I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 22

Chapter 22

“Such sensitivity.” He grinned in approval as he gaze at the nectar which was building up on his palms, his voice softening in content.

Mu QianQian can only sigh subtly in relief at his reaction, for some reason, she was absolutely terrified at this man, and she knew that she can have her peace of mind only when this man is happy.

“Come, allow this lord to take a look at your little hole.” Dong JingMo said suddenly as he removed his finger from her walls before pushing her off his lap and causing her to fall backwards onto the bed.

“Open up.” He commanded.

Biting onto her lips nervously, she moved her legs to the side, slowly spreading them apart.

“Spread them up more!” The man’s deep voice sounded once again as his breathing intensified at her actions, gazing her intently as she moved her legs wider apart, exposing her drenched softly to his direct gaze.

“En…” Mu QianQian’s body trembled as a wave of nectar flowed out from her, drenching her already soaked softness as her own lewd actions sent a jolt of shameful pleasure up her spine.

She slammed her eyes close in shame, but the thought of exposing herself so fully under his gaze sent another jolt up her spine, sending out another wave of nectar from within.

Her sweet nectar leaked uncontrollably from her, and because she was laying face up on the bed, her nectar flowed down towards her other pink hole uncontrollably, soaking it thoroughly before finally dripping onto the bed.

Dong JingMo knew that this was the prettiest view he had ever seen in his life, while his bulging shaft, which was resting near her, pulsed as it grew furiously in size. All he knew was that he need her, right now!

But, he was not yet satisfied with this new hobby of his, and this was just the start!

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he gave her another command, “Move your hands and spread yourself open!” He rasped hoarsely while his eyes glued itself to her trembling softness.

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  1. I’m a bit annoyed by the MC hesitation, I mean she wrote the book, shouldn’t she understand DJM best? Girl, I dont know how you’ll survive the other men…

    Thanks Smoggy belle!

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