I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 108

Chapter 108

Dong JingMo’s eyes shone as he caressed her buttcheeks, his touch lingered through her skin, moving ever so gently and it was almost as if he was worshipping her body.

Flashes of pink could be seen hidden between her round and plump cheeks, causing his body to tensed up in anticipation as he trailed his fingers down her inner thighs and back, prolonging the suspense and her torture by avoiding the crucial part each time.

And finally, when she felt as if she might go crazy from the anxiety, he pushed her plump cheeks apart to reveal the fresh pink lips within.

“En……” A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt a sudden chill on her softness as it was finally exposed to air.

“Dance. Dance for me, dance like you did just now.” His warm breath tingled the back of her neck, causing her to tremble as a curious thrill ran down her spine.

She bit down on her lips in confusion, he wanted her to dance, but how? How was she going to dance in this situation and with the position she was in right now?

Normally, she could not and would not call him a pervert, but at this single moment, she wished she had the guts to scream it right at his face. Damn this man, such a big pervert! What sort of fetish was this!?

She wished she had the power to run her mouth, but she had long since accepted the reality of her position here.

“D…Dong JingMo… Let go of me, I…I can’t dance like this.” She stuttered softly, hoping she could at least talk some senses into this man, even though she knew that the success rate was less than zero.

But still, he was holding her body in a strong grip, while both of her legs were shaking slightly, where can she find any strength to dance?

Her words sent him into a long silence, before outright refusing her ‘suggestion’, “I don’t feel like letting go.”

And to her horror, not only did he not let go of her butt cheeks, he had started pushing a single finger within her teasingly.

“E…En……” Another moan escaped from her agape lips as she felt her body tensing up instantly.

“Dance.” He rasped deeply into her ears while his breathing intensified as he noticed the changes in her body.

He wanted to consume her right this instant, but he wished to see her dance one more time, just like how she did in the room. He wanted to see her shake her snake-like waist, and he wanted to personally dominate a life sized demonic snake.

(TNote: Demonic snake is used to refer to snakes who had cultivated to a certain level and had obtained their human form, they are being of fantasy from Chinese history.)

His eyes narrowed slightly upon noticing that she was ignoring his words, before leaning towards her shoulders to take a heavy bite.

“Ah!” She yelped in pain, though his teeth had not break through her skin, it had been a real bite and it hurts a lot!

“Do it now.” He mumbled dangerously into her bitten shoulder, as if promising further torture if she would dare to go against his command.

“I……” Tears filled her eyes as she tried to glance at him helplessly, but more from the pain.

But upon realizing that he was leaning towards her other shoulder, she had no choice but to scream out in shock, “I’ll dance, Dong JingMo, I will dance instantly. Don’t bite me!”

She straightened her body as best as she could while still hugging the pole, and trying her best to ignore the thick finger within her walls, she shook her body from side to side alluringly, before biting down on her lips to prevent herself from moaning at the finger which was digging deeper and deeper into her as she swayed.

She hummed a soft tune, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to contain the occasional moan that would escape from her unwilling lips.

“E…En……” Her voice trembled together with her swaying body, portraying her stress and anxiety at the current situation she was in. She did not dare to sway her waist too much, as his terrifying finger was messing up her insides.

“En… E…En……” The humming had ceased to exist, and was replaced by shaky moaning.

“Demoness!” He growled deeply as he withdrew himself from her, but before she could let out a sigh of relief, a huge and solid object was already buried deeply into her exposed softness.

Finally letting go of the accursed pole, she straightened her upper body and unknowingly rested herself against his strong and muscular chest as her shocked scream echoed through the room while her body trembled in shock.

“Demoness!” He wrapped his strong palms around the demonic snake’s waist, before pulling her down greedily onto his starving beast.

The madness had only just begun.

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