I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 18

Chapter 18

With a loud plop, the uncomfortable object fell out from her walls as she winced in pain at the forceful exiting.

No longer plugged up tightly, her sweet nectar began to leak uncontrollably from her agape softness, causing both man and woman to gasp in shock at the lewd performance.

Mu QianQian bit down on her lush lips as she tried to relax herself even though the lingering pain was still there, but at least her insides were no longer forcefully expanded. She swiftly covered her naked body with a blanket before stealing a peek at Dong JingMo.

But to her horror, her gaze instinctively landed on his fully exposed huge and upright hardness, stained fully with half-translucent nectar. Oh my goodness! Her slender hands covered her lips in shock as she realized that the object that had been plugging and expanding her walls was his shaft! How could he use her throughout the night like this? How shameless can this man get?!

Unfortunately, her suspicions were inaccurate as the lord was indeed innocent, as he himself could not even recall when his shaft had entered her…

He stayed silent while ignoring her angry glare as he had never been one to explain a situation, furthermore, this situation was indeed difficult to explain, so it was better to let her thoughts wander.

His gaze landed on his upright shaft, his eyes narrowed dangerously as he realized that her residual nectar still hanged seductively from his shaft, for a moment, his mind went blank as a strange hunger filled his brain.

Fortunately, as a man of action, Dong JingMo prefer to fulfill his needs than to think about it mindlessly.

He blinked slowly, clearing his head before landing his cold stare at the terrified woman under the blanket. “Come here.” He demanded coldly.

“N…no…” Mu QianQian whimpered in horror, shaking her head wildly at him as she stared at his upright beastly shaft and the look of hunger that flashed occasionally through his eyes. She was convinced that approaching him now would be no different than approaching death.

“You dare resist me?” Dong JingMo raises his eyebrows as annoyance flashed through his cold eyes, “Princess, were you not the one who tried to seduce me endlessly? Don’t you think it’s pointless and somewhat too late to resist me now, even if it’s a ploy to get my attention?” He asked her coldly as a hint of cruelness crawled through his words.

“It wasn’t me.” She answered shakily, it was the villainess seventh princess from her novel, and not her.

She was just a struggling author, an invisible introvert who could not even feed herself properly with the wages she earned from writing books.

But still, she was terrified of this man, as she knew his character well, for she had been his creator…

Mu QianQian backed away from him cautiously, into a corner of the bed, before wincing in pain as her actions rubbed against her sore and injured softness.

Wrapping herself tightly with trembling hands, she stared at him in terror, praying that he would show her mercy, “I… I don’t want you anymore, I’ll let you leave freely.” She whimpered weakly, convinced that he was here because the “seventh princess” demanded that he serve her in bed yesterday night, “Y…you… Can you please leave?”

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