I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 25

Chapter 25

“Ah! E…En… A…Ah…” A sobbing moan escaped from her agape lips at his sudden intrusion, but this was the exact type of cry that would cause any man to lose his mind to lust.

Dong JingMo gritted his teeth, forcing down his uncontainable urge of removing his fingers and taking her on the spot, he wanted to ram her, HARD, so hard that she would wept in bliss at the pleasure and torture.

He could not wait! But still, he had to prepare her perfectly in order to not cause more pain to himself.

But, as his fingers violated her swiftly, her moans began to tremble, making her voice all the more alluring… He almost couldn’t bear removing his fingers as it would cause this wonderful melody to stop.

In fact, he loved her screams and moans, and the louder and lewder it became, the more it satisfies him.

He moved his fingers expertly within her, sometimes curling around, sometimes spreading apart both fingers against two sides of the walls, something scrapping her uneven but sensitive walls. He would do it all roughly, before exiting and entering her once again, continuing on the long process.

As his speed and skills increased, Mu QianQian’s moans began to slowly turn into screams of uncontrollable pleasure, “N…no, no! Ah! A…ah… Lord! Ah! P…please, y…you’ll bre… Ah! b…break me… A…Ah Ah!”

“Break you where?” He rasped deeply into her ears.

But she could only sob in response, as her shame would not allow her to answer his horrible question.

“This lord is asking you a question, break you where? Answer me.” He insisted forcefully as he moved his fingers violently within her, if she would not answer him, then he would force an answer out of her.

“Ah! Ahh!” She moans turned quickly into shrilled screams, which was getting louder and louder by the second, causing the man outside the room to freeze in his steps as he pondered if he should leave and not interrupt their session…

But then, they had been going on for a long while now, and the seventh princess was still conscious… As expected of a political sexual tool raised by the Queen Dowager, such professionalism.

But still, if it wasn’t for the Queen Dowager’s servants, who went to him for help as they were too timid and scared to interrupt the Lord and the seventh princess’s sessions, he wouldn’t even take one step into her residence.

As he hesitated outside the room, the sobbing moans who would turn any man into a wild beast, once again entered his ears, “Ah! I…it’ll… Ah! I…it’ll break the hole… Ah!”

“What hole? Whose hole?” Dong JingMo’s voice sounded up hoarsely as the unending sloppy sound echoed through the room and into the man’s ears.

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