I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 34

Chapter 34

Mu QianQian stared at the reflection on the glass mirror, slender but curvy, together with her huge perky bosoms that bounced with her every movement, she had the perfect body that every woman wanted.

Except for the face, for it was the exact face she had created for the cruel and poisonous villainess of her book, the seventh princess!

She was beautiful beyond limits, even more so than angels, but still, her position and authority was low, petty even, to the eyes of many… At this point, she felt like she could not even compare to a single ant.

Mu QianQian spent her entire morning in a daze, she had been in this state ever since the horrifying experience she had with Miss Feng, and the weird unknown medicine which was slathered within her burned like lava before cooling into a deep chill in an unending loop, even now.

She hadn’t noticed the food she had consumed, nor did she notice the new garments she wore, or who was the hand-maiden who lead her back to her own residence whom had reminded her to serve another one of her husbands before the royal banquet in the evening.

As a royal princess, she doesn’t even hold the power over her own will. The cruelty and miserableness…

As Mu QianQian tread slowly through the quiet path, dismissing her two hand-maidens before enjoying her slow walk in the garden.

Women’s giggling sounds could be heard from the garden occasionally, and in her curiosity, she moved towards the direction of the noises and pushed apart the tree branches which was in her way.

Such a beautiful sight!

A tall and handsome man stood coldly while butterflies fluttered around him.

He held a longbow in one hand, and an arrow in the other, notching it quickly and without much aiming, he let the arrow loose from the bow.

A loud cry sounded out before a goose fell from the sky in a loud ‘plop’, landing near Mu QianQian’s feet.

This man was the third prince of Dong Zhou, XuanYuan LianCheng. She had not been able to check out this man’s looks the previous night as she had been frozen with shock, but now, she realized that this man’s looks were not inferior to Dong JingMo at all.

And the group of hand-maidens, which were all surrounding him and gazing at him hungrily with their cupid-struck eyes… That was enough of a proof to understand the allure of this man.

Mu QianQian sighed softly at the hand-maidens, who were ignoring her as usual and staring at her husband. Honestly, if she herself was a hand-maiden working in the seventh princess’s residence, she would actually feel like the luckiest girl on earth… Imagine being able to stare at such a handsome face everyday!

But she was not a hand-maiden… And she had also m…masturbated right in front of his eyes…

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