I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 12

Chapter 12: Losing Her Mind 2.

“En… Ah… Ah…” Mu QianQian cried out in pain as she shook her head weakly, denying him the sense of satisfaction.

“How dare you!” Dong JingMo snarled in rage as he rammed her furiously, punishing her while gripping her waist firmly, preventing her from being knocked into the wall.

Waves of nectar were spilled uncontrollably as he filled her insides full with his thick hardness, but whenever he left her insides, her walls felt hollow and empty. She whimpered softly as she squirmed in discomfort at the sudden abandonment.

“Hmph, little liar!” Dong JingMo muttered as he stared at her squirming thighs, rubbing against each other to prolong the lingering fullness, chuckling softly, he turned her over with a swift flip of his hands.

As she laid face-down on the bed, he lifted her full buttocks high up before spreading apart her legs, fully exposing her drenched softness to him.

Shame filled through her as she realized what he had done, but before she could clamp her thighs shut, he clutched both of her thighs firmly with his strong hands, preventing her from escaping while he enjoyed the wonderful view of her softness.

Her previously tight softness, which was now slightly agape due to his forceful intrusion from before, were twitching in sync with her breathing as it opened and closed nervously, causing her sweet nectar to leak out from her drenched parts, soaking her twitching petals and streaming down her inner thighs.

Such beauty… How can any man resist this?

“Do you want it?” He growled deeply before pushing the tip of his thick shaft against the entrance of her softness, ignoring the crazed shaking of her head. He entered her easily this time, her petals were spread apart easily this time as her insides were still drenched and prepare.

“This lord will satisfy you!” He grunted and with a sudden thrust, he buried himself deep into her drenched uneven walls.

“Ah……!” Mu QianQian screamed as her body trembled at the sudden intrusion, not to the pain, but to the pleasure of being filled fully and of the disappearance of the emptiness within her.

She glanced up at the man behind her, the man who was giving her such warmth and fulfillment, and as her unrestrained moans echoed through the room, his name lingered on her tongue sweetly, “En… Ah… M…mo…, A…ah…”

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She’s beginning to get addicted to his huge D omfg ;w;

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