I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 28

Chapter 28

His cold words sent a sudden chill up her spine, causing her to recover slightly from the lingering adrenaline rush of her recent climax.

Her eyes trembled slightly before opening up slowly, and as her eyesight got accustomed to the dim light in the room, she jumped in shock at the faces near her exposed parts while gaping in disbelief at her own fingers.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian cried out in a panic before covering herself quickly with a blanket and struggled to leave the bed before glaring in rage at Dong JingMo.

Dong JingMo stared silently and coldly at her, ignoring her glares of unjust.

Her heart dropped as her mind registered on the events that had happened ever since she came here… She was rape on her first day here, and on the second day, she masturbated in front of two strangers… She bit down painfully on her lips, forcefully preventing her tears to fall from her eyes.

“The Queen Dowager had prepared a birthday feast for you today, and had asked to meet you in her living quarters before the feast started.” XuanYuan LiangCheng said coldly, narrowing his eyes at her restrained tears before leaving without another word.

Dong JingMo, who had not laid his eyes upon her ever since she regained her conscious, commanded the hand-maidens to prepare a bath and prepare her appropriately before stepping out of the room, leaving her with a cold abandonment as she stared at the sight of his leaving figure.

The man who had played with her body ever since she transmigrated here, is gone just like that…

Mu QianQian was led quickly to the bathroom by her hand-maidens, “Seventh Princess, the feast today is to celebrate your marriage to your four husbands, please allow us to prepare you with ease so we do not delay the preparations and be late in meeting the Queen Dowager.”

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