I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 17

Chapter 17

After a long night of pleasure and pain, Mu QianQian dreamed of the life before her transmigration, her best friend XiaoXiao and investor of her novels, Jun SiHai. In her dreams, she had completely used up all of her hard-earned money, and after suffering on instant noodles for many days continuously, she had convinced XiaoXiao to take advantage of Jun SiHai.

Jun SiHai was a handsome and rich man, but even though he was always tricked to pay for their meals, not once did he get angry, instead, he would always wear a light smile on his face, and when he smiled, the whole world seemed to light up for her.

“E…en…” She frowned deeply in her sleep as she mumbled softly, gasping in pain when she accidentally moved her legs, “A…ah… it hurts…”

Her walls felt full and torn, as if it was spread apart forcefully, and as she moaned in pain, the object somehow expanded within her walls, multiplying her endless suffering.

“N…no, i…it h…hurts…” Mu QianQian cried out weakly, her sore eyes snapped open suddenly while her surrounding blurred while her hands reached between her thighs, instinctively wanting to remove whatever is hurting her insides desperately.

It really hurts, and the pain is increasing ever so quickly…

Her fingers wrapped around the object, so thick that she could not grasp it fully with her hands, but before she could yank it out of her, a callous-filled hand gripped her firmly around her wrist, forcefully removing her hand from whatever she had been holding onto.

“Bad person…” She muttered as her blurry bed-ridden eyes landed its gaze disapprovingly upon the hand which was holding hers down, only to widen in shock as she fixated her gaze onto the handsome face in front of her, “Ah…!” A scream escaped her lips at the sight of a man in her room.

Dong JingMo’s brows furrowed deeply in a knot as he released her hand from his grip. His head cleared quickly but his ears hummed painfully at her sudden shrilled yowl as he decided immediately that he would rather take a knife to his heart than to listen to such a horrible noise.

He laid on the bed lazily, staring expressionlessly at the frantic woman who was trying to escape from within his arms.

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