I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 2

Chapter 2: The Story Plot Changed?

Mu QianQian woke up groggily and in a daze as she heard a woman’s voice nearby, “Lord Dong, are you really spending the night in the seventh princess’s room?”

“Why not?” The man answered coldly.

“But it’ll be her sixteenth birthday at midnight…” The woman sounded worried, and perhaps it was Mu DianDian’s imagination but there was a tint of unwillingness in the woman’s voice, “You heard the rumors… Her curse would be gone the day she hit sixteen, hence allowing her to … with men, Lord please…”

“Get out.”

The conversation ended after that and she felt a chilling presence walking towards her and staring at her body, she was fully conscious but somehow she was unable to open her eyes.

Dong JingMo stared unblinkingly at the sleeping lady, it was undeniable that this girl, who had been educated personally by the queen dowager, had turned out perfect. She was extremely beautiful, her skin so smooth and her facial features were extremely delicate and soft, any men would feel allured upon landing their gaze on her.

He was the exception, he had never liked this woman, except for today… He recalled the way she curled into his arms in the jail-room, trembling in fear. It was a sort of reliance and weakness that she had never shown to him before, and for a second, his heart had skipped a beat.

She wanted me to be here, huh? His lips turned upwards in sly grin as he reached out towards her unmoving body, stripping her down slowly.

Cold… Mu QianQian flinched away from the cold as he slowly relieved her of the weight of clothes, her lashes moved and her beautiful eyes opened finally. She stared blankly at the handsome face right in front of her face as she reached out her hand, touching him on the face, “ZiJin…”

His eyes, which had been somewhat gentle before, turned cold immediately upon hearing her words, tearing off the remaining garments still hanging from her.

His eyes darkened dangerously as her perky beans showed through the thin silky inner-wear, “Remember my face clearly and understand which man is going to take your virginity tonight!”

“Eh?” Mu QianQian who was still in a daze, focused her eyes on the man looking down on her, knowing that this angry man had misunderstood the situation. In truth, Zi Jian was the male lead in the new book she was working on right before her transmigration, hence his name was still all over her head.

“I’m not… Ah! Dong JingMo, do you know what you’re doing?” She let out a cry as he tore her inner-wear from her chest.

A pair of bouncy white bunnies, free from the constrain, bounced around wildly as the beans stood pointedly, as if trembling in shock.

Even Dong JingMo, who had lost interest in her, could not help but feel aroused at the sight of her huge bosoms and she watched in horror as the object between his legs started expanding, as if the sleeping beast under him was awakening.

“No!” She jumped backwards as soon as he moved towards her, covering her chest with her arms as she tried to block his view, but to no avail. With a flip of his hand, both of her arms were locked tightly behind her and causing her to fall backwards on her buttocks.

Her huge bosoms bounced like wild rabbits as she landed on the ground and stayed perky even after she was sitting on the ground in pain, a callous-filled hand reached towards her chest and pinched one of her aroused beans before squeezing her wholely, Feels good to the touch. He nodded in satisfaction.

“N…No…” She whimpered weakly, she recognized this man now. He was the cruelest and chilliest male lead she had ever created, hence she fully understand what would happen if she tried to struggle away from him.

She endured the humiliating shame as she looked into his eyes, squirming her body nervously, “Lord, I… Haven’t you always disliked me? Why…” She stuttered as she asked softly, “I’m not the girl you like… Let me g… Please release me…”

Dong JingMo stared at her silently, his eyes darkening even further as he realized that she wanted him gone, “Didn’t you yourself told me to be here with you on your sixteenth birthday? Wasn’t it because you knew that the curse would be broken today and you can finally be bedded?” He growled deeply as he once again pinched her sensitive beans, causing her to yelp in shock.

Her voice trembled from fear, making her yelp sound more like a moan to him. He pushed his huge shaft against her thighs as he grinned coldly, “Do not worry, princess. This lord would definitely satisfy you tonight.”

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