Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 2

Chapter 2

Chen Liang trailed the shape of her lush lips with his tongue before forcing it into her mouth, tasting her sweetness thoroughly. Even though he was quite bewildered as to why he would kiss a set of data, the thought was quickly hidden away as he tasted her warm mouth, which was a lot nicer than expected.

Shu ChunChun had stared at him blankly, unable to respond, when his face neared hers, but her consciousness were pulled back into her when she felt a slight pain on her lips from his teasing bite. Her eyes narrowed in fear as she struggled instinctively but it was of no use as her arms were locked in his grip while her legs laid uselessly apart as he had not removed his thighs from in between her thighs. Her useless struggling only seemed to excite him more as it ignited his need to dominate her.

She whimpered uncontrollably as he took her mouth forcefully. Han XiPing had always treated her with love and care, and the kisses they shared were all gentle and soft, never in her life had she been taken so roughly before and it frightens her a lot.

She felt him bit down teasingly on her lips, while his strong tongue flickered dangerously inside her mouth as it explored all of it. In her desperate attempt at retaliating, her soft tiny tongue began pushing back against him, trying to push him out of her mouth, only to have her tongue suckled on. Her eyes widened in shock as she drew back from the sudden numbness on her tongue, but it was too late as there was no way to escape.

Shu ChunChun continued struggling, even though she knew it was pointless, but she would not allow herself to give up. She tried to raise a leg to kick him, but his leg was still stuck firmly in between her thighs, and her movement only seemed to rubbed herself against his leg unintentionally.

Chen Liang’s eyes narrowed dangerously at the woman in front of him, his initial plan was to break her views towards him so that their teacher-student relationship would evolve into something more, but apparently they had overdone it as a bulge began to form quickly right between his legs…

But still, this kiss and this mouth were so delicious that he could not bear leaving them. Her supple lips were perfectly-sized that it was easy to suckled onto, and the soft gasping that arises ever so often tickled his heart ever so softly. At this point, he knew that if this woman is to offer herself to him shyly instead of struggling in retaliation, he would’ve decided to capture her heart immediately, even though she was just a set of pre-programmed data.

Slowly, Shu ChunChun’s squirmings began slowing down as her strength weakened, allowing him to curl and play with his tongue however he liked with his mint-flavored tongue.

When he finally ended the kiss, Shu ChunChun was already limped while her legs shook unsteadily as she laid against his chest while gasping for air.

“Teacher, was it good?” He chuckled deeply as he stared at her tear-filled eyes, licking away the tears from the edge of her eyes.

She gazed at him in a daze with her wet eyes, while her entire body reeked of lingering hormones, it was obvious that she had been deeply loved just moments ago. Her bright red face paled swiftly as the events flashed through her mind upon hearing his crude words, jolting her awake from the daze.

The person who almost drowned in her own student’s kiss… was her?

Her shook her head violently, biting down painfully on her lips as her eyes turned red. This is going way out of control and all she wanted was to leave immediately, “No, I hate it, please let go of me…” She sobbed unhappily.

Han XiPing had indeed protected her too perfectly, which is why she was still filled with such unbreakable innocence… Chen Liang pondered as he stared at the adorable woman in his arms, her rabbit-like fear and rejection made him crave for her more… But still, let’s stop for today…

“Alright, my dishonest teacher, but I will not let you go so easily next time. Do consider my confession when you’re home, for I am very much serious about this, hm?” He whispered deeply into her ear before landing a kiss on her cheeks, which she avoided skillfully by turning her head to the side.

Chen Liang grinned nonchalantly at the missed kiss and released his grip on her arms as promised, but without his support, her weakened legs gave way and she fell helplessly towards the ground.

“Be careful~” He chuckled softly as he reached out to steady her, only for her to stare at him in horror as she pushed him away, rejecting his help before staggering towards the door.

Auntie Zhang, who had been preparing dinner, heard her leaving the second floor in a rush, as if she was escaping from hungry beasts before noticing that Chun Liang was also standing at the staircase, “Young master, won’t Teacher Shu have dinner with us?”

[Beep! Target Shu ChunChun’s affection -30, total affection = 10
Current impression of host = A terrifying student.]

Chun Liang grinned coldly as his eyes narrowed at the back of his escaping teacher, “Do not worry, teacher will come back often.”

[Since she doesn’t want my gentle care, then let her burn in hell and when she losses everything dear to her, I will be her only salvation.]

It was fortunate that Shu ChunChun had ran out of sight, for if she had heard his thoughts, she would’ve laughed uncontrollably while making sure that he understands who will be the salvation in the end.

Shu ChunChun staggered out of the Chen residence and ran without stopping until she reached safety.

She knew that the exchange student, Chen Liang, was abnormal when her conscious entered this body a few days ago, as his studies were suddenly extremely excellent and the fact that he requested for personal tuition at his house were all signs of him getting close to her.

And the days had passed with Chen Liang trying to capture her heart like a gentleman, intending to make her fall for him, but it was extremely ineffective as the only man she loved was Han XiPing. Hence, she made sure to keep a distance with Chen Liang, and even though he would occasionally perform some flirty acts towards her, she would ignore them all innocently, as if she had not noticed it at all.

It seemed that it made him impatient, seeing as to how he had change the tactics used from the gentleman path to the forceful path… As expected of a world hopper.

And this was exactly what she wanted, because from her days of studying him, she knew that the only way to make him fall deeply for her was to ignite the passionate dominance within him. When a person drown in their passions, even though it was a pretense, if would be hard, almost impossible, for him to recover from it.

I wonder how he would perform? If he can really give and take back all of those dominance willfully… Shu ChunChun trembled in excitement as the thought filled her mind, she could not wait for his performance, Would he still be able to differentiate his own pretense and reality when it all ends…

Making sure that her breathing was back to normal, she stood up elegantly as she made her way towards the agreed dating location, but she kept her facial expressions in an upset and complicated frown in case Chen Liang was spying on her through his system.

Her face lightened up immediately as she saw her man standing at the agreed spot, Han XiPing was very tall and strikingly handsome. Unlike Chen Liang’s fake gentleness, this man was emitting a a gentle aura which brings a warm feeling to anyone around him.

But still, in order to cheat the cheater, this man was an irreplaceable piece on her board.

Shu ChunChun stopped in her tracks an arms’ length away from Han XiPing as she stared at him with a complicated expressions while biting down hard on her lips.

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Anti-Cheater Strategies – Chp 1

Chapter 1

The warm sunlight shone through the opened window, lighting up the study room.

On the huge desk laid many different types of tuition materials while a handsome man sat nearby. He was wearing a pale gray top with a matching pair of jeans, complementing his body shape perfectly. The handsome man laid his head lazily on his upright arm as he stared at the standing young woman next to him.

The woman looked young and beautiful, while her bright and smart eyes hid behind her pair of black-rimmed glasses. She was emitting the aura of an independent and educated woman, while her attire was formal, her silky brown hair was tied up in a tight bun while a swirl of hair leaked out cheekily, enhancing her elegance. She looked exactly like a professional secretary of a famous CEO.

“Alright, today’s tuition will end here.” Shu ChunChun said as she shut the opened book gently before turning her gentle gaze towards her handsome student, “It’s obvious that you had been putting in a lot of hard-work on your studies even though Student Chen is a transfer, we’ll end the tuition in another two more weeks as you’ll be doing perfectly fine after.”

“It’s because teacher’s teachings are top-notched,” Chen Liang answered with a polite grin as his eyes gleamed subtly at his teacher’s words, before reaching out his hand towards her face and tucking her hair behind her ear, if it was a normal woman, she would’ve blushed at his actions.

But, Shu ChunChun was oblivious to his flirtatious act, “You shouldn’t disregard your own hard-work,” She said gently, a slight smile still plastered on her face, “Ah, look at the time! I should leave now, our next session will be on the coming Sunday.”

At the same time, a mechanical voice sounded in Chen Liang’s mind.

[Beep! An alert from system 1008611
Target Shu ChunChun’s affection +5, total affection = 70
Current impression of host = A very hardworking and diligent student.]

He kept his eyes downcast, hiding his annoying frustrations at the attempts of seducing his teacher. Yes, he had performed a lot of flirtatious actions on his home-room teacher, working hard to raise her affection bar to 70, but it was obviously not in a romantic way, as her affections for him was only of a teacher to a hardworking student.

He began packing the tuition materials on his desks as if he had not been affected by any noises, but while he was packing, he reached up two fingers before tapping them on the side of his head.

[It seems like these gentle methods would not allow her to understand my intentions, if this goes on, the affection meter would stay at 80 and she’ll still think of me as her favorite student forever.]

[Beep! So, will the host change the tactics used? Please do not forget about your actual mission in this world.]

Mission: Trigger the male lead, Han XiPing’s full potential and make sure the main character and the male lead has a happy ending.
Side quest: Steal the heart of the main character.]

[I understand, we had successfully cleared three worlds with flying colors after all, why do you still worry?]

Chen Liang chuckled softly, he would very work hard on this mission, if only for the high reward points.

Shu ChenChen, who had her back facing her student, grinned slightly at the commotion behind her. Ever since she had awakened her own conscious, she found out that she had been gifted a special ability, which allows her to eavesdrop on the conversation of a person and their “system”. It had happened many times, where the world-hopper would conspire with their
“system” in regards to trick her or defeat her.

Shu ChunChun had in fact, experienced many different worlds, and in each world, her name would always stay the same and she would always be the main character of the current world, while these supposedly “world-hoppers” would then invade her world and complete “missions” which will always involve her.

It happened again this time, where she woke up in the body of a 24 year-old woman named Shu ChunChun. She, the main character in this world, is currently a teacher-in-training in a local highschool while the male lead used to be her senior during her school days, but he had graduated and is now working hard in the commercial world. His name was Han XiPing, and he was currently her boyfriend, as she had accepted his confession a few weeks ago.

As for this “student” of hers, his name is Chen Liang, the only son of House Chen, a third year high-school student at the high-school she’s working at right now. And for her future, she had a clear idea about its progression and story-plot from what she had heard just now.

Like a wooden marionette attached to an unbreakable string, forced to move according to the plot arranged for them until the very end…

But, she… had refused to follow her string for a very long time.

Did he not want her heart? Then… he be prepared to exchange it with his own then.

Shu ChunChun packed up her items eagerly, seemingly a lot swifter than usual while flashes of joy flickered through her eyes every so often.

Chen Liang noticed it all, and he also knew about the exact reason, but he pretended that he did not know before questioning her, “Teacher, where are you going off in a rush? It’s Sunday after all.”

“Someone is waiting for me, so I’ll end up late if I don’t leave quickly,” She answered with a shy smile as she thought about her man.

His face darkened dangerously at her honest answer and the temperature in the room fell slightly as his eyes narrowed at her.

“I will take my leave, then.” Seemingly not to realize her student’s behavior, she picked up her bag and proceeded to the door.

“Teacher.” Chen Liang sighed deeply before she could turn the doorknob, his smile had disappeared completely and his darkened eyes brewed with an untamed storm.

“Chen Liang, what is it?” Shu ChunChun asked worriedly, for she had never seen him like his.

He stood up slowly before he strode intimidatingly towards her, his shadow looming over her completely, as he stood a well 1.8meter.

“Actually, I have a confession to make but I haven’t told teacher as I was scared that it’ll upset you.” He whispered deeply, leaning towards her before gazing intently at her face. He was someone who works-out usually, hence he had very well-developed muscles while emitting a strong scent of masculine hormones. Which is why, even at such a young age, his presence would always appear intimidating while giving others a sense of pressure.

Shu ChunChun backed away slowly until her back touched the edge of the desk, preventing her from escaping even further away from him, while he reached out, wrapping his strong arms around her waist before pulling her into a tight hug.\

“C…Chen Liang… P…please stop this prank this instance.” Shu ChunChun cried out nervously, her eyes finally showing a hint of panic at his actions as she tried to push against his chest.

He caught her hands easily with his own as he rubbed his thumb against her smooth skin.

“I’m feeling very distressed as teacher never noticed me in a special way, and now teacher is going on a date with another man. It hurts a lot… here.” He growled deeply, a cold smile hanged on his lips while he pointed towards his heart.

Unable to escape from his tight grip and trapped in the small area by his looming body size, Shu ChunChun began trembling in fear as she knew what would happen if this goes on.

“I have fallen in love with teacher ever since I laid my eyes upon you, it was love at first sight.” He whispered hoarsely into her ear as his hot breath tingled her neck dangerously.

“Chen Liang!” She cried out as she struggled in defiant, knocking down the desk that was blocking her escape, “I…I shall be on my way.” She cried out timidly as her panicked eyes met his deep ones, before running towards the door in a rush.

When a woman receives a confession, there would usually be a psychological fluctuation within her heart, and if the world-hopper increased his flirtatious acts, her heart would slowly lean towards him and away from the actual male lead.

But some world-hoppers prefer a hard-to-score target, as it would make the entire mission interesting and a lot more enjoyable.

Shu ChunChun steadied her glasses while hiding the sharp glint in her eyes.

In fact, she had another special ability, which allows her to control the world-hopper’s affection bar at her will. This ability might seem useless at first glance, but for a world-hopper who depends entirely on their system’s affection bar, being able to move the bar would allow her to indirectly control the entire situation without being noticed.

[Beep! Target Shu ChunChun’s affection -30, total affection = 40
Current impression of host = A slightly scary student.]

As the system’s mechanical voice ended, the cold smile on his face grew wider. All the hard work of pretending to be an outstanding and gentle student had only raised her affection bar to 70, but just a single confession had made it drop by almost a half!

“Teacher, you cannot escape.” He growled coldly before rushing towards her and grabbing her hands tightly in his before pulling her into his arms roughly.

He spun her around, flicking her glasses off her nose on purpose and he watched silently as it fell to the ground in a loud crash. While her bright and beautiful eyes, no longer hidden behind her nerdy glasses, were exposed entirely. Her eyes were so round and huge, and because his face were so near to hers, her eyes were filled with a panicked confusion, making her look like a scared innocent sheep.

“I never knew teacher’s eyes were so beautiful…” Chen Liang murmured softly, lost in eyes for a second before he pushed one legs between her thighs while his arm locked firmly on the wall, caging her in between.

“Chen Liang!” Shu ChunChun stared at him in shock, pushing against his looming chest with all her might, “… Let me go! S…somebody, help!”

Chen Liang, on the other hand, grinned coldly at her futile efforts before licking her earlobes teasingly, “Aunty Zhang is downstairs making lunch, does teacher want her to come upstairs to witness how you are seducing your own student?”

“N…no!” Shu ChunChun shook her head in dismay while her eyes reddened pitifully, “Chen Liang, y…you… Please regain your senses…”

“I seems that teacher is still doubting my words,” He caressed her cheeks gently before touching the sides of her reddened eyes gently.

Her eyelashes flickered in respond to his gentle caressing, and before she could react, his warm lips had already landed on hers.

“I’ve never treated you as my teacher, every time I attend your classes, the only thing that goes through my mind is: Teacher’s lips should taste… really good…”

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Chapter 2