I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 26

Chapter 26

“N…no… Ah! Flower hole! Y…you’ll break my soaked flower hole! Ah… L…lord, p…please… A…ah!”

I…I want it… I want something big and warm to fill me up… She sobbed desperately at the pain. She can’t handle it any longer, not physical pain, but the extreme itchy painfulness and the hollowness deep within her… She knew it was a shameful thing to ask for, but it wasn’t possible to control her urges.

She won’t be able to handle it if he doesn’t give it to her soon… It’s so itchy that… that she might lose her b…bladder…

“Ah! N…no… Please… I c…can’t… Ah~!”

Her cries were making XuanYuan LianCheng, who was standing outside the door, mildly frustrated. Without further ado, he gritted his teeth and pushed the door quickly, only to hear her sudden shrill cry of panic.

“Ah… N…no… No! It’s coming out… Ah!”

XuanYuan LianCheng landed his gaze upon the body shape behind the half-translucent silk curtains. As a martial artist, his eyesight was exceptionally sharp and he could see the scenery as clearly as if there wasn’t anything blocking the view.

A naked woman laid face-up on the bed with her legs spread widely apart, while her overflowing softness trembled violently under Dong JingMo’s care, as both of his fingers were still within her, moving roughly.

The lewd scenery did not surprise him, as he had somewhat expected to see this after standing outside the door for such a long while… But what really shocked him was the fact that a huge wave of translucent liquid sprayed violently out of her agape softness, as if it was a broken pipe.

It was… beautiful…

Both men froze in a daze, So this was the “squirting” mentioned in the erotic study books… They had seen it many times while reading the pictured books, but unfortunately it was not drawn very clearly and was somewhat ugly… But right now, when the actual thing is happening right in front of their eyes, the squirting was so beautiful that it froze them entirely.

Meanwhile, as the violent outburst of her sweet nectar began to slow down and stop entirely, her walls began to contract once again, clamping tightly while suckling onto Dong JingMo’s fingers, making it difficult for him to even remove his fingers from her.

XuanYuan LianCheng, on the other hand, walked casually towards the bed while frowning deeply, and with unblinking eyes, he stared intently at her contracting softness.

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