I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 20

Chapter 20

The sudden drop in temperature sent chills down her spine, and after containing her fear, she crawled over to him slowly as her heart sank, “I…I don’t want to do that, I…I’ll be good, b…but I w…won’t do that…”

Who was it that said “a good man will not live long but an evil man would live for thousands of years”? She had obviously written her character as the ultimate villainess of the entire book… But why is it that she wasn’t able to retain a speck of dignity when facing this man?

Why wasn’t her brain agile like the seventh princess she had created? At this rate, she won’t be able to use any of her infamous ploys and conspiracies… How can such a stupid woman like me deserve the role of the seventh princess?

Can she surrender her position? Can anyone or any god wake her up and pull her from this nightmare?

Dong JingMo gazed intently at her panicky facial expressions as a complicated look flashed through his eyes subtly, unnoticed by the trembling woman on the floor.

Losing his patience at her slow crawling, he took her into his arms with a single sweep swiftly, “Do not struggle, I can be gentler to you.” He growled into her ear as she squirmed and struggled at the shock of his actions.

“I…” Don’t believe you! She thought desperately as she swallowed her own words at the fear of this man. “I…I don’t need it s…so early in the morning…” She blinked her tear-filled eyes at him while gulping nervously.

“This lord needs it.” He answered simply before tearing off the blanket covered around her body before leaning over her, “And even though this lord dislike your blackened heart, your body was surprisingly tasty and this lord likes it a lot.”

“L…lord, extreme exercises a…are not suited for the m…mornings… En… Ah! S…softer…” She cried out in alarm as his strong hands cupped over her exposed bosoms, squeezing them adoringly and causing her body to burn up quickly… Even her softness was already reacting to his touch shamelessly as a feeling of hollowness arose deep within her walls.

But still, she was unwilling and reluctant to suffer it once more…

“I do not intend to move.” He grinned cruelly while pinching her aroused bean with his fingers, pulling them sharply and enjoying her escaped moans, “This time, come up and move yourself.”

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