I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 10

Chaper 10: It’s In And It Hurts 2.

“N…no… Ah!” A woman’s shrill scream echoed through the room as his huge shaft went deep into her soaked walls in a loud “plop”.

Tears streamed down her cheeks at the extremely intense pain as his shaft, who had expanded even wider than an infant’s arm, rammed unforgivingly into her deepest parts.

It was so huge, so solid.., she could even feel it pulsing deep within her cruelly expanded walls. It felt like her body was split into two halves from the middle. “N…no… P…please remove it… Ah… D…don’t move yet!” She sobbed desperately, begging for mercy, “En… I…it h…hurts… Ah…”

Dong JingMo, too, was in extreme pain and discomfort as her uneven walls, though soaked, had clamped onto his hardness too tightly after he forced himself fully into her. He could not move naturally, and it was causing his hardness to swell painfully, hence he had no choice but try moving.

Sweat of unwanted restrain streamed down his forehead, dripping onto her full bosoms before disappearing out of sight as her body trembled in suffering.

He grind his teeth in frustration and leaned towards her intimidatingly, positioning himself in a comfortable moving position before he pulled back for a deep thrust.

“Ah…!” Screams of horror escaped her agape lips as he rammed her deeply, the initial sharp pain had subsided slightly, leaving behind a numbing pain as she felt a warm liquid flowing out of her softness.

Dong JingMo stared at his shaft, which were streaked with blood, before shifting his gaze towards the similarly blood stained bedsheets, his eyes narrowing dangerously as streaks of red flashed through them.

He could no longer hear her cries as his mind went blank at the sight of her virgin blood. In his mindless berserk, he rammed her swiftly, reaching her deepest walls with each thrust.

Translator’s Note:
Ooooohhh he went berserk at the sight of blood goddamn ಠ_ಠ

I’ve always wanted to know that if men irl truly feel happy at the fact of popping a virgin’s cherry? Or would they normally just feel happy to make love with their significant other? (´▽`)

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  1. “Wider than an infant’s arm” = OUCH! I guess that killed the “Asian male stereotype” as being “smaller” than “African descent” males. ;-p

  2. uuuuggghhh i hate how people think seeing blood means virgin. it literally means the man or whoever(whatever?lol…) is a garbage lover. literally any woman whos not feeling it will bleed regardless of whether or not theyre a virgin…means theyre not aroused enough.
    ignoring that… thank you for translating!

    1. +1!! My first ex during college took my first time but then he got angry because I didn’t bleed and he thought I lied about it being my first time! Absolute garbage 😡😡
      True, rape victims usually bleed too from what I read, but I didn’t know that not being aroused enough causes bleeding too (´▽`)

      1. Well, yes, a woman can bleed because the other person didn’t wait until she was ready, or because the partner used too much strength. She can get some small vaginal tears.

        Or sometimes it’s because too much friction and too little lubrication.

        It can also happen to men who have gay intercourse, I actually think it’s more common for them because they don’t have the same natural lubricant as women do. Also because some people don’t know that it needs more preparation.

        Most of those injuries are caused by inexperienced partners.

      2. It depends if your hymen was intact or not. It can break pending if you use tampons, ride bikes or horses, etc. They can even slowly break over time with bleeding being missed or not noticed.

        Rape trauma often causes bleeding because of how violent it is. Also, bleeding can occur if you have problems with your cervix, too.

      3. I guess he was a ancient-antic man😁😁 Didnt he know that there are kinds of hymen?
        Virgin doesnt mean you must bleeding un your first time. In this modern era, bleeding doesnt mean you are virgin though.. Surgery can “bring back” your virginity

    2. You can bleed on your first time, even while being careful and being aroused. The hymen could be intact, thus tears, or partial intact- and thus, tears all the way. Both bleeding and not bleeding are perfectly normal. As per Planned Parenthood: “Pain or bleeding the first time someone has vaginal sex IS common, and is caused by the stretching or tearing of your hymen (the fleshy tissue that stretches across the vaginal opening). But it definitely doesn’t happen to everyone. Everyone’s hymen is different.”

      As for ‘Cherry Chasers’: they are real and kind of gross. It’s a fetish and a control thing. Typically, cherry chasers are not nice people. But some guys, due to religious or personal beliefs, relish being their girl’s first, just like a girl can relish being her guy’s first.

      1. Yes, there’s different types of hymen, I even remember that some cause more pain than others during the first time because of the flexibility or something like that.

        Though like Yserieh said sometimes it breaks due to other things and sometimes it doesn’t even break until childbirth.

        My previous comment was about both virgin and non-virgin people.

      2. Hahaha, I love my guy experienced, no awkward sex for me. I think I just prefer to be the last one for my man rather than the first one.

  3. On to the unnecessarybutIjustrememberedthisandneedtosharenow sex facts, there was a teenage couple who came into the emergency room who were stuck together… It was their first time and the only explanation was that the girl was really nervous and clamped down on the guy’s penis and…yeah. Had to call security to get the mother away because she kept smacking both of them… No idea how that ended because my shift was done…
    Now that that fun fact is in your head, LOL thank you for translating!

    1. ohmygod i can’t believe this actually happened irl lmfaoooo, I’ve always only seen it in smut novels like these xD
      Thanks for the sex facts though ahahhaha I’m literally imagining the doctors and nurses’ faces omfg

      1. My family has a medical background and my mother once had an A&E case where a woman came in stuck with her… dog. Apparently dogs have barbed penises so that the female doesn’t run off during the act so when excited, dog’s penises “hook” into the female vagina.

        … now back to the story, well, the ..er…lady? and her dog were well and truly stuck. They tranqued the dog to get it to relax and release.

  4. Haha, funny, Just wonder how can parent allow their daughter to have sex with boyfriend without marriage. We have strong culture or rule where we have to stay virgin and give first time to husband. If husband die, have to stay widow and take care of children, no second marriage.

    I didn’t know how sex work, thanks to smut novel, Now I know lot. I feel funny when I remember when I was at high school, I ask parent how they get pregnant, they answered me that you only get pregnant when you sleep with man or sit with man. They horrible told me, never talk or closer to men, their touch impregnated you. I was traumatized and stay far away from male classmates. When one classmate accident touch my hand, I wipe hand so hard, I never thought sleeping was sex. Also naive me, wonder why I couldn’t get pregnant when I was sleeping with my sisters. Hehehe I was too naive and ignorant at even high school, but thank to smut c novel, I learn lot.

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