I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 31

Chapter 31

The new voice was deep and hoarse, obviously belonging to a man. There’s a man in this bathhouse!? B…but I’m stark naked right now! Mu QianQian sat straight up in her panic, struggling once again to run away from this horrible place, only to be held down firmly by a pair of strong hands as she was pushed back into the bed.

“N…no…” She struggled desperately against the person’s hands, intending to escape, but her eyes widened in shock as she took a clearer look at the newcomer’s face, it was the face of a woman.

She had sharp and perfect features, while her actions and gestures were filled with elegance. She was a beautiful woman, but that voice of hers…

“Miss Feng.” The Chang MoMo who had acted with pride before, now bowed respectfully at the newly arrived Miss Feng in greeting while the rest of the hand-maidens quickly followed. It seems that this ‘Miss Feng’ was a well-respected figure in this place too, even more so than her, the so-called seventh princess.

With only a single glance, Mu QianQian knew that this Miss Feng was one of the favorite of Queen Dowager Ning.

Miss Feng ignored everyone as she kept her gaze glued to her, “Seventh princess, be good, open up and let me check your little hole.” A sly and alluring grin spread through her face as she cooed softly.

These words again! Mu QianQian screamed internally as she shook her head furiously, clamping her thighs tightly together in defiance.

“Look at you, such a naughty girl.” Miss Feng chuckled nonchalantly while her hands, which had been placed firmly on Mu QianQian’s shoulders, moved downwards casually before cupping her bosoms playfully, occasionally pinching her pink beans between her fingers.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian screamed in terror as she tried to push this horrible woman away, but for some reason, her body strength left her entirely as soon as she touched Miss Feng, and her body fell back limply on the bed.

“No! D…don’t touch me!” Mu QianQian glared furiously at the woman, her face flushed red with rage.

But Miss Feng, on the other hand, was not the least disturbed by her rage and her hands caressed her frozen torso slowly until they reached her thighs. With a soft push, she easily spread apart Mu QianQian’s thighs wide apart, exposing her pink softness to every women in the bathhouse.

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