I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 102

Chapter 102

“It’s scorches!” The scorching heat scared her away instantly, but he quickly captured her escaping hand with his and rubbed it over his bulging hardness while the fingers on his other hand continued their advances through her drenched walls.

“Ah! Ah… Ahh……”

In addition to the constant shrilled screams of a woman and the heavy deep breathing of a man, was the noisy squishy noise of fingers colliding with her exposed parts.

Her moans grew louder and more indulgent as time passed, and finally, welcoming her first climax of the day as her body trembled uncontrollably and erupted from the intense torment and pleasure by the man violating her.

Her entire face was flushed an erotic scarlet while her body trembled constantly at the lingering explosion from before. And as he felt the crazy contraction of her drenched walls, he knew instantly that he could not control himself anymore as his beast was already roaring in hunger.

Quickly withdrawing his fingers from her, he removed his trousers and pulled out his pride, and it was a relief that Mu QianQian was in a confused daze from her recent climax, for if she had awakened and was given the chance to see the humongous thing crawling with monstrous green veins, she would’ve fainted instantly from shock and fear.

He grabbed her on the thighs and pulled her easily towards him, aiming the tip of his beast against her leaking abyss before wrapping his hands around both side of her slender waist, and with a deep snarl, he rammed her with all of his strength, pushing through her drenched walls and reaching her deepest parts easily.

Relishing in the tight warmth of her trembling walls, he could not believe how he could’ve missed out on this ecstasy all through his life!

He tightened his grip on her waist, intending to run wild through her top-notched comfort hole, only to be stopped by the sudden footsteps outside the room.

The footsteps stopped at his door, and without even knocking, the intruder had already pushed open the door in a hurry and stepped into the room, “Young master, there are urgent news!”

It was the voice of a woman!

XuanYuan LianCheng had pulled a quilt over Mu QianQian and himself the moment his door was pushed open, but the clear and sharp voice of a woman woke pulled her back from her blissful daze.

Someone else is here! Her instincts were screaming at her at maximum volume, and her eyes landed on the man on top of her, before widening in terror at the monstrous beast which was buried halfway within her…

Her heart turned cold instantly at the sight, and tears began rolling down her flushed cheeks uncontrollably, while a soft sob escaped her lips even though she had tried her best to contain her voice.

“Young master……” The woman, who was still standing near the door, continued urgently. Even before she had entered the room, she knew what her master was doing, but she had interrupted him nonetheless.

She was the best of the best, never before performing any mistakes in her life of servitude, She was skilled and obedient, and he was satisfied with her to the point of naming her one of his close aide even though she was a woman.

To think that she would make such a big mistake, all because of her unwillingness to see him sharing a bed with such a filthy princess.

Meanwhile, the intruder’s words sent a jolt through Mu QianQian’s body, causing it to tremble madly while tears streamed down her face endlessly.

XuanYuan LianCheng took a deep breath, trying to calm his rising anger. He was still buried within her, and his lust for her was burning him from within, but this woman… Damn it! Why is she crying again!?

“Get lost.” His words were extremely soft and light, but somehow, both women had heard it clearly, as if he had screamed it down their ears.

But the intruder would not leave, unwilling to obey the commands of her master.

Young master had always disliked the princess, he had hated her even! But now… why would he do that with her? How could he not withstand the temptations of the Seventh Princess!?

This bitch, it’s all her fault! The young master would not had fallen for her charms if she had not seduced the young master!? How dare she!!

“Young master……”

Translator’s Note:
Ooooohhhhh I really hate it when the ML’s female servant/guard tried to stop FL from progressing, either from loyalty or jealousy… I mean, you’re just a damn servant, just follow your damn orders omfg!! The ML should not be explaining his actions to a servant, and the FL should not have to proof herself to a mere servant!!!

The female personal servant would always act like this, like as if THEY were the main wife of the ML and that any other woman should proof herself to them and all… Like WHO DIED AND GAVE YOU THE RIGHT??

Plus the ML isn’t interested in you!! So get lost hmph!

(I’m ranting like hell because I’ve read too many novels with these kind of characters, and it’s really irritating grrr)


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