I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 101

Chapter 101

“No!! A…Ahh……”

XuanYuan LianCheng’s face and forehead were filled entirely with sweat, and as his three fingers entered her, his sweat dripped onto her smooth bare skin and finally flowing onto the quilt beneath.

He leaned towards her chest and clamped his teeth softly over her aroused bean, causing her to scream out at the numb pain, before suckling onto her greedily.

And as his musky masculinity scent surrounded her, Mu QianQian, who was already somewhat out of control, felt slightly drunk.

The man above her was her husband, and though he had done such shameless things to her. But as she stared at his sweating face from his forbearance and smelled his scent, she realized in despair that she… could not make herself hate this man.

“E…En……” Her moans were muffled as he had clamped his lips over hers. The three fingers were still moving within her, and as she drowned in her moans, she had raised her buttocks subconsciously to meet his huge palm.

He moved his fingers through her eagerly, and as a new wave of her burning nectar soaked his palms, he stared down at the woman underneath him, who was clearly drowned completely in pleasure.

Hmph! Her mouth says no but it’s obvious that her body wants me! He thought in satisfaction as his spirits lifted, and after taking another taste of her lips, he reached out towards the back of her neck and stroke her on a specific point.

The slight pain in her neck caused her to regain her senses for a second, and as her strength returned to her body, he proceeded to bury his fingers deep within her in a single thrust.

“Ah…!” She trembled uncontrollably, throwing her head backward as the scorching pleasure spread from her abdomen throughout her entire body, causing her newly regained senses to collapse once more.

“QianQian.” He rasped deeply near her ears, his voice was so sexy and so magnetic as it burned her reasoning into sweet nothings, “I’m uncomfortable, hurry, touch me.”

He raised her idle tiny hand and placed it upon his bulging beast.

Mu QianQian felt utterly drunk, and she had not realized what he had done. All she knew was that her hand had touched something not only extremely hard and solid, but also huge!

She withdrew her hand in panic, causing him to move his three fingers within her like a madman, “Put your hand in and coax him, hurry!”

“Ah! A…Ah… Ah…!” She felt as if she had been expanded beyond repair as the three fingers ravaged her mercilessly, though the slight pain was always accompanied by unparalleled pleasures. She could not control her screaming as she raised her buttocks to meet his fingers once more.

Meanwhile, her tiny hand had once again landed on his bulging beast, obeying his instructions as it obediently entered his belt-less pants.

Translator’s Note:
So all he wanted was her love and respond ohoho? xD


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