I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 29

Chapter 29

To celebrate me marrying my four husbands…

Mu QianQian sighed in resign as her hand-maidens prepared her appropriately, and after what felt like forever, an angelic-like beautiful woman stood in front of the mirror.

Honestly, Mu QianQian had known all along that the seventh princess was the prettiest princess among all her sisters, even the sixth princess, who had been the main character in her novel. The seventh princess’s cruel and poisonous heart had been her own downfall, as it has caused the hatred of her four husbands, which in turn, sided with the sixth princess to destroy their own wife.

And… if today was her birthday, does it mean that the steamy cheating adventures of her four husbands and the sixth princess hasn’t started? If so, was it possible to hasten up their betrayal and make them leave her as quick as possible?

Just one single Dong JingMo was enough to make her feel like dying, if the other three were to join in… She would not be surprised if she ended up dying within a month…

The man she saw this morning, who was dressed in a dark green attire and had kept a chilling cold face throughout the entire time was probably the third prince of Dong Zhou, XuanYuan LianCheng… And if her memories were accurate, HeLian ZiJin preferred white while Feng JingYe preferred garments which were sewed in patterns of bamboo leaves.

Each of them were top-notch martial artists, hence their stamina should be limitless… Why did I have to write them as wolves capable of doing it seven times in one night?! Now, I’m the one suffering… Mu QianQian sighed in regret.

She had no choice right now but to place her remaining hope on the other three men, that they would hate her so much that they would rather die than to bed her… Then perhaps she might be able to live longer…

As she left her room, her eyes widened at the sight of a certain man standing near her pond.

He had a huge and tall figure, while his obsidian eyes shone like an animal under the sunlight. His striking features made him even more beautiful than any woman she had ever met.

He was absolutely beautiful, but terrifying, it was as if he subconsciously emitted a bloodthirsty aura wherever he went. The hand-maidens nearby, too, were all gazing at him in a daze, but still, none dared to approach him.

He was the man who had bedded her forcefully, Dong JingMo… Mu QianQian had not expected this man to look so perfect, as she had been unable to take a good look at him yesterday.

He walked alongside the pond, the sleek movements of his legs caused her to gape in a daze, Such beautiful legs, come to think of it, the muscles on his thighs yesterday were really mesmerizing…

Jolting up in disbelief at her misbehavior, she took a step back as she chided herself for being drawn to her rapist.

Noticing her existence, Dong JingMo landed his sharp gaze on her immediately, his eyes narrowing dangerously, and just when Mu QianQian thought he would approach her for a greeting, he turned his head away and walked towards the direction of the feast.

A group of servants bowed immediately as he walked pass, only to be ignored with a quick purse of his lips as he flipped himself onto his horse before riding off into the distance.

Mu QianQian’s eyes were glued to the muscular figure of the leaving man, Even his back looked like a handsome and graceful man, who would’ve guessed that this gentleman would be such a beast on bed?

His striking and gentle looks were of no use to her, as it did not lessen the fear she had for him.

Her thoughts wandered as she pondered about him, before the thought of his enormous beast entered her mind, causing her softness to flinch in the memory of her extreme pain from the previous night.

Her eyes widened in shock as she moved urgently towards the direction of the feast with her hand-maidens in tow while trying to clear the image from her mind.

Her heart beat quickly as she felt a slight discomfort within her chest, it was as if something bad was going to happen at the feast…

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