I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 112

Chapter 112

She, was still in a dream.

In the dream, she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck as she cried out in despair, “Jun SiHai, take me away, save me… I want, to go home……”

HeLian ZiJin’s eyes flashed dangerously as he stared at the woman underneath him, who was calling out another man’s name.

With a flick of his hand, he unbuttoned the her shirt before pulling it open gently.

Her skin was extremely soft and fair, and though it distracted him for a few seconds, he quickly held his mind together before pressing a palm against her chest, slowly injecting his Inner Qi into her body.

“You said you’re not the seventh princess, if so, then who are you?”

The warmth that was spreading from her chest caused her confused conscious to muddle up even further, “I am… Mu QianQian, Mu QianQian……”

It was his turn to be confused, Mu QianQian, perhaps this was her actual name, but still, he could not wrap his mind about this situation.

“Did you truly forget about the past?”

“The… past?” She grunted at the increasing heat at her chest before moaning softly, “N…No……”

But her reply sent him into a chilling fury as his eyes turned cold instantly, “Is it fun to make a fool of me?”

He had truly believed her when she claimed that she had lost her memories! Even now, he had chose to believe that she might’ve been another person than to doubt her words!

But she was asleep, and he was providing her a huge amount of Inner Qi, which was why she could not lie.

And now, it would appear that she had lied to all of them!

In her current state, Mu QianQian had not noticed the coldness in his words, as she was still trapped in her own panic, “Take me away, Jun SiHai, take me… home…… Dong JingMo bullies me… XuanYuan LianCheng bullies me too… HeLian ZiJin hates me. Save me, Jun SiHai……”

His anger quickly subsided as her words landed.

“When had I ever claimed that I hated you?” He had always treated her fairly well, at least compared to the others.

“HeLian ZiJin hates me, but he would always pretend to treat me kindly, so… fake.”

His brows furrowed together tightly at her words.

“But, he’s really handsome, and charming. I like him very much……”

She liked him…… HeLian ZiJin froze at her words, before pulling her by the waist and hugging her tightly.

And Mu QianQian was finally truly awake from the sudden impact.

“Ah!” She was confused, why was she here, why was there a man hugging her tightly from behind?

His palms held her waist firmly, pulling her body backwards and her buttocks to land… right against his hardness.

“HeLian ZiJin!” She cried out in shock after finally recognizing the room she was in, but she was in no place to understand what was happening, as his scorching beast was rubbing passionately through both of her buttcheeks.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that they were both dressed, both of their parts would’ve been rubbing against each other lewdly! How can he do this!

Translator’s Note:
Here’s a mega late chapter 😢 I’ll probably release a chapter of elder brothers and ACS today or tomorrow.

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