I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 107

Chapter 107

Mu QianQian jumped in shock at the sudden crash as HeLian ZiJin accidentally shattered the teacup he had been holding all these time.

“Y…Your hand is bleeding!” She cried out in shock as she halted her dancing immediately.

“I’ll treat it now.” He said simply, and in a flash of white, there was no sight of him within the room any longer.

“Absolutely… You really know no shame!” XuanYuan LianCheng stood up from his seat as he hastily wiped off the flashes of red that streamed from his nose, before escaping in a panic.

Mu QianQian could only gape speechlessly at the troublesome prince, she had been dancing! How could he be so rude?!

She had been running out of breath, but the two men’s reactions somewhat angered her, causing her chest to puff in and out furiously.

“Your breathing is getting messy, allow me to sooth it for you.” Don’t JingMo’s deep raspy voice sounded from behind of her, and before she could react, an oversized coat was wrapped around her suddenly and he picked her up in a bridal carry.

In a blink of an eye, the room’s images flashed and they were already in his bedroom.

He tossed her body onto the bed before leaning in to give her a long and deep kiss, while she was merry relieved that the landing was a soft and cushioned mattress instead of a solid jaded bed.

But come to think of it, why did he bring her back to his room in broad daylight?

Deep down, she knew what he planned to do, but she had been dancing just moments ago, and her dance was still incomplete, how could he just interrupt her like this?

“Dong JingMo… Mmph……”

He did not speak out of habit, as he had always been a man of action, and her pitifully exposing clothes were torn to pieces under his impatient fingers.

He was once again the crude and violent Lord, in fact, the Dong JingMo right now was much more violent and impatient than usual.

“Dong JingMo, Dong JingMo! Don’t be like this!” She struggled with all of her might, as she was fearful that her fragile body was not capable of standing his excitement.

But she was never able to stop him before, so how could she escape from a crazed Dong JingMo? With a flip of his hands, he raised her shirtless body up from the bed and placed her against a wooden pole next to the bed, before indicating that she hug onto the pole.

“Dong JingMo……” She called out shakily, wanting to turn her face towards him, but he would not allow her to.

Burning lips kissed her ears before he nibbled onto her earlobes greedily, causing her to cry out in pain, “Dong JingMo, d…don’t……”

“Hug the pole.” He said blandly as he ignored her unwillingness, before destroying her skirt into pieces.

But, he had merely tore it to shreds, before pushing the remaining parts of the skirt towards her slender waist.

Meanwhile, her panties had not met a better end, as he had reduced it to ribbons before tossing it towards a random corner of the room, and she knew that she would ever see it again.

Translator’s Note:
Ohh? The dance was too arousing I see 🤣 but I like how one crushed his cup and the other one escaped after he had a nosebleed 🤣🤣


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