I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 21

Chapter 21

Come up and move yourself…

Dong JingMo flipped their positions in a blink of an eye before she could react and placed the scared little woman onto his lap.

“Woman, keep in mind to not test this lord’s patience.” He growled intimidatingly while gazing at her sharply. Even though his hardness, which was leaning against her softness, was burning hot, his eyes still remained cold and chilling.

Jumping in shock at his cruel reminder, Mu QianQian subconsciously squirmed around, intending to leave his lap as his bulging hardness was giving her discomfort as it pushed against her.

Unknowingly causing him to grunt as her hesitation was already causing him pain.

“Come up.” He rasped hoarsely as his urges intensified deeply within his eyes. Mu QianQian knew instantly that it will not end well for her if she doesn’t settle down and do as she’s told.

I…I’ll just treat it as a nightmare, and perhaps it will all turn back to normal when I wake up…

But still… her insides still hurt from before and it will definitely hurt even more if he took her forcefully once again…

Shutting her eyes and biting down painfully on her lips in resignation, she moved her body slowly, allowing her body to search for his beastly shaft at her own pace.

Only to cry out while her eyes widened in shock as she stared at his hand in disbelief as he rubbed her swollen bud firmly.

“E…en… N…no d…don’t! Ah!” Her moaning came to a sudden halt as she stared dumbfounded at his slender finger, which was buried within her.

“You’re not wet enough and you dare take me within you? Don’t you remember the pain?” Dong JingMo muttered softly as he moved his finger around, feeling up her uneven walls.

Her insides were indeed as tight as he recalled, already clamping tightly around his finger. He had spent half the entire night yesterday to enter her fully, and as dry as she is now, there is absolutely no way he would be able to enter her at all.

Mu QianQian’s face flushed with embarassment as she felt his finger clearly within her, it was moving around without a pattern, pushing and scrapping against her walls urgently as it tried to spread her apart from within.

Without long, her body, which was already burning up, started to move instinctively as it followed the rhythm of his finger.

“Ah… En…” Her moans echoed through the room, and everytime his strong finger flicked against her walls, her body will tremble in response while her sweet nectar leaked uncontrollably, drenching his entire palm quickly.

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