I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 106

Chapter 106

After their discussion, Mu QianQian had decided to perform belly dancing at the banquet, though before then, she would perform for her various husbands before seeking their approval to do so.

She took her time dressing up, only appearing on stage right before all of them lost their patience.

She stood shyly on the stage as she glanced at her audiences, who stared slack-jawed at her revealing attire.

Dong JingMo clenched his hands tightly into fists, and HeLian ZiJin picked up his teacup and pretended to taste the tea in the cup indifferently, while XuanYuan LianCheng leaned back onto his chair as he squinted at her.

The top of her dress had been sliced and redecorated, exposing her snow-white belly and the fragile form of her shoulders.

Dong JingMo waved his hands impatiently, immediately dismissing the remaining servants in the room, who had been keeping their heads down from the moment she appeared on stage.

“You… What is the purpose of dressing up like this?” Feeling his throat tightening, he growled deeply at her before mimicking HeLian ZiJin’s actions by lifting his teacup towards his lips but instead of slowly sipping it, he had gulped down the entire cup of tea instead.

“To dance, of course!” Mu QianQian answered in confusion before positioning herself in the middle of the room. She was embarrassed out of her wits, as even before she came to this dynasty, she was not one to wear exposing clothing in the modern world, but this was a necessary sacrifice she would need to make for belly dancing.

Because of the lack of music, as HeLian ZiJin did not understand the tunes of the modern world, she had brought along her many bracelets along with her, and now, they were all worn throughout both of her slender wrists, creating a melodious-like music whenever the bracelets bumped against each other.

“In that case, dance then.” XuanYuan LianCheng’s eyes were colder than usual as he said flatly.

Somewhat shocked by the extreme chill in his voice as she did not know when or how she had offended this delicate prince, Mu QianQian began to move her body according to her memories.

As she swayed her hips and moved according to tune of her soft humming, her plum-shaped buttocks were outlined clearly beneath the pink silky skirt she wore, enhancing her outrageous appeal.

This body of hers was extremely soft and flexible, and the constant twisting of her hips made it seem like she was completely boneless. Her movements were smooth and slick like a snake, and as she danced, she realized that she was improving very quickly.

Her long silky hair fluttered to her movements, it had actually been her idea to release her hair freely, as belly dancing was much more associated to waves of silk and delicate moments, and she was convinced that her well-kept smooth hair would definitely enhance her performance.

Her tiny face was somewhat flushed, but for the first time since she had arrived here, her smile was full of confidence.

Her ultimate beauty was enough to suck the souls from any men who laid eyes on her face.

However, the men were instead completely mesmerized by her waist.

Her waist was so thin and slender that any man could wrap their hands around her waist in a full round, and now, it was twisting and shaking to the music created by the colliding bracelets.

And as they stared unblinkingly, all three men began to think of the same animal.

A snake!

She was moving like a snake, from the way she moved to the subtle waves of allure.

Without realizing it, all three men had began holding their breath silently as they drown in her performance, before focusing on her subtle breathing with was quickening as she danced.

For a moment, it was as if the entire world had frozen, except for the twisting snake.

The entire room was silent, but it was quickly broken as images began flashing through their minds, visages so real that it was as if it was happening right in front of their eyes.

Her delicate frame was pressed beneath a tall and strong male, but unlike how she had cried and begged under their touches, the lips of the snake-like woman were slightly raised while she twisted her slender waist slightly, making it seem like her entire body was trembling.

Without long, her breathing gradually turned into a low moaning, before finally turning into a sharp high-pitched scream.

Meanwhile, the man atop of her rammed her with all of his might, sending his thick and enormous giant into her all-too-tiny part, quickly withdrawing it from her before filling her up, again and again……

Translator’s Note:
What is this? Illusion-play? OwO

But honestly, I don’t understand what’s going through her mind, it’s like she doesn’t want to do it with her husbands, but she would belly dance for an entire group of audiences in a goddamn event while wearing such revealing clothes in an ancient dynasty wotttttttt??? It’s either going to make more men starve for her body, or make her husbands ANGRY AF and they punish her instead LMFAO!!

Plus from what I read, performers in ancient times are usually slaves / prostitutes / women of low standing, and a princess would never perform for anyone other than the emperor or her husband, as being a performer is a form of degrade and disgrace to a woman of high standings.

Hence, I really do think that this was a really bad move for our dear FL smfh…

On a happier note, Zweepy (aka Shiny) had began posting her new smut novel on this blog! Feel free to check it out~ It’s called Kinky Perfume System!!

She had posted 2 chapters so far, and I’m really enjoying that title omfggg <33


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