I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 103

Chapter 103


XuanYuan LianCheng’s snarled with such murderous intent that the woman fell back onto her buttocks, before an alarming chill spread throughout her entire body, giving her no choices other than escaping the room instantly.

She jumped out of the room in a hurry, merely sliding past the door in time as it slammed shut right in front of her face with such force that she had flinched instinctively.

Finally getting rid of the unnecessary nuisance, he locked his gaze onto the woman beneath her. His impatient snarl had terrified her, as her tears had halted midway and her face had pale in fear, though, the fear and nervousness had caused her walls to contract and tighten crazily.

He shut his eyes as he took a few deep breaths, though they had been interrupted midway, he was still buried within her, and her tightened walls were like a poison to him. He had almost given in to his desires and took her like a madman, but… the lingering tears at the corner of her eyes was an irritating eyesore, which was somehow tugging onto his curiously heavy heart.

“Why are you crying? I did not scold you.” He rasped deeply as he stroked her cheeks with his huge palm while trying to wipe the tears from her eyes, only to unknowingly grind himself against her sensitive walls as he moved.

It was just a slight movement, but it had scared her to the point that her breathing halted for a second while her unshed tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

XuanYuan LianCheng’s frowned slightly at his own reactions, he could not understand why he would pause himself for a woman, no… not a woman, she was but a plaything for them to vent their frustrations on, but now… it was as if he could not bear to see her weep.

She was extremely beautiful previously, when she was drunk on the pleasure he bestowed upon her. He yearned to see her like that once again, but if he was to consume her right now, not only would he fail to see her like that again, it would definitely turn her into a sorrowful and heartbroken woman.

But why was he giving so much thoughts to her feelings? Why should he care? Did he not mention that her will and wants were worthless to him?

What was he concerned of?

He reached out his palm towards her cheeks once more, allowing her streaming tears to land on the center of his palm.

His heart clenched within his chest as he stared at the crystal-clear tears on his palm.

“Why are you crying?” He released her face from his grip while he tried to understand the situation, “I had not treated you badly, what is there to cry about?”

But his words had merely sent Mu QianQian into a deeper sorrow, How could he say that with such a calm face when he was still buried deep within me!

Though it seemed that even he had noticed his error in words, but… he had technically not done anything (yet)!

“I…I had merely entered, but technically, I had not even started to bed you, how can this count?…” His voice was deep, as if he was sulking hard.

He had not exposed himself to these mortal desires for years, and now that he had allowed her into his personal space, he could not enjoy it fully, all because of the inexplicable softness in his heart for her!

Her continuous silent weeping was getting on his nerves, and he felt extremely upset, “Do you weep like this when you’re underneath Dong JingMo? We’re both your husbands, so why are you only willing towards him?” He murmured in annoyance as he tightened his arms around her waist, unknowingly squeezing her breath out of her.

Mu QianQian opened her mouth slightly, intending to speak, but all that came were sobs and whimpers.

Anyhow, she figured that since her sobs had already reached his ears, she might as well cry her heart out, hence, without a single pause, she burst into tears and she cried unendingly.

Translator’s Note:
I bet he’s super confused and… confused XD Imagine two people enjoying some heaty moments, only to be interrupted by an unwelcome intruder, then your significant other started to cry non stop ahhahahhahah


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