I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 19

Chapter 19

She cowered in horror at Dong JingMo’s eyes, which instantly turned cold after hearing her words. “I…I mean… I…I’m already… I…” She stuttered clumsily as she tried her very best to explain, not wanting to anger this dangerous man.

But it was an impossible feat, for he would never believe her if she insisted that she wasn’t the seventh princess… She clenched her teeth together as she chided herself for being such an idiot by giving the villainess her own name…

Is this fate?

But still, this wasn’t important at the moment, as her first priority should be to chase this man away as gently as possible, because if he was to stay throughout the entire night, she would definitely end up heavily injured or dead.

“Y…you… I…I’m the seventh princess,” She sighed softly, admitting her position as the seventh princess for she had no other choice. “I’m drowsy already, y…you… please leave.” She frowned slightly as she tried to convince him to leave once again.

“Is that a command?” Dong JingMo raises his eyebrows in amusement as he smiled at her, though his eyes remained freezing cold.

“I…” Mu QianQian gulped nervously at his words, understanding perfectly that she had made a huge mistake because she knew from her memory that this man hated being commanded around, but it was too late!

Dong JingMo was someone who holds almost half of the entire kingdom’s military strengths, hence even the emperor would not dare show any hint of disrespect to him. He was bestowed the title of Lord “FengDing” and was even allowed the authority to bring a weapon into the court. Furthermore, he had been given the power to enter and leave the palace at will and that he will never need to kneel towards anyone.

What would she, a political tool princess, mean to someone like him, who had became used to being in such a high position? She dare command me? Does she has a death wish?

He fixed his cold eyes on her tiny face before taking a seat on a nearby chair, “Without me, do you really believe that you can continue being a princess?”

W…what was that supposed to mean? Her huge almond eyes widened in confusion before her lips started trembling, “Y…you…”

“Come here.” He mumbled deeply, sending chills of terror down her spine.

“D…don’t want to…” She whimpered weakly as she backed against the wall.

“You dare disobey?” He growled in rage as his eyes darkened swiftly, as if brewing a thunderstorm. “I said, come here!”

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