I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 100

Chapter 100

She trembled together with her swollen bud as he caressed it casually, before moving enthusiastically towards the source of her sweet nectar.

And to his delight, she was drenched! SO drenched that her entire panties was possibly soaked to the brim. And still, she had the guts to claim that she’s not wet! He thought in amusement.

“Good girls shouldn’t tell lies~” He grinned seductively as he pushed a finger deep into her without another word.

“Ah! N…No… En……” Mu QianQian bit down on her lips, desperately trying to suppress her moans as she pushed against him, but he was too strong, and too heavy.

H…He… He’s in! Just like that! Oh my god!! Her eyes were wide with panic, but her misfortune would not end here, as his eyes were bright with satisfaction at her warmth and depth, so much so that he had pulled her towards him instantly before pressing her thighs apart.

This was actually his first time observing her woman’s parts in such close proximity, her trembling petals were of a cute pink as it sucked desperately onto his finger, twitching occasionally as if his finger was the abnormality and that her walls were working hard to close off the forced-open gap.

It’s… so beautiful…

“D…Don’t! Don’t look!” She felt faint-headed as shame burnt throughout her entire body, but her words had fallen to deaf ears as he had ignored her entirely, H…How shameless can one be!?

“N…No… Don’t… Ah! S…Stop moving… Ah!” His thick buried finger had began moving in and out of her, and as she was lying on the bed, she could not see what was happening in her lower body, but the mere thought had threw her into more shame than anything else.

“N…No… Ah!!” Suddenly, her eyes shot wide opened as she yelped in shock, “No, that’s impossible! No… Ah!! LianCheng! LianCheng, don’t be like this, no… En… Ah……”

In fact, he had spread her apart with both thumbs before forcing a second finger within her, and she felt as if she was already at her limit as she felt extremely bloated and full, It hurts!

“No… Ah… En……” Melodic moans escaped her lush lips as she lost control of her thoughts and her body, she would try to raise her buttocks instinctively, but due to her lack of strength, it would always drop back onto the bed.

His fingers would be waiting underneath, and he would move them furiously every time her buttocks landed back onto the bed, causing her screams to echo through the room uncontrollably, “Ah! No… En~ Ah!”

Her mind was empty, except for the constant rush of pleasure, but suddenly, her eyes had wide in shock as she felt an unusual sensation below her.

A third one! He’s trying to push another one in!!

Translator’s Note:
Damnit I wish I had such luck with fingers *pouts*

I’m thoroughly sorry for the lack of updates this week, my manager had been pushing us at work to the max throughout the entire week (and goddamn weekends!!!), and we were OT-ing almost everyday, sigh. I finally had some spare time today so here’s a short chapter!


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