I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 16

Chapter 16: Unloading Deeply.

His eyes narrowed at her plugged entrance, staring intently at her constantly overflowing nectar but none of his own. A deep curiosity filled him as he withdrew himself from her walls, his eyes glued to her gaping parts which moved in sync with her breathing.

Under his intense gaze, her gaping entrance began to shrink slowly, but even until it shut closed entirely, not a single drop of his seeds appeared. Dong JingMo nodded with satisfaction as he caressed her drenched petals and her swollen bud, sending a jolt into her as her body started to tremble once again.

“Your mouth says no, but apparently your body does not agree huh?” He growled huskily into her ear as his lips curled up in a slight grin.

Mu QianQian laid there blankly, her face laid sideways on the bed while her legs laid limply as her pale buttocks were left in the air, while ignoring his snark remarks.

Dong JingMo frowned unhappily at her unresponsiveness, he lifted her up before laying her properly on the bed, chuckling as he finally realized that her eyes were shut firmly, for she was already unconscious.

Her long lashes covered her shut eyes beautifully while droplets of un-wiped tears hanged gently from them, enhancing her delicate weakness and charm. It was a complicated feeling, as her current appearance was so pitiful that any man would feel like protecting her carefully within his palms, while at the same time, exposing her weakness cruelly just to watch her elegant weeping.

She was so beautiful when she weep…

His gaze landed on the blood-stained bed-sheets while his heart skipped a beat, This was really her first time… He pondered slowly, as a tingle of pity flowed through his cold and hardened heart.

He laid down beside her, he hugged her awkwardly, for it was his first time taking a woman within his arms, before shutting his eyes to rest with her. His still upright shaft pushed against her softness between her thighs but went no further, as he gritted his teeth in restrain, barely managing to control his urges as he allowed the weak woman to rest.

As he held her in his arms, a sense of comfort filled through him, it was unlike anything he had ever felt before, while the lingering peace soothed the bloodshed within him from the uncountable years he spent at war.

It felt… surprisingly good.

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