I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 30

Chapter 30

In the story she had written, Queen Dowager Ning was an amazing woman, her position and authority made her the target of respect of every single man in court.

As for her, today marks the start of a new life in a new world with a new identity, Xia Chao’s seventh princess, Mu QianQian.

Assuming that she would not die beforehand… She pinched her thighs painfully once again, making sure that this was indeed, not a dream.

Sadly for her, it was real, and it would be her new reality, even though she could not accept this incident even now.

Right now, Mu QianQian stood facing a huge bathtub, staring in confused and pondering the reasons why the Queen Dowager would ask for her to wash herself once more even though she had already did so before coming here. No one in the country dared go against the Queen Dowager, not even the Emperor, hence Mu QianQian had no choice but to do as she was told.

“Remove her garments.” A strong voice sounded up behind her, it belonged to the hand-maiden called Chang MoMo, who served the Queen Dowager Ning as her trusted maid.

Before she could react, Mu QianQian was immediately approached by two hand-maidens nearby as they began taking off pieces and pieces of her clothing and accessories.

“I…I can do it myself…” Mu QianQian tried to convince the hand-maidens to leave her alone, as she was not yet accustomed to the life of a princess and having others watch her naked body made her uncomfortable, even if they were of the same gender as her.

Her timid requests were entirely ignored by the hand-maidens, as they forcefully stripped her of everything she had on.

Her naked was soon exposed to the room of women, while Chang MoMo’s eyes lid up at the sight of the over-excessive bruises on her skin, “Seventh princess, were you successfully bedded by the Lord Dong yesterday?”
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Biting down on her lips slightly, she nodded weakly while her face began to crawl with redness.

Excited and satisfied at her confirmation, Chang MoMo immediately ordered the hand-maidens to give the princess a thorough wash. Right after that, she was told to lie down naked on an uncomfortable bed made with white jade.

“Seventh princess, please spread apart your legs and let this MoMo take a look.”

Mu QianQian, who was squirming in discomfort as she laid on the bed, stared in shock at the request of Chang MoMo, almost falling off the bed in her surprise.

W…what? Spread my legs open for her to take a… look?

“Seventh princess, what is it? Why do you look so shy?” Another voice sounded up behind her as she struggled to leave the slippery bed, “Come on, open up and let me check if your poor little hole is still in good condition after being bedded by Lord Dong yesterday night.”

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