I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 32

Chapter 32

“The Lord really caused you some serious damage here, it must’ve been awfully painful last time, huh?” Spreading apart Mu QianQian’s pink petals, Miss Feng muttered softly as she checked the entrance of her softness, noticing the swollen red walls within.

“S…stop touching me…”

“Do not be afraid, as these medicine would help your parts recover quickly,” Miss Feng continued on, ignoring her constant refusal while picking up an exquisite jaded box from one of the hand-maiden’s tray.

With a single swipe, Miss Feng slathered her finger fully with the creamy medication before reaching out towards Mu QianQian’s softness, “Be grateful, as you’re the only princess in the entire palace with the honor of using these godly medicine, while the other princesses could only dream about this.”

Miss Feng stared intently at Mu QianQian’s trembling softness, unintentionally dazed at the view of her beautiful petals, This poor girl, can she even survive under the strength and vigor of those four men?

“N…no! I don’t want this medicine!” Mu QianQian sobbed as she felt the cooling sensation pressing against the entrance of her softness.

“Not only will this medicine cure your swells, it will also maintain the tightness of your insides, making it so that no matter how many times you are bedded, your walls will still feel like a virgin. Any man would be willing to die for you after tasting your walls.” Miss Feng chuckled at Mu QianQian’s futile attempts of escape, before continuing on nonchalantly, “But the only downside of this medicine is the extreme pain you have to endure, seventh princess, because if their shafts are too big, the sharp and intense pain of losing your first time would rise up every single time.”

“N…no… Please…” Mu QianQian sobbed desperately, still unable to move her limbs.

“Do not worry, even though it would hurt, but it will be beneficial for you to grab ahold of their hearts. Imagine being able to bed a virgin everyday, wouldn’t they enjoy it a lot?” Miss Feng’s mutterings continued on softly as she slathered more medicinal cream over Mu QianQian’s trembling walls, “But still, seventh princess really do have the rumored softness from the legends, even without this medicine, these walls would still revert back to their initial phase for at least decades… Such tightness… And these adorable petals… So beautiful…”

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  2. The vaginal us a muscle, it should stay the same shape no matter what is done to it. It may stretch, but it should return to the same shape lol, it doesn’t magically become bigger

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