I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 36

Chapter 36

I…I’m n…naked…?

Mu QianQian lowered her head in confuse, her eyes widening immediately.

Clothes… WHY ARE THERE NO CLOTHES? Not only were her large bosoms exposed, even the smooth line between her thighs weren’t covered at all too. And it was as if it couldn’t get any worse, her softness, which was slightly bulged and swollen pink, could be seen clearly due to her body’s lack of pubic hair.

Her scream choked between her throat as she flailed around in a panic, trying grab ahold of a blanket to wrap herself in, only to have her hands gripped firmly by another hand.

“No!” Most probably due to the trauma with Dong JingMo, a yelp escaped her instinctively the moment his hands touched her.

“Don’t move.” HeLian ZiJin mumbled, his eyes darkening slightly as they ran over the purple bruises that was filled all over her smooth pale skin.

“Don’t look!” Mu QianQian reached out another hand towards the blanket, only to have it caught again by his other hand.

With a slight push, Mu QianQian fell onto the bed, her eyes widening in shock as he leaned his head towards her.

Knowing that there was no escaping this, she shut her eyes tightly together before turning her head to the side, intending to avoid all eye contact with this man.

She trembled slightly as he leaned in closely, assuming that he would kiss her, but to her surprise, HeLian ZiJin went straight towards her neck, breathing warmly as he took in her scent while his eyes were half-closed in satisfaction.

Slowly opening her eyes in slits, she took a peek at him, only to see him sniffing the scent of her dangling bosoms. He was so near to her pink beans that his breathing sends waves of goosebumps up her spine.

It was a little hot, a little itchy, a…and a somewhat numb sensation.

“E…en…” She squirmed around, rubbing her thighs together as her body began to heat up, and to her dismay, a weird dampness began leaking out from her softness unintentionally.

How can this be? Getting so wet at being seen and being breath upon by a… man… Why is this body like this?!

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