I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 3

Chapter 3: Please Don’t Look At Me.

Before she could even beg for mercy, his unused huge palm was already on her huge twin mountains, squishing and rubbing them roughly while his eyes darkened once again, a clear sign of his arousal. He had no experience in bed and he had no idea how to treat the soft woman in his arms, hence he could only rely on his senses and grope her soft bouncy bosoms.

“En…” Mu QianQian opened her lips to protest against his rudeness but to her surprise and dismay, what came out was a moan instead, so soft and heart-wrenching.

Her face flushed bright scarlet as her eyes went wide in disbelief at the fact that she had let out such a shameful moan from being teased lewdly by a stranger!

His other hand was still clutching both of hers in a tight lock

Dong JingMo had slowly lost interested in teasing her with one of his hands, as the other was still clutching hers in a tight lock behind her. His breathing sped up as he stared hungrily at her perky beans, hesitating slightly before leaning downwards, taking one of her pinkish bean in his mouth, suckling it roughly in an instant.

“Ah…!” She cried out in pleasure and shock, her breathing had become ragged at his sudden actions as an unknown wave burned through her entire body before leaking out furiously from between her thighs.

She clamped her thighs together instantly as she tried to hide her body’s shameful reaction to the lewd man’s endless teasing.

“Enn…” She moaned deeply as he bit down on her sensitive bean with his teeth softly, his nibbling sent an even greater jolt of wave throughout her trembling body once again before leaving her body in a burst. At this point, she knew that her entire panties should’ve already be soaked wet even before checking.

“Enjoying it?” The man lifted his head from her swollen bean and gazed at her reddened cheeks with satisfaction, he also lost his cool from that long moan from before and he did not intent to control himself any longer.

He pulled off her inner-wear hungrily, frowning slightly at the weird dampness on it before fixing his gaze on the soaked softness between her thighs.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This series is interesting and worth reading ❤️ but I hope MC won’t be played non stop like The Men at Her Feet xD

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