I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 33

Chapter 33

“Don’t touch me!” Mu QianQian snarled in rage, how can a woman speak such vile words, together with that voice of hers, it made her feel like her exposed parts were currently being teased by a perverted man.

Furthermore, she had no idea what Miss Feng did to her, as her entire body was now limp and numb, preventing her from retaliating as she lay unmovingly on the jade bed.

Miss Feng slathered another layer of the cream fully around her finger and approached her softness once again, only to frown in disapproval at Mu QianQian, “Such dryness, how can I apply the medicine for you when even my fingertips are blocked outside? Come, calm down and let me in…” Miss Feng grinned slightly and under Mu QianQian’s horrified gaze, she leaned over towards her chest and bit down softly around her pink beans.

“Ah…” A trembling moan escaped her lips the moment Miss Feng’s teeth nibbled her sensitive beans, suckling them skillfully as she teased and played with them using her sleek tongue.

“No! A…ah! Go away! A…ah…” She screamed desperately, only to be ignored entirely by the grinning Miss Feng, who was enjoying her bosoms like a kid enjoying his candy, before checking her petals once again.

Frowning at the lack of moisture, Miss Feng reached out a rough thumb and pressed it upon the pink bud above her petals, rubbing on and around it firmly.

“A…ah…” Mu QianQian squirmed around but to no avail, as Miss Feng had made sure she would not be able to escape. Tears filled her eyes as she trembled at the stimulation and the discomfort that filled through her body at the same moment.

After what felt like forever, a familiar stench filled the air as her sweet nectar began leaking out from her, grinning in satisfaction and ignoring the fact that she might not be fully ready to take her entire finger, Miss Feng pushed her cream filled finger into her deepest parts.

“Ah… A…Ahhh… Let go! A…Ah…”

The finger halted in a pause as soon as it entered her, but before she could react, Miss Feng began moving swiftly, thrusting her finger in and out of her furiously while her body trembled at the cold sensation within her walls.

Mu QianQian bit down painfully on her lips, moving her head towards the side while forcing her tears down, Don’t cry, endure it… Just a little more… Just endure it…

But she could not endure it all, as her sharp screams escaped her lips uncontrollably at the endless torture.

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  1. I wonder what does Miss Feng do for the dowager empress? A Yuri side story?

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