I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 109

Chapter 109

… To Mu QianQian, today was the day she had lingered around the edges of life and death, even after many years later, she would tremble in fear and terror whenever she thought of today.

What did she do? To be honest, she had done nothing other than performed a dance, and after that, she had spent the entire afternoon being tortured to the point that there was no longer any skin left on her without bruises.

He had forced her to dance, biting her when she doesn’t.

It was a true bite, not a playful one, and every single one had cause she to scream out in pain, and each time, she would abandon her dignity even further as she danced without rest.

Never stopping even when her body trembled from fatigue, or when the back of her thighs were sore and in pain from his reckless ramming.

She believed that Dong JingMo had gone crazy… He MUST be crazy.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be in such a crazed mood, conquering her body again and again without rest. It was early afternoon when he started, and it was already late mid-day when she once again noticed the time, it felt like no less than four hours had passed, and he had not allowed her to rest.

So she had to dance and dance and dance.

But while she danced, he would ram her like a madman, it was as if the stamina within him would never run out.

She felt relieved when she finally fainted within his arms, and when she woke up, she realized that she was in HeLian ZiJin’s medical room and he was shamelessly applying medicine straight into her walls, but though she knew that his intentions were good, she could not stop herself from fainting from shame once again.

In her dazed state, she came upon a grave stone with her picture and her name on it. Did she really have a gravestone in an era where unowned land costed millions?!

Yes, she was a dead person in the modern world, now, she was but lone spirit wandering through another world.

The 21st century Mu QianQian was long gone…

She noticed a lone man kneeling beside her grave, and his familiar frame caused her eyes to light up with excitement.

Quickly rushing towards him, she habitually reached out a hand towards his shoulders to give him a scare, “Jun SiHai!”

He tensed up at the sudden sound behind him, before slowly turning his head towards the stranger behind him.

But his eyes were cold as ice and foreign as they landed on her face. His brows furrowed deeply together as she reached out her hand towards him once again, before catching it in midair, “Get lost!” His growl was as chilly as his stare, as if he was but a demon from hell.

And with a flip of his hand, he pushed her towards a muddy puddle nearby.

Mu QianQian winced in pain as she crashed onto the ground, “Jun SiHai you asshole! How dare you push me! You’re dead I tell you! I’ll bite you to death right this instant!” Ugh! All these while, Dong JingMo and the other men had bullied her to no end, but now, even Jun SiHai was treating her like this! Does everyone really see her as a sick kitten that they could bully whenever!?

“You’re all bullies! You asshole! I finally returned to this world and you dare bully me too!” She pouted unhappily as tears streamed down her face, “You asshole!” She crawled out from the mud puddle before swinging a fist towards him.

But Jun SiHai did not avoid it as he had already solidify ever since the first word left her lips.

This woman called him an asshole, and she wanted to bite him to death…

Those were the words QianQian used to say when she got angry at him…

And QianQian would always swing her soft fists at him after swearing to bite him to death……

Translator’s Note:
Ohhhhhhh 😢 even though I don’t know much about this new man, I really like how he loved FL enough to remember her after her death. I hope we get to know more about this guy 😢😢😢


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    1. Yup! It’s the first true mention of what happened after her death in the modern world 👀 I hope there’ll be more of these in the later chapters (lowkey wanna read more about this Jun SiHai 😳)

      1. Ohhh looks like I have to re-read that part, thanks! He sounds like a really nice devoted loyal guy, I also hope he’s gonna be one of the ML too, but how is it gonna work, like is he gonna transmigrate too? Well I’m looking forward to it!! Thanks for the chapter as always~~~

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