I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 113

Chapter 113


“Don’t move!” HeLian ZiJin rasped deeply as he pressed his bulging hardness between her full butt cheeks.

Her clothes were the only obstruction between their bare skins, and as soon as he tore it into pieces, he could grab her tightly on the waist and devour her in an instant.

In fact, this was the exact position they had used the previous time, as he so recalled vividly. He could feel the excitement rushing through his veins by merely thinking of the tightness within her walls, causing his size to stiffen up uncomfortably.

He had never been one who lusted or craved for sensual desires, in fact, his self-control was highly exceptional among his peers. He knew that even if countless beauties were to strip themselves naked right in front of him, he would not even bat an eye, let alone crave for them.

She, was the only exception. All she did was bend over and accidentally showed some skin on her waist, but it was enough for him to imagine the fullness of her entire butt-cheeks to the point that for a moment, he wondered if she had stolen his soul.

Deep breaths.

He felt horrible.

He wished he could just take her now and then……

“ZiJin, HeLian…… Ah! HeLian ZiJin…… Mm!!” To her disbelief, he was still grinding the tip of his shaft against her, giving no thoughts to the silken skirt she wore as he tried to bury himself within her.

It’s terrible…… If he continues like this, her skirt would be stuffed within her!

However, she could see that he was clearly trying his best to control his urges, and commanding her to stay still was also due to the fear that her wiggling would ignite a bigger flame within him… Though, it was clear from the insistent grinding that it was not going well.

“ZiJin……” Mu QianQian called out softly, her words trembling from her fear.

How exactly did it happen? The angelic looking HeLian ZiJin from moments ago, had turned entirely into this sex-crazed demonic being… What did she do to trigger him so??

Though, it seemed to her like… she had done nothing out of place……

“Don’t move.” HeLian ZiJin rasped hoarsely.

The tip of his beast had successfully entered her tiny lustrous hole, together with the cloth from her skirt, though it was currently obstructing him from entering further.

He… wished to explore her thoroughly.

Even though he had checked her as thoroughly as he could before, the woman in front of him had absolutely zero recollection of what happened that day… So, should he remind her of it today?

Mu QianQian was already stricken with fear to the point of screaming, but the man behind her was still telling her to stay still and keep calm, as he tried his best to control his beastly urges.

And after what felt like forever, HeLian ZiJin retreated suddenly from her, moving quickly towards the windowsill before keeping his back facing towards her.

But as Mu QianQian tried to take a step away, his raspy voice echoed softly through the room, “If you even try to escape, we would settle this right now and then. Feel free to try.”

His words sent shivers through her spine, causing her to halt in her footsteps so suddenly that she crashed face down towards the ground.

Embarrassment and anxiety filled through her as she held herself up, before noticing the discomfort below her… She turned her gaze down, only to notice the end of her skirt, which was partially buried within her……

She removed it instantly, before he could turn his gaze upon her once again, but the sudden stimulation almost caused her to groan out in ecstasy.

To think that her skirt was actually buried within her, how shameful……

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 112

Chapter 112

She, was still in a dream.

In the dream, she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck as she cried out in despair, “Jun SiHai, take me away, save me… I want, to go home……”

HeLian ZiJin’s eyes flashed dangerously as he stared at the woman underneath him, who was calling out another man’s name.

With a flick of his hand, he unbuttoned the her shirt before pulling it open gently.

Her skin was extremely soft and fair, and though it distracted him for a few seconds, he quickly held his mind together before pressing a palm against her chest, slowly injecting his Inner Qi into her body.

“You said you’re not the seventh princess, if so, then who are you?”

The warmth that was spreading from her chest caused her confused conscious to muddle up even further, “I am… Mu QianQian, Mu QianQian……”

It was his turn to be confused, Mu QianQian, perhaps this was her actual name, but still, he could not wrap his mind about this situation.

“Did you truly forget about the past?”

“The… past?” She grunted at the increasing heat at her chest before moaning softly, “N…No……”

But her reply sent him into a chilling fury as his eyes turned cold instantly, “Is it fun to make a fool of me?”

He had truly believed her when she claimed that she had lost her memories! Even now, he had chose to believe that she might’ve been another person than to doubt her words!

But she was asleep, and he was providing her a huge amount of Inner Qi, which was why she could not lie.

And now, it would appear that she had lied to all of them!

In her current state, Mu QianQian had not noticed the coldness in his words, as she was still trapped in her own panic, “Take me away, Jun SiHai, take me… home…… Dong JingMo bullies me… XuanYuan LianCheng bullies me too… HeLian ZiJin hates me. Save me, Jun SiHai……”

His anger quickly subsided as her words landed.

“When had I ever claimed that I hated you?” He had always treated her fairly well, at least compared to the others.

“HeLian ZiJin hates me, but he would always pretend to treat me kindly, so… fake.”

His brows furrowed together tightly at her words.

“But, he’s really handsome, and charming. I like him very much……”

She liked him…… HeLian ZiJin froze at her words, before pulling her by the waist and hugging her tightly.

And Mu QianQian was finally truly awake from the sudden impact.

“Ah!” She was confused, why was she here, why was there a man hugging her tightly from behind?

His palms held her waist firmly, pulling her body backwards and her buttocks to land… right against his hardness.

“HeLian ZiJin!” She cried out in shock after finally recognizing the room she was in, but she was in no place to understand what was happening, as his scorching beast was rubbing passionately through both of her buttcheeks.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that they were both dressed, both of their parts would’ve been rubbing against each other lewdly! How can he do this!

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 111

Chapter 111

“Get lost.” His words were extremely soft, as if he was merely making an unrelated remark, but though it was almost inaudible, it scared her.

At this point, she was entirely frozen with shock! Jun SiHai had always treated her warmly, but now, he was so cold and oblivious to her presence, as if she was nothing but a worthless stranger.

She must be dreaming, just like the previous time where saw XiaoXiao in her dreams.

It must be a dream.

But this dream was so realistic that she could not even convince herself otherwise…

She straightened her back slightly, finally realizing why he was treating her like this… Because though she was still Mu QianQian, she wasn’t the QianQian he knew.

Xia Dynasty’s seventh princess, Mu QianQian.

She could see her well-developed chest and the light green attire that ancient women wore, it must’ve looked extremely weird and suspicious to him…

“Jun SiHai, I’m Mu QianQian…” She tried to explain, but a sudden breeze blew her words away while her hair was blown towards her face painfully.

She could not even open her eyes.

“Jun SiHai, I am Mu QianQian, I am Mu QianQian!……” Each time she tried to say her name, her words would be silence by the breeze, again and again, as if it was something against the law of nature.

She did not know if he heard her words, and she did not know if he would believe her if he did, all she could do was to try her best to scream out her words as tears stream down her cheeks, “Jun SiHai, save me, I want to go home, I want to go home! Save me, inside my novel, I’m… my novel……”

The breeze grew stronger with every second, and she disappeared into thin air while he gaped in confusion.

This strangely dressed woman was gone in an instant, just like how she had appeared before, an

Just like how she had suddenly appeared at this place, the strangely dressed woman was gone in an instant, leaving behind nothing he use to convince himself that what happened had been real.

It was a if the gentle breeze had scattered her into dust.

He wondered if he might’ve fainted from the shock if he did not have a strong heart…

It was what happened with XiaoXiao, who claimed that she had seen a unfamiliar woman dressed in ancient clothing turned into green smoke before disappearing.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 110

Chapter 110

The young lady in front of him looked no more than seventeen, and her beauty was unlike any he had seen in this modern era, but… that was not the point!

Her eyes, the way she gazed at him, was so familiar, they were the eyes of QianQian……

He caught her by the wrist as his eyes narrowed coldly, “Who are you?”

“You’re crazy!” How can he, of all people, ask her this! Was his brain fried or something!?

But her eyes landed on the gravestone right after the words left her lips, the picture on the grave was her face, and the name was hers.

Mu QianQian……

“I’m dead……” She shrugged off his grip before kneeling before her own tombstone shakily.

It was as if every speck of energy and liveliness had left her body as she stared at her own face and her own name on the tombstone.

“I’m… really dead…” She muttered softly under her breath as she reached out her fingers towards her own picture, but her wrist was once again caught by the man beside her.

“Don’t touch her!” Jun SiHai did not know where this oddly dressed lady had came from, nor did he care who she is.

He would not allow her to touch his woman, not even her picture.

Mu QianQian, was his!

Even though he had never confessed to her, even though she had absolutely no idea about his feelings for her.

But nonetheless, even in death, she was his!

Mu QianQian stared at the face of the man in front of her, there was no speck of the usual gentleness from before, as it had been replaced with an alienated repulse for her.

He would not allow her to touch her own tombstone, and it was as if his cold gaze were warning her off, that he would not allow her repulsive touch to stain her picture.

But, that was her own picture.

“Jun SiHai……”

“I don’t know you, get lost.” He was in a really bad mood, and after pushing her towards the ground, he once again knelt down beside the tombstone before staring unblinkingly at the picture of the woman he loved.

Mu QianQian never knew Jun SiHai treated her so well, that she was someone he wouldn’t forget even in death.

All these time, she had only treated him as someone to go to when she had no money to eat, or when she ran out of clothes to wear.

He was a man with many cards, so many that she had never managed to count them, and he never once hesitated when he swiped is card for her.

But still, she had never treated him as a walking ATM, she had recorded the money he spent on her down to the single cent on her secret notebook. She would list down the restaurants that they went to and how much the meal costed, she would list down the prices of the clothes he bought for her.

She had made sure she would remember it all, as she intended to pay him back.

She had always believed that her novels would become famous one day, and that she would receive a lot of royalties from her publishers.

By then, she would have enough money to pay him back for his kindness.

“Jun SiHai……”

He ignored her entirely and stayed unmovingly by the tombstone as he stared at her picture in silence.

The slight breeze blew through his short unkept hair, instantly giving his handsome face a hint of unexplainable beauty.

It was the beauty of imperfection as his hair swung messily against the side of his face.

Before meeting Dong JingMo, HeLian ZiJin and XuanYuan LianCheng, she had always thought Jun SiHai to be the most attractive person in the world. He looked better than the celebrities on screen, and even now, she could not help but admit that he was handsome, as handsome as the three men from her story.

But all of them had a different kind of beauty and style, and her heart breaks as she could not bear to see such a silent sadness from such a handsome man.

“Jun SiHai……”

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 109

Chapter 109

… To Mu QianQian, today was the day she had lingered around the edges of life and death, even after many years later, she would tremble in fear and terror whenever she thought of today.

What did she do? To be honest, she had done nothing other than performed a dance, and after that, she had spent the entire afternoon being tortured to the point that there was no longer any skin left on her without bruises.

He had forced her to dance, biting her when she doesn’t.

It was a true bite, not a playful one, and every single one had cause she to scream out in pain, and each time, she would abandon her dignity even further as she danced without rest.

Never stopping even when her body trembled from fatigue, or when the back of her thighs were sore and in pain from his reckless ramming.

She believed that Dong JingMo had gone crazy… He MUST be crazy.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be in such a crazed mood, conquering her body again and again without rest. It was early afternoon when he started, and it was already late mid-day when she once again noticed the time, it felt like no less than four hours had passed, and he had not allowed her to rest.

So she had to dance and dance and dance.

But while she danced, he would ram her like a madman, it was as if the stamina within him would never run out.

She felt relieved when she finally fainted within his arms, and when she woke up, she realized that she was in HeLian ZiJin’s medical room and he was shamelessly applying medicine straight into her walls, but though she knew that his intentions were good, she could not stop herself from fainting from shame once again.

In her dazed state, she came upon a grave stone with her picture and her name on it. Did she really have a gravestone in an era where unowned land costed millions?!

Yes, she was a dead person in the modern world, now, she was but lone spirit wandering through another world.

The 21st century Mu QianQian was long gone…

She noticed a lone man kneeling beside her grave, and his familiar frame caused her eyes to light up with excitement.

Quickly rushing towards him, she habitually reached out a hand towards his shoulders to give him a scare, “Jun SiHai!”

He tensed up at the sudden sound behind him, before slowly turning his head towards the stranger behind him.

But his eyes were cold as ice and foreign as they landed on her face. His brows furrowed deeply together as she reached out her hand towards him once again, before catching it in midair, “Get lost!” His growl was as chilly as his stare, as if he was but a demon from hell.

And with a flip of his hand, he pushed her towards a muddy puddle nearby.

Mu QianQian winced in pain as she crashed onto the ground, “Jun SiHai you asshole! How dare you push me! You’re dead I tell you! I’ll bite you to death right this instant!” Ugh! All these while, Dong JingMo and the other men had bullied her to no end, but now, even Jun SiHai was treating her like this! Does everyone really see her as a sick kitten that they could bully whenever!?

“You’re all bullies! You asshole! I finally returned to this world and you dare bully me too!” She pouted unhappily as tears streamed down her face, “You asshole!” She crawled out from the mud puddle before swinging a fist towards him.

But Jun SiHai did not avoid it as he had already solidify ever since the first word left her lips.

This woman called him an asshole, and she wanted to bite him to death…

Those were the words QianQian used to say when she got angry at him…

And QianQian would always swing her soft fists at him after swearing to bite him to death……

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 108

Chapter 108

Dong JingMo’s eyes shone as he caressed her buttcheeks, his touch lingered through her skin, moving ever so gently and it was almost as if he was worshipping her body.

Flashes of pink could be seen hidden between her round and plump cheeks, causing his body to tensed up in anticipation as he trailed his fingers down her inner thighs and back, prolonging the suspense and her torture by avoiding the crucial part each time.

And finally, when she felt as if she might go crazy from the anxiety, he pushed her plump cheeks apart to reveal the fresh pink lips within.

“En……” A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt a sudden chill on her softness as it was finally exposed to air.

“Dance. Dance for me, dance like you did just now.” His warm breath tingled the back of her neck, causing her to tremble as a curious thrill ran down her spine.

She bit down on her lips in confusion, he wanted her to dance, but how? How was she going to dance in this situation and with the position she was in right now?

Normally, she could not and would not call him a pervert, but at this single moment, she wished she had the guts to scream it right at his face. Damn this man, such a big pervert! What sort of fetish was this!?

She wished she had the power to run her mouth, but she had long since accepted the reality of her position here.

“D…Dong JingMo… Let go of me, I…I can’t dance like this.” She stuttered softly, hoping she could at least talk some senses into this man, even though she knew that the success rate was less than zero.

But still, he was holding her body in a strong grip, while both of her legs were shaking slightly, where can she find any strength to dance?

Her words sent him into a long silence, before outright refusing her ‘suggestion’, “I don’t feel like letting go.”

And to her horror, not only did he not let go of her butt cheeks, he had started pushing a single finger within her teasingly.

“E…En……” Another moan escaped from her agape lips as she felt her body tensing up instantly.

“Dance.” He rasped deeply into her ears while his breathing intensified as he noticed the changes in her body.

He wanted to consume her right this instant, but he wished to see her dance one more time, just like how she did in the room. He wanted to see her shake her snake-like waist, and he wanted to personally dominate a life sized demonic snake.

(TNote: Demonic snake is used to refer to snakes who had cultivated to a certain level and had obtained their human form, they are being of fantasy from Chinese history.)

His eyes narrowed slightly upon noticing that she was ignoring his words, before leaning towards her shoulders to take a heavy bite.

“Ah!” She yelped in pain, though his teeth had not break through her skin, it had been a real bite and it hurts a lot!

“Do it now.” He mumbled dangerously into her bitten shoulder, as if promising further torture if she would dare to go against his command.

“I……” Tears filled her eyes as she tried to glance at him helplessly, but more from the pain.

But upon realizing that he was leaning towards her other shoulder, she had no choice but to scream out in shock, “I’ll dance, Dong JingMo, I will dance instantly. Don’t bite me!”

She straightened her body as best as she could while still hugging the pole, and trying her best to ignore the thick finger within her walls, she shook her body from side to side alluringly, before biting down on her lips to prevent herself from moaning at the finger which was digging deeper and deeper into her as she swayed.

She hummed a soft tune, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to contain the occasional moan that would escape from her unwilling lips.

“E…En……” Her voice trembled together with her swaying body, portraying her stress and anxiety at the current situation she was in. She did not dare to sway her waist too much, as his terrifying finger was messing up her insides.

“En… E…En……” The humming had ceased to exist, and was replaced by shaky moaning.

“Demoness!” He growled deeply as he withdrew himself from her, but before she could let out a sigh of relief, a huge and solid object was already buried deeply into her exposed softness.

Finally letting go of the accursed pole, she straightened her upper body and unknowingly rested herself against his strong and muscular chest as her shocked scream echoed through the room while her body trembled in shock.

“Demoness!” He wrapped his strong palms around the demonic snake’s waist, before pulling her down greedily onto his starving beast.

The madness had only just begun.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 107

Chapter 107

Mu QianQian jumped in shock at the sudden crash as HeLian ZiJin accidentally shattered the teacup he had been holding all these time.

“Y…Your hand is bleeding!” She cried out in shock as she halted her dancing immediately.

“I’ll treat it now.” He said simply, and in a flash of white, there was no sight of him within the room any longer.

“Absolutely… You really know no shame!” XuanYuan LianCheng stood up from his seat as he hastily wiped off the flashes of red that streamed from his nose, before escaping in a panic.

Mu QianQian could only gape speechlessly at the troublesome prince, she had been dancing! How could he be so rude?!

She had been running out of breath, but the two men’s reactions somewhat angered her, causing her chest to puff in and out furiously.

“Your breathing is getting messy, allow me to sooth it for you.” Don’t JingMo’s deep raspy voice sounded from behind of her, and before she could react, an oversized coat was wrapped around her suddenly and he picked her up in a bridal carry.

In a blink of an eye, the room’s images flashed and they were already in his bedroom.

He tossed her body onto the bed before leaning in to give her a long and deep kiss, while she was merry relieved that the landing was a soft and cushioned mattress instead of a solid jaded bed.

But come to think of it, why did he bring her back to his room in broad daylight?

Deep down, she knew what he planned to do, but she had been dancing just moments ago, and her dance was still incomplete, how could he just interrupt her like this?

“Dong JingMo… Mmph……”

He did not speak out of habit, as he had always been a man of action, and her pitifully exposing clothes were torn to pieces under his impatient fingers.

He was once again the crude and violent Lord, in fact, the Dong JingMo right now was much more violent and impatient than usual.

“Dong JingMo, Dong JingMo! Don’t be like this!” She struggled with all of her might, as she was fearful that her fragile body was not capable of standing his excitement.

But she was never able to stop him before, so how could she escape from a crazed Dong JingMo? With a flip of his hands, he raised her shirtless body up from the bed and placed her against a wooden pole next to the bed, before indicating that she hug onto the pole.

“Dong JingMo……” She called out shakily, wanting to turn her face towards him, but he would not allow her to.

Burning lips kissed her ears before he nibbled onto her earlobes greedily, causing her to cry out in pain, “Dong JingMo, d…don’t……”

“Hug the pole.” He said blandly as he ignored her unwillingness, before destroying her skirt into pieces.

But, he had merely tore it to shreds, before pushing the remaining parts of the skirt towards her slender waist.

Meanwhile, her panties had not met a better end, as he had reduced it to ribbons before tossing it towards a random corner of the room, and she knew that she would ever see it again.

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 106

Chapter 106

After their discussion, Mu QianQian had decided to perform belly dancing at the banquet, though before then, she would perform for her various husbands before seeking their approval to do so.

She took her time dressing up, only appearing on stage right before all of them lost their patience.

She stood shyly on the stage as she glanced at her audiences, who stared slack-jawed at her revealing attire.

Dong JingMo clenched his hands tightly into fists, and HeLian ZiJin picked up his teacup and pretended to taste the tea in the cup indifferently, while XuanYuan LianCheng leaned back onto his chair as he squinted at her.

The top of her dress had been sliced and redecorated, exposing her snow-white belly and the fragile form of her shoulders.

Dong JingMo waved his hands impatiently, immediately dismissing the remaining servants in the room, who had been keeping their heads down from the moment she appeared on stage.

“You… What is the purpose of dressing up like this?” Feeling his throat tightening, he growled deeply at her before mimicking HeLian ZiJin’s actions by lifting his teacup towards his lips but instead of slowly sipping it, he had gulped down the entire cup of tea instead.

“To dance, of course!” Mu QianQian answered in confusion before positioning herself in the middle of the room. She was embarrassed out of her wits, as even before she came to this dynasty, she was not one to wear exposing clothing in the modern world, but this was a necessary sacrifice she would need to make for belly dancing.

Because of the lack of music, as HeLian ZiJin did not understand the tunes of the modern world, she had brought along her many bracelets along with her, and now, they were all worn throughout both of her slender wrists, creating a melodious-like music whenever the bracelets bumped against each other.

“In that case, dance then.” XuanYuan LianCheng’s eyes were colder than usual as he said flatly.

Somewhat shocked by the extreme chill in his voice as she did not know when or how she had offended this delicate prince, Mu QianQian began to move her body according to her memories.

As she swayed her hips and moved according to tune of her soft humming, her plum-shaped buttocks were outlined clearly beneath the pink silky skirt she wore, enhancing her outrageous appeal.

This body of hers was extremely soft and flexible, and the constant twisting of her hips made it seem like she was completely boneless. Her movements were smooth and slick like a snake, and as she danced, she realized that she was improving very quickly.

Her long silky hair fluttered to her movements, it had actually been her idea to release her hair freely, as belly dancing was much more associated to waves of silk and delicate moments, and she was convinced that her well-kept smooth hair would definitely enhance her performance.

Her tiny face was somewhat flushed, but for the first time since she had arrived here, her smile was full of confidence.

Her ultimate beauty was enough to suck the souls from any men who laid eyes on her face.

However, the men were instead completely mesmerized by her waist.

Her waist was so thin and slender that any man could wrap their hands around her waist in a full round, and now, it was twisting and shaking to the music created by the colliding bracelets.

And as they stared unblinkingly, all three men began to think of the same animal.

A snake!

She was moving like a snake, from the way she moved to the subtle waves of allure.

Without realizing it, all three men had began holding their breath silently as they drown in her performance, before focusing on her subtle breathing with was quickening as she danced.

For a moment, it was as if the entire world had frozen, except for the twisting snake.

The entire room was silent, but it was quickly broken as images began flashing through their minds, visages so real that it was as if it was happening right in front of their eyes.

Her delicate frame was pressed beneath a tall and strong male, but unlike how she had cried and begged under their touches, the lips of the snake-like woman were slightly raised while she twisted her slender waist slightly, making it seem like her entire body was trembling.

Without long, her breathing gradually turned into a low moaning, before finally turning into a sharp high-pitched scream.

Meanwhile, the man atop of her rammed her with all of his might, sending his thick and enormous giant into her all-too-tiny part, quickly withdrawing it from her before filling her up, again and again……

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But honestly, I don’t understand what’s going through her mind, it’s like she doesn’t want to do it with her husbands, but she would belly dance for an entire group of audiences in a goddamn event while wearing such revealing clothes in an ancient dynasty wotttttttt??? It’s either going to make more men starve for her body, or make her husbands ANGRY AF and they punish her instead LMFAO!!

Plus from what I read, performers in ancient times are usually slaves / prostitutes / women of low standing, and a princess would never perform for anyone other than the emperor or her husband, as being a performer is a form of degrade and disgrace to a woman of high standings.

Hence, I really do think that this was a really bad move for our dear FL smfh…

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 105

Chapter 105

She’s finally smiling… And though there were still lingering tears at the corners of her reddened eyes, while her nose was also swollen and red, the smile on her curved up lips nearly took his breath away.

That smile was so beautiful, like the pure and innocent ivory orchids in the fields, or the slight sunlight that shone through the clouds. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing that his breathing had intensified without his notice.

His eyes darkened deeply as he stared at her lips silently, and before she could react, he had already clamped his lips over hers hungrily, suckling and tasting her mouth earnestly.

Mu QianQian could only blink in surprise at his sudden actions, were they not discussing on a serious matter just moments ago? Why was he suddenly like this once again?

She wanted to push him away, but he held her firmly with his strong arms. It was as she had thought, there was no escape if he truly wished to force himself upon her.

But before she could resign to her miserable fate, he had released her lips quickly before glancing down at her silent and well-behaved manner.

It made him feel inexplicably better.

“Go ahead, wash your face and wait for me at the pavilion in the garden, I will order the servants to bring you lunch.” He said softly as he pushed her away.

“Oh, okay.” She nodded after a slight pause, before moving to stand, but both of them immediately noticed that something was wrong.

What was wrong, you might ask? Needless to say, it was because of a certain man’s beast, which was still buried deep within the woman’s walls, and their mindless movements had merely caused an undeniable friction, causing a moan to escape their lips.

This is simply……

Something like this could only happen to the most talented people, as they were the only ones in the world who was capable of chatting while they were still attached so intimately!

Absolutely incredible!

“QianQian…” After a long pause, he finally broke the silence by calling out her name, his voice was deep and raspy, full of lust and need, “Let’s… finish it, alright? Just this once. I promise I’ll be gentle, okay?”

“…” A sob escaped her throat as soon as his words landed.

XuanYuan LianCheng: “…”

And finally, under extreme unwillingness and her huge tear-filled eyes, he gently propped himself up from the bed, and with a loud plop, a nectar-drenched beast was withdrawn from her body.

The sight of it was enough to send anyone into a frenzy…

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I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 104

Chapter 104

XuanYuan LianCheng knew he should’ve looked on at her sobbing with disgust and irritation, but instead, without him realizing it, he had already placed his palms behind her back as he tried to sooth her crying in vain.

He did not know why he would perform such a gentle action.

But that’s not the end, as he had started coaxing her with words shortly after, “Please don’t cry, I’ll treat you well, be good… Don’t cry, I won’t force myself upon you alright?”

He felt like giving himself a tight slap right as the words left his lips. Why am I treating her with such care and caution? But the words came by itself, and he could not stop, “If you wipe your tears and stop crying, I’ll tell you everything about Dong Zhou today, alright?”
(TNote: Dong Zhou is XuanYuan LianCheng’s country, he’s a neighboring country’s prince.)

Though her crying softened down slightly, she was still sobbing and whimpering as her tears continued to fell from her eyes, but though he felt a curious annoyance, he had, too, felt a deep numbing pain within his heart.

His perfect brows furrowed into a deep frown as he continued quickly, “Fine, I’ll assist you in preparing the banquet for the emissary, alright? So stop crying to I will really toss you onto the ground.”

“For real? You would really help me?” She glanced up at him with her wide teary eyes before blinking pitifully, and he felt his heart pounding against his chest as her long eyelashes fluttered weakly at him.

Unable to control himself, he reached out a finger towards the corner of her eyes, intending to wipe the lingering tears from her, “I promise, and we’ll definitely make it perfect, but take note that I will only assist you, therefore you shouldn’t expect that I’d do everything for you.” He sighed in resign.

But it was somewhat difficult for her to believe his words, as he had never been the nicest person to her, “You’re really not lying when you said you’d help me, right?”

His patience had clearly ran out at this point, as he control his urges of tossing her onto the ground, “You can scram this instant if you do not believe my words.”

“I do! I do!” She nodded her head instantly, wiping her tears and snot onto his sleeves before glancing up at him with a satisfied smile, “I believe you, Little ChengCheng! Then, you tell me about Dong Zhou now? I swear I will learn it by heart, and we can discuss how to proceed with the banquet right away?”

It was fortunate that she finally had someone to work with, and he was the prince of Dong Zhou nonetheless! With a single promise, she felt as if all of her stress had left her body.

It was as if there was finally someone who would walk beside her, and it felt awfully good. She felt as if nothing else could go wrong, no matter which path she took in the future, and it soothed the anxiety and stress she had been feeling ever since she fell into this world.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng was glancing down at her contented face, he had not expected that she would break out of her tears merely with a promise to assist.

This woman, she’s so easily satisfied.

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