I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 104

Chapter 104

XuanYuan LianCheng knew he should’ve looked on at her sobbing with disgust and irritation, but instead, without him realizing it, he had already placed his palms behind her back as he tried to sooth her crying in vain.

He did not know why he would perform such a gentle action.

But that’s not the end, as he had started coaxing her with words shortly after, “Please don’t cry, I’ll treat you well, be good… Don’t cry, I won’t force myself upon you alright?”

He felt like giving himself a tight slap right as the words left his lips. Why am I treating her with such care and caution? But the words came by itself, and he could not stop, “If you wipe your tears and stop crying, I’ll tell you everything about Dong Zhou today, alright?”
(TNote: Dong Zhou is XuanYuan LianCheng’s country, he’s a neighboring country’s prince.)

Though her crying softened down slightly, she was still sobbing and whimpering as her tears continued to fell from her eyes, but though he felt a curious annoyance, he had, too, felt a deep numbing pain within his heart.

His perfect brows furrowed into a deep frown as he continued quickly, “Fine, I’ll assist you in preparing the banquet for the emissary, alright? So stop crying to I will really toss you onto the ground.”

“For real? You would really help me?” She glanced up at him with her wide teary eyes before blinking pitifully, and he felt his heart pounding against his chest as her long eyelashes fluttered weakly at him.

Unable to control himself, he reached out a finger towards the corner of her eyes, intending to wipe the lingering tears from her, “I promise, and we’ll definitely make it perfect, but take note that I will only assist you, therefore you shouldn’t expect that I’d do everything for you.” He sighed in resign.

But it was somewhat difficult for her to believe his words, as he had never been the nicest person to her, “You’re really not lying when you said you’d help me, right?”

His patience had clearly ran out at this point, as he control his urges of tossing her onto the ground, “You can scram this instant if you do not believe my words.”

“I do! I do!” She nodded her head instantly, wiping her tears and snot onto his sleeves before glancing up at him with a satisfied smile, “I believe you, Little ChengCheng! Then, you tell me about Dong Zhou now? I swear I will learn it by heart, and we can discuss how to proceed with the banquet right away?”

It was fortunate that she finally had someone to work with, and he was the prince of Dong Zhou nonetheless! With a single promise, she felt as if all of her stress had left her body.

It was as if there was finally someone who would walk beside her, and it felt awfully good. She felt as if nothing else could go wrong, no matter which path she took in the future, and it soothed the anxiety and stress she had been feeling ever since she fell into this world.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng was glancing down at her contented face, he had not expected that she would break out of her tears merely with a promise to assist.

This woman, she’s so easily satisfied.

Translator’s Note:
I wonder if he truly meant it? It would be a change in scenery if he did, and I understand if the feelings he felt were instinctive, as if it had been buried deep within his heart without him knowing it ;D



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  1. I was just thinking that too! 😂. I hope he’s sincere, our girl needs someone to treat her better! Then maybe she won’t be so unwilling!!

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