I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 11

Chapter 11: Losing Her Mind.

This was the first time in his entire life that Dong JingMo had felt such bliss and pleasure.

His thick shaft invaded her walls ruthlessly, and to his annoyance, every time he leave her walls, a wave of emptiness filled throughout his entire body, but every time he went back into her, he would feel fulfilled and warm.

He moved with a crazed-like speed, while a wave of adrenaline rush flowed through him. He stared at the weeping woman, feeling nothing but excitement and a need to dominate her even further.

He felt the need to make her weep, as it would validate his skills. He will take her fully, up until she loses conscious from his violent ramming. But now, he could think of nothing but to take her to the extent.

Mu QianQian felt like she would die from the torture as the intense pain was spreading throughout her entire body, and with each thrust, she could feel his entire shaft with her walls, the pulsing, the veins, and the thickness.

Why do I have to suffer this horrible torture? She cursed herself as she regretted writing this horrible novel, But even so, what are the odds of meeting the scariest man in the entire novel right after I transmigrated…

Wasn’t he supposed to be finding ways to avoid the seventh princess and keep his virginity for the gentle and elegant sixth princess? But right now, the supposedly main character had been dismissed while she, the villainess seventh princess, was being taken forcefully by his horribly solid and thick shaft!

Every one is crazy, this wasn’t even supposed to appear in the plot… This was Mu QianQian’s last thought before her thoughts left her entirely, leaving her in a daze, doing nothing else but to feel his burning hardness between her drenched walls.

It hurts a lot… but to her surprise, a warm tingle began to arise from the pain, it was a little numbing and a little hot… And most of all, it almost caused her to drown in… bliss?

“Ah… L…lord… E…en… A…ahhh….”

“You like it?” A deep voice sounded near her ear as the monstrous shaft continued its conquest through her walls, leaving behind spilled nectar on the bed with each thrust.

“Answer me! Do you like it?” He growled cruelly, his warm breathing tingling her neck, “Tell me you love it! Tell me you want me to take you violently for eternity!”

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  1. I dun think I like the Prince “tell me you like being raped!” like srsly beech you get raped and tell that you like it

    1. Ikr! But I think it might be becuz he’s dominant in nature, plus the fact that he’s a newbie virgin boi thus he’s lowkey scared that his skills are shitty, so he forces her to validate his skills 🙄🙄

  2. Ah btw he’s not a prince iirc, he’s just one of the 4 men with a lot of power and authority that the queen dowager wishes to ally with, hence she sent Yan Luan to be their women. (She was used as a political tool for 4 men at the same time)

  3. “He felt the need to make her weep, as it would validate his skills”…where did this virgin man learn this? Are all the men going to be ruthless like TMAHF, too?

    Thanks for the chapter, smoggy belle ❤

    1. i know they end up pampering her at the end (as all 4 men were actually her senior brothers) and the emperor in this world was her master sensei, the second ML that would appear is super cold and somewhat rejected the idea of having sex with her, not sure bout the other two O_O

      I assume it’s a beast instinct all men in smut novels have xD like if the woman doesnt react, that means they suck af

  4. (///ω///)💕 I am always a silent reader, so I will only say thank you for deciding to continue with the translations \( ˆ ˆ )/♡

  5. Это логично, что автор подобных романов попадет туда.

  6. Hold on. The chapter earlier Mu QianQian said she never touch porn stuff and she wrote the book? Ohh never mind, maybe its the butterfly effect when she transmigrated. The plot (of original novel) probably when astray?

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