I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 24

Chapter 24

The shame was so intense that she wished she could faint straight away the moment her fingers came in contact with her drenched petals, her hands retracting immediately at the wet touch.

“Open up wide.” The man’s cruel voice sounded once again, so alluring and sexily hoarse, like his handsome sharp features, but regretfully, he was a terrible and cruel man.

Biting onto her cracked lips, her fingers landed on herself once again as she shakily held onto both sides of her own petals and pulled them apart weakly.

“Wider.” He grunted hoarsely, his eyes unblinking and following her actions with intense focus. He could see her walls clearly, uneven and pink, while coated entirely with her sweet nectar, causing him to gulp uncontrollably before reaching out a finger and poking it within her gaping softness.

“E…en…” She whimpered weakly as her hands trembled at his actions, causing her to lose her grip on her petals as it clamped onto his finger tightly. Catching his cruel eyes, she could only force down her shame as her fingers once again gripped tightly onto her own petals, spreading them apart once again as she tried to ignore the numb pleasure caused by his cheeky finger.

His eyes narrowed her at building arousal and with a strong push, he buried his fingers as deeply as he could within her, causing her to cry out in bliss and shock. Her moans were so pitiful and weak that it somewhat soothed his soul, while his already bulging hardness swelled.

And to his glee, her walls suckled onto his finger greedily like a tiny mouth biting onto him and preventing any means of escape from him, his finger was clamped so tightly that it was difficult to even move.

But this was the exact reason why he wishes to take her violently and roughly, he wanted to make her scream uncontrollably in pleasure like the previous night.

“Ah! L…lord… I…it’s f…full…” Mu QianQian bit down quickly on her lips to prevent more moans from escaping her as he inserted a second finger into her, “P…please don’t, i…it can’t take another…”

“It could even swallow my entire shaft, two mere fingers are nothing.” Dong JingMo grinned softly as he moved his fingers out from within her slowly, only to suddenly push it deeply into her once again.

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