I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 23

Chapter 23

He wants her to… spread herself apart!?

Mu QianQian gaped at the man in front of her in silence, shocked and entirely speechless at his unending cruelness. As a modern woman, she had never once did something so outrageously lewd, not even in private!

How could he!?

She was in rage, but still, her body trembled in fear under his cold gaze, not knowing at her sudden nervousness caused her drenched softness to contract ever so subtly, but her softness’s reaction did not escape his sharp gaze.

“You would disobey me?” He rasped hoarsely as his eyes narrowed dangerously at her drenched parts.

Noticing her fear and her silence, a hint of slyness flashed through his eyes as he grinned cruelly at her, “Do you know how many guards there are in your little residence?”

She shook her head in confusion, not understanding his sudden change of topic.

“I shall assume that it had been a while since they had taste a woman ever since they came here?” He continued on, the grin on his face spreading even wider.

“Lord!” Mu QianQian was almost in tears, how many guards does she have!? She was sure that the number was no less than a hundred, is this man saying that her disobedience would be punished severely through serving her own guards?

Even though she knew that she was a princess and that it should be impossible for a mere noble to command her guards, somewhere deep within her, she knew that she had no choice but to trust her instinct.

And her instinct was telling her that this man has the power to do so, and that no one in this country could stop what he wishes to do.

Tears streamed down her cheeks in shame, and with trembling hands, she reached out her fingers towards her drenched softness.

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