I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 37

Chapter 37

Since when had her body turned into this… Mu QianQian squirmed as tears filled her eyes, only to freeze in shock as the tip of his nose trailed through her abdomen and reaching her drenched softness. Before she could react, he was already sniffing her petals as if they were flowers.
(TNote: Technically yaaaa it’s a flower /hole/)

Her body went limp as a soft moan escaped her agape lips, “N…No…” Pervert! How can such a good-looking and gentle guy perform such a lewd action!? Did he sniff me through like a flower or a delicious meal? How can he do something like this…?

“Who applied the aphrodisiac cream on you?” A deep voice sounded while she was trembling with rage and shame. HeLian ZiJin lifted his head slowly from her drenched parts before landing a disapproving stare on her face, “Putting it within your walls? Are they planning to have you serve all of us tonight at the banquet?”

With a quick swipe of his finger, he inserted his finger swiftly into her before scrapping out a thick layer of cream and nectar. Lifting it quickly towards his nose, his eyes darkened deeply with the results he found. “Do you know these things could ruin your body? Plus overusing this would cause you to be infertile for life! You’re willing to go to this extend just to make us stay willingly as your husbands?!”

Aphrodisiac? Infertile? Mu QianQian stared blankly at him, not understanding any of the words he was sprouting.

Right now, the only thing she know was the fact that she was extremely drenched… “En… H…hot…” She whimpered softly while rubbing her thighs together in discomfort.

Only for her eyes to shoot wide open as a sudden fullness filled within her walls, causing it to clamp down tightly. Mu QianQian lifted up her torso and took a peek at her abdomen, only to see a long and thick finger protruding from the entrance of her softness.

Her mind went blank immediately at the sudden shock, before a wave of shame and panic began filling her up. Ignoring the fact that this finger was soothing her pain, she placed her hands over his hand, trying desperately to push his finger away from her, “No! Don’t do this… I beg of you, please…”

“Did you forget that I’m a doctor?” Without even raising his eyebrow, HeLian ZiJin answered calmly as his finger began digging deeper and deeper into her while scrapping against her sensitive walls, “Hadn’t you wondered why you get turned on so easily and that you constantly feel a hollowness within you that needs to be filled up desperately? Stop moving around, I’m trying to save you.”

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