I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 105

Chapter 105

She’s finally smiling… And though there were still lingering tears at the corners of her reddened eyes, while her nose was also swollen and red, the smile on her curved up lips nearly took his breath away.

That smile was so beautiful, like the pure and innocent ivory orchids in the fields, or the slight sunlight that shone through the clouds. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing that his breathing had intensified without his notice.

His eyes darkened deeply as he stared at her lips silently, and before she could react, he had already clamped his lips over hers hungrily, suckling and tasting her mouth earnestly.

Mu QianQian could only blink in surprise at his sudden actions, were they not discussing on a serious matter just moments ago? Why was he suddenly like this once again?

She wanted to push him away, but he held her firmly with his strong arms. It was as she had thought, there was no escape if he truly wished to force himself upon her.

But before she could resign to her miserable fate, he had released her lips quickly before glancing down at her silent and well-behaved manner.

It made him feel inexplicably better.

“Go ahead, wash your face and wait for me at the pavilion in the garden, I will order the servants to bring you lunch.” He said softly as he pushed her away.

“Oh, okay.” She nodded after a slight pause, before moving to stand, but both of them immediately noticed that something was wrong.

What was wrong, you might ask? Needless to say, it was because of a certain man’s beast, which was still buried deep within the woman’s walls, and their mindless movements had merely caused an undeniable friction, causing a moan to escape their lips.

This is simply……

Something like this could only happen to the most talented people, as they were the only ones in the world who was capable of chatting while they were still attached so intimately!

Absolutely incredible!

“QianQian…” After a long pause, he finally broke the silence by calling out her name, his voice was deep and raspy, full of lust and need, “Let’s… finish it, alright? Just this once. I promise I’ll be gentle, okay?”

“…” A sob escaped her throat as soon as his words landed.

XuanYuan LianCheng: “…”

And finally, under extreme unwillingness and her huge tear-filled eyes, he gently propped himself up from the bed, and with a loud plop, a nectar-drenched beast was withdrawn from her body.

The sight of it was enough to send anyone into a frenzy…

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Is the prince going to get another blue-ball moment? It’s coming to the point that I’m actually starting to pity this man… smh ;w;


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  1. Mu QianQian…. so heartless not helping him to release his urge xD but he’s being a gentleman so i let this go for now

  2. Dammit. Guess they are going to leave him blue balls… Can’t QianQian throw the prince a friggin bone here? My poor boy deserves some lovin.

    Hopefully when the Prince *finally* gets some snu snu with the princess, it works out.

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