I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 14

Chapter 14: First Ever Climax 2.

Inside the room, a weakened young lady who was laying face-down on the bed almost lost conscious a few times due to the unending torture by the man behind her as he took her with all his might. Her softness, which was still slightly stained with her virgin blood, was trembling uncontrollably as he rammed her swiftly, taking her sweet nectar with him whenever he pulled himself out, just to push it back into her.

As he stared at her alluring softness gulping his shaft hungrily, Dong JingMo felt a burning sensation flowed throughout his entire body as he moved like a hungry beast on rampage and impossible to stop.

“N…no, no! Ah… S…slower! Ah Ah… I beg you, p…please… Ah… En… Ah…” She sobbed weakly, begging him for mercy at his violent possession, before a sharp scream escaped her agape lips as a jolt of numbness went up her spine while her body began trembling intensely.

Her softness which was expanded forcefully by the enormous invading beast, contracted in sudden as it clamped down tightly around his shaft, preventing him from proceeding, while a huge wave of liquid flowed violently from her cervix, drenching her walls fully before crashing down upon his unmovable shaft.

This woman… Did she came? This should’ve been her first climax right? Dong JingMo’s eyes turned red with excitement as it hit him, he had not known that he would be filled with a sense of accomplishment just by the fact that a woman reached climax due to his hard-work.

But… this woman’s body was still trembling while her walls were clamping down around him even more tightly, and he… might not be able to hold it in any longer.

“QianQian…” He rasped her name hoarsely, before forcefully moving himself within her walls, desperate to prolong this wide adventure, unknowingly causing the dazed woman to let out a shrilled scream as her walls were extremely sensitive after her climax and his actions were enough to make her go crazy.

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