I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 1

Chapter 1: I Became The Vicious Villianess.

It had never crossed Mu QianQian’s mind that she would one day be transmigrated into her very own novel, onto the body of the Seventh Princess, who was also the most vicious villianess in the novel.

Her eyes shot opened in a daze as a sharp pain spread from the perky bean on her chest, looking downwards in a rush, she realized that she was sitting on the lap of a man and her top garments were half opened, exposing her inner-wear. This hand were inside her inner-wear, groping and teasing her bosoms intimately.

He pinched her hardened beans once again before squeezing her soft bosoms into different shapes.

“En…” Against her will, Mu QianQian moaned uncontrollably at his teasing. She had been a single dog all her life before waking up in this weird place, hence having her bosoms teased were enough to send jolts of shock up her spine.

Her escaped moans attracted the glances of the nearby guards and they stared hungrily at her chest, some of them were even cursing that it was a pity that her inner-wear wasn’t torn off or it would’ve been a feast to their eyes.

But most were already satisfied at the chance of watching their master bully the seventh princess and humiliate her in front of his guards, it was so triggering that most of them were already aroused, controlling their urges of crushing this slutty but beautiful princess under them.

Dong LingMo ignored the stares of his guards as his hand moved downwards swiftly before she could react. He touched it! She thought in dismay as his hand went underneath her panties, poking her bottom lips teasingly, as if letting her know that he’s there.

“W…wait, y…you… Ah! En… Ah…! W…wait!” She cried out in shock as he started rubbing her intimately with his burning fingers, they flicked ever so softly outside her gap, once again sending shocks up her spine, Holy mother of god what is he DOING!? She thought in horror as her body went limp against his chest.

“Princess, shall we continue?” The man growled huskily into her ear while nibbling her earlobe teasingly.

“C…continue?” Mu QianQian muttered in a daze, not understanding what he meant as all her focus was on the wiggling finger poking greedily at the entrance of her dripping softness, “En…”

“Continue on, as the princess commanded.” The man said in a commanding voice as his eyes narrowed dangerously.

Immediately, a woman’s shrill screams could be heard from somewhere nearby. Mu QianQian, who was already in a daze from the penetration of his fingers, looked towards the sound, only to flinch in horror at the view.

WHAT was that!? What is happening here!?

The floor was full of blood and the shrill screams had already weakened, “Mu QianQian, how dare you wrongly accused me of a crime I never did!” The crazy woman shrieked weakly in rage, “I’ll never forgive you even if I die! N…never!”

Mu QianQian counted FIVE men surrounding the screaming woman, each of them forcing themselves into her continuously with their thick purple-ish shaft, so beastly that they pulsed in anticipation. The broken woman was limp to the bone from their continuous torture, not a single part of her body was left untouched and blood leaked endlessly from her wrecked softness.

She was literally being raped to death, and as she took her last dying breath, her bleeding and unblinking eyes stared maliciously at Mu QianQian as the light inside slowly faded.

Mu QianQian cowered fearfully at the sight of the dead woman and curled up into a ball in his arms, trembling in horror before finally fainting.

“Master.” The guards standing nearby called out to Dong LingMo, awaiting his orders.

Dong LingMo stared at the unmoving corpse on the ground with disinterested before gazing down towards the unconscious princess in his arms, “Didn’t the seventh princess demanded that she want me by her side tonight?” He grinned cheerfully as he recalled her wonderful facial expressions and her trembling upon seeing the dead body, it was so different from the usual her, “Send her to her room, I will personally entertain her tonight.”

Translator’s Note:
Okay I’ll be testing out this novel that was suggested by Mafia-Lady (´▽`) Hopefully it’s interesting as I will do a 5-10 chapter teaser. If the comments are good, I’ll probably finish this one (´▽`)

I’m also looking at other novels, so stay tune as I search for my next project!

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  2. I read this story before in my country language but it haven’t updated recently. All I can tell you that the author will receive her karma by her body. I encourage you to do this story.

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