I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 111

Chapter 111

“Get lost.” His words were extremely soft, as if he was merely making an unrelated remark, but though it was almost inaudible, it scared her.

At this point, she was entirely frozen with shock! Jun SiHai had always treated her warmly, but now, he was so cold and oblivious to her presence, as if she was nothing but a worthless stranger.

She must be dreaming, just like the previous time where saw XiaoXiao in her dreams.

It must be a dream.

But this dream was so realistic that she could not even convince herself otherwise…

She straightened her back slightly, finally realizing why he was treating her like this… Because though she was still Mu QianQian, she wasn’t the QianQian he knew.

Xia Dynasty’s seventh princess, Mu QianQian.

She could see her well-developed chest and the light green attire that ancient women wore, it must’ve looked extremely weird and suspicious to him…

“Jun SiHai, I’m Mu QianQian…” She tried to explain, but a sudden breeze blew her words away while her hair was blown towards her face painfully.

She could not even open her eyes.

“Jun SiHai, I am Mu QianQian, I am Mu QianQian!……” Each time she tried to say her name, her words would be silence by the breeze, again and again, as if it was something against the law of nature.

She did not know if he heard her words, and she did not know if he would believe her if he did, all she could do was to try her best to scream out her words as tears stream down her cheeks, “Jun SiHai, save me, I want to go home, I want to go home! Save me, inside my novel, I’m… my novel……”

The breeze grew stronger with every second, and she disappeared into thin air while he gaped in confusion.

This strangely dressed woman was gone in an instant, just like how she had appeared before, an

Just like how she had suddenly appeared at this place, the strangely dressed woman was gone in an instant, leaving behind nothing he use to convince himself that what happened had been real.

It was a if the gentle breeze had scattered her into dust.

He wondered if he might’ve fainted from the shock if he did not have a strong heart…

It was what happened with XiaoXiao, who claimed that she had seen a unfamiliar woman dressed in ancient clothing turned into green smoke before disappearing.

Translator’s Note:
11/10 I would’ve fainted from shock if this happened to me lmfao


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  1. I would have turned around and walk away (trying my hardest not to run away in fear it will chase after me) hahaha also, so shooortt

  2. Wow this chapter is really short!! If me I will probably be so shock I wouldn’t be able to sleep just thinking what the hell is going on

  3. I wonder if he has anything to do with the 4th ML who has yet to appear in the story? O.O

  4. Help me. I’ve come back to continue this novel but couldn’t remember the event with Xiaoxiao.

  5. Wait, when did she (Qian Qian) come back to her original world and meet Xiao Xiao (and made her fainted when she saw her disappeared into smoke)? Why don’t I remember reading it? In which chapter it’s narrated? Can someone here help me answer this question?
    Also, I feel like the story is jumping around between chapters, or is it just me? 😅

    1. tbh I don’t remember that part too, so perhaps it happened in a blink of an eye… maybe in like one single sentence while she was dreaming?
      but it’s true, the novel somehow picks up pace as it reaches the end and then it will end abruptly, it actually confused me a lot previously when I was scanning through the plot, but the smut is good eheheh

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