, hence he had very well-developed muscles while emitting a strong scent of masculine hormones. Which is why, even at such a young age, his presence would always appear intimidating while giving others a sense of pressure.

Shu ChunChun backed away slowly until her back touched the edge of the desk, preventing her from escaping even further away from him, while he reached out, wrapping his strong arms around her waist before pulling her into a tight hug.\

“C…Chen Liang… P…please stop this prank this instance.” Shu ChunChun cried out nervously, her eyes finally showing a hint of panic at his actions as she tried to push against his chest.

He caught her hands easily with his own as he rubbed his thumb against her smooth skin.

“I’m feeling very distressed as teacher never noticed me in a special way, and now teacher is going on a date with another man. It hurts a lot… here.” He growled deeply, a cold smile hanged on his lips while he pointed towards his heart.

Unable to escape from his tight grip and trapped in the small area by his looming body size, Shu ChunChun began trembling in fear as she knew what would happen if this goes on.

“I have fallen in love with teacher ever since I laid my eyes upon you, it was love at first sight.” He whispered hoarsely into her ear as his hot breath tingled her neck dangerously.

“Chen Liang!” She cried out as she struggled in defiant, knocking down the desk that was blocking her escape, “I…I shall be on my way.” She cried out timidly as her panicked eyes met his deep ones, before running towards the door in a rush.

When a woman receives a confession, there would usually be a psychological fluctuation within her heart, and if the world-hopper increased his flirtatious acts, her heart would slowly lean towards him and away from the actual male lead.

But some world-hoppers prefer a hard-to-score target, as it would make the entire mission interesting and a lot more enjoyable.

Shu ChunChun steadied her glasses while hiding the sharp glint in her eyes.

In fact, she had another special ability, which allows her to control the world-hopper’s affection bar at her will. This ability might seem useless at first glance, but for a world-hopper who depends entirely on their system’s affection bar, being able to move the bar would allow her to indirectly control the entire situation without being noticed.

[Beep! Target Shu ChunChun’s affection -30, total affection = 40
Current impression of host = A slightly scary student.]

As the system’s mechanical voice ended, the cold smile on his face grew wider. All the hard work of pretending to be an outstanding and gentle student had only raised her affection bar to 70, but just a single confession had made it drop by almost a half!

“Teacher, you cannot escape.” He growled coldly before rushing towards her and grabbing her hands tightly in his before pulling her into his arms roughly.

He spun her around, flicking her glasses off her nose on purpose and he watched silently as it fell to the ground in a loud crash. While her bright and beautiful eyes, no longer hidden behind her nerdy glasses, were exposed entirely. Her eyes were so round and huge, and because his face were so near to hers, her eyes were filled with a panicked confusion, making her look like a scared innocent sheep.

“I never knew teacher’s eyes were so beautiful…” Chen Liang murmured softly, lost in eyes for a second before he pushed one legs between her thighs while his arm locked firmly on the wall, caging her in between.

“Chen Liang!” Shu ChunChun stared at him in shock, pushing against his looming chest with all her might, “… Let me go! S…somebody, help!”

Chen Liang, on the other hand, grinned coldly at her futile efforts before licking her earlobes teasingly, “Aunty Zhang is downstairs making lunch, does teacher want her to come upstairs to witness how you are seducing your own student?”

“N…no!” Shu ChunChun shook her head in dismay while her eyes reddened pitifully, “Chen Liang, y…you… Please regain your senses…”

“I seems that teacher is still doubting my words,” He caressed her cheeks gently before touching the sides of her reddened eyes gently.

Her eyelashes flickered in respond to his gentle caressing, and before she could react, his warm lips had already landed on hers.

“I’ve never treated you as my teacher, every time I attend your classes, the only thing that goes through my mind is: Teacher’s lips should taste… really good…”

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Chapter 2